5 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions Are Ideal For Entrance Exam Preparation

Dec 08, 2022, 16:45 IST

Experts suggest that NCERT solutions are ideal for entrance exam preparations. The authorities recommended reading NCERT books for competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CTET etc. The major reason for this is the simple yet lucid explanations available in these books. Additionally, it also has practice questions that help in remaining ahead in the competitive race.

This detailed blog talks about the crucial reason why NCERT solutions are ideal for entrance exam preparations. Also, know the correct approach to study with these books on this page.

5 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions Are Ideal For Entrance Exam Preparation

Entrance Exams Based on NCERT Syllabus

NCERT syllabus acts as a base for a lot of prominent competitive exams conducted in India. Check out the section below to know the names of the prominent exams.

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced
  • CA Intermediate
  • CTET
  • State-Based TET
  • CLAT
  • TES
  • IMA Nursing Exam

5 Reasons NCERT Solutions are Ideal for Entrance Exam Preparation

As mentioned earlier, NCERT books and its syllabus are basic to a lot of prominent competitive exams like IIT, NEET, UPSC etc. Hence, one has to adhere to the board-prescribed solutions while studying. The first reason for this is the solutions are comprehensive and provide the correct explanation for the question. Refer to the following section to know the top five reasons that makes NCERT solutions ideal for entrance exam preparations.

Strengthen the Basics

NCERT solutions and books are best when it comes to strengthening the basics. Leading experts author these books which helps in getting lucid explanations for different concepts. Thus, the solutions for each question are said to be well-researched and in simple language. Another thing that makes this solution a favourite amongst students is that there is more than one approach to solving a question.

Based on CBSE Curriculum

As we know, the syllabus of all the competitive exams is based on the framework designed by the CBSE. One can check that the questions available in the exam are taken from NCERT books. Hence, for knowing the topics crucial for the exam and being ready for the exam one must follow the NCERT solutions ideal for entrance exam preparations available in the books. Adhering to these solutions also gives a competitive edge over other students.

Simple Language

Language is very important when it comes to getting conceptual clarity regarding any topic. Hence, students often search for books that have simple language with crisp explanations. This saves time and avoids confusion. Be it any subject, NCERT solutions are ideal for entrance exam preparations when it comes to providing simple solutions for questions. One can resort to making short notes using this as it helps in last-minute revision.

Competitive Approach

NCERT solutions are the holy grail for students who wish to strengthen their basics for Maths and Science. This is because the solutions are available with proper illustrations that provide a better visual representation. These books are also when it comes to developing analytical skills a prerequisite for competitive examination. The solutions provide more than one approach which is simple and makes the calculation part easy and quick.

Practice Questions

It is also helpful in uplifting the overall confidence level of the candidates by offering a sufficient number of practice questions. These solutions are custom-made in a way that they cater to the needs of queries and doubts. These solutions are comprehensive which helps in developing a correct approach. The chapters in the books also have a plethora of questions to test their preparations before the examination. Therefore, we advise candidates to stick to the NCERT book handy while studying for the entrance exams.

Correct Approach to Study NCERT Books

Refer to the following section to know the tips that experts suggest to read NCERT books effectively.

  • Always read the chapter line by line thus skipping any line. The explanation is very lucid short and to the point. Skipping any line can lead to omitting any important concept. One can also keep a highlighter handy to mark crucial concepts.
  • Go through the concepts available in the books and jot down concepts that are important from the exam’s point of view. Try to make notes as per your understanding of your language.
  • The entrance examination usually has direct questions. Hence, we advise students to avoid skipping any exercise. It helps strengthen the practice level.


several reasons make NCERT solutions ideal for entrance examination preparation. The reason being it helps in maintaining the basics, and the solutions provided are in simple language. Hence, we advise the students to always study with the NCERT books. With that, if you are preparing for the upcoming entrance examination then do check out the expert-suggested videos available on the PhysicsWallah YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How should one read the NCERT solutions?

Ans. One should read the solutions to strengthen the basics and get concepts cleared in simple language.

Q2. Which entrance exams are in line with the NCERT books?

Ans. The major entrance exams conducted in line with the books are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CA Intermediate, NEET UG and CTET.

Q3. Where can I find the NCERT solutions ideal for entrance examination preparation?

Ans. One can check the official solutions on the official website of Physicswallah for all the classes.

Q4. What are NCERT solutions?

Ans. These are the comprehensive solutions for the questions asked in the NCERT books.

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