How to prepare for RBI Assistant and Bank PO simulataneosly

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the public sector banks (PSBs) are among the most prestigious organizations to work for in India. While the former offers a challenging and fast-paced environment, the latter provides stability and job security.

If you are looking to make a banking career, you may wonder if it's possible to prepare for the RBI Assistant and Bank PO exams simultaneously. The short answer is yes, it is possible! In this blog post, we will share with you some tips on how to go about preparing for both the RBI Assistant and Bank Po exams so that you can make the most of your time and effort.

How to prepare for RBI Assistant and Bank PO simulataneosly

Main key pointers for RBI Assistant and bank PO exam

  • Current events and general knowledge questions should be well-versed.
  • Understanding the entire field of that test or syllabus, basic economics and finance, is needed.
  • Logic and reasoning, reading and comprehension passages, and other skills are examples of general aptitude, which are integral to the preparation.
  • Mathematical aptitude after each reasoning, interpretation of data, and fundamental mathematics up to the 10 - 12 grade from NCERT textbook.
  • A few questions about English grammar and vocabulary are used to assess basic command of the language.

Why prepare for RBI assistant bank PO simultaneously?

  • Many experts say to prepare for both RBI and Bank PO examinations simultaneously. Have you ever thought about why? Here is your answer; as both are equally prestigious examinations, there are a few similarities that can help you pass both exams with the same preparation.
  • Except for a few areas, the syllabus of both tests is quite similar. The subjects for RBI Grade B (Phase 1) and SBI PO Prelims are the same. As a result, one can aim for both tests.
  • However, Phase 2 of the RBI Grade B test differs from the SBI PO exam (RBI Grade B). Meanwhile, you should prepare for phase and Grade 1 together quickly.

Perks of preparing for RBI assistant bank PO simultaneously?

  • Reevaluating your SBI PO exam preparation for both RBI Grade B will assist you in improving on your earlier strategy.
  • Appropriate effort and distribution of chapters per the difficulty level will improve preparation for both tests. Candidates may also manage perfect time and accuracy by taking SBI PO and RBI Grade B mock tests.
  • One can also split the topics based on the difficulty level. This will aid in knowing which topics take more effort.
  • It is equally important to keep up with the latest news because practically both the RBI and Bank PO tests include the general knowledge section. News and journals can assist you in keeping up with current events.
  • Set aside specific days for each topic, rather than complete it one by one; the more you keep it for the next day, the more it will be difficult for you.

Tips to prepare for RBI assistant and bank PO simultaneously

As the need for recruitment in the banking industry grows, so does the number of people applying. Hundreds of individuals apply for the RBI Assistant and SBI PO examinations every year, hoping to be selected.

However, passing these tests might be challenging, especially since openings are usually fewer and applicants are more, so the competition to get the limited seats becomes difficult. Here is why you should simultaneously prepare for both RBI ASSISTANT AND BANK PO.

  1. Read general knowledge books
  • Suppose you want to study for examinations for both RBI ASSISTANT AND BANK PO. In that case, the most straightforward approach to learning is to consult several competitive bank test books and make the most of the available internet resources.
  • Furthermore, applicants must keep up with current events daily, as most questions are based only on general knowledge. Reading newspaper articles can also assist applicants in improving their verbal abilities while covering the public awareness part.
  1. Check out last year's question papers
  • For good preparation, candidates can utilise internet resources by obtaining appropriate bank examination books and study materials and practice more from sample papers and previous years' bank examination question papers. This will help candidates enhance their skills in both RBI Assistant and Bank Po exams.
  1. Divide the topics for both the examination and give equal time to each

  • You may even divide the topics into further sub-sections to facilitate learning. Using this way of subdividing the issues will help. However, the topics for both exams are almost equal. As a result, you will be able to reduce the degree of difficulty and receive an adequate understanding of how much work is required for different topics.
  • If you are confident in any area, you can complete it and then go on to the following topic. This will assist you in determining how much time you should devote to each topic. However, the topics for both exams are almost equal with this opportunity; you can thoroughly complete the syllabus.
  1. Plan a timetable that works for you
  • To achieve your goals; you must have a good preparation approach and stick to it. Make the study time, and set aside at least two hours every day for the mock test for RBI assistant and Bank Po. Plan a well-structured strategy that meets the competitive test requirements for both examinations.
  1. Go For MOCK Exams
  • Mock tests are the most effective ways to assess your performance. Online Practice Tests or mock tests will also help you improve your speed and ease of moving through parts. While taking Online Practice Tests, concentrate on clearing the sectional cut-off, achieving a high score, and doing the quizzes frequently. You may also practice by downloading RBI Grade 'B' previous year's exam paper and Phase 1.
  • You should also use online resources and mock tests to help you prepare for both exams from Physics Wallah.

How to crack for RBI assistant and bank PO

  • Review the fundamentals, mark fetching, and weighted chapters in the initial preparation step.
  • Examine the prior year's RBI Assistant cut-off and RBI Assistant question paper to get a sense of the level of competition.
  • Analyzing the mock tests is critical since it will show you where you stand compared to other hopefuls.
  • Understand the exam format and syllabus well.
  • Then, tackle the remaining challenging chapters.
  • During the last 15 days before the exam, regularly take a full-length mock examination.


The RBI Assistant and Bank PO are India's most popular government exams. They are both excellent exams to take if you are interested in a career in banking. However, they are also two very different

So, how can you prepare for both exams simultaneously?

The first thing you need to do is understand the difference between the two exams. RBI Assistant is an entrance exam for the Reserve Bank of India, while Bank PO is an entrance exam for any public sector bank.

Once you have a good understanding of the two exams, you can start preparing a study plan. Here are the strategies on how to prepare for RBI assistant and Bank PO.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. RBI Assistant or Bank Po, which one is more difficult?

Ans. Compared to Bank Po and RBI assistant, both tests assess the student's aptitude, time management, and stress managerial skills. The level of difficulty of these two tests is comparable to each other. It all depends upon the accuracy of these tests for the number of questions attempted.

Q2. What are the significant differences between RBI Assistant and Bank Po?

Ans. The RBI test syllabus and Bank PO are nearly identical to other bank exams. The sole distinction is that the RBI Grade B test syllabus covers disciplines like Economics, Finance, and Social Issues.

Q3. What are the best practices to prepare for RBI Assistant and Bank Po?

Ans. Here are the best practices for your preparation which can help you to give your best in the competitive examination of RBI Assistant and Bank PO:

  • Plan your day-to-day task
  • Practice with sectional or topic-specific quizzes
  • Go for general awareness Q&A, as much as you can.
  • Plan daily tasks and set daily goals.
  • Take a practice exam/ Mock test
  • Check out the sample papers
  • Clear your Fundamental Concepts
  • Maintain your pace and precision.

Q4. Is working as an RBI Grade B officer a good job?

Ans. Working at RBI at the managing level is always a beneficial and good job because it provides several prospects for professional progress and life security. However, the advantages related to the job profile of RBI Grade B officials are much superior to those associated with any other government or banking position, i.e., bank Po.

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