What is the difference between NCERT and CBSE

Nov 30, 2022, 16:45 IST

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Here we will discuss the real difference between NCERT and CBSE. Have you ever wondered why NCERT textbooks are recommended in CBSE schools? Here you will find all your answers.

differnce between ncert and cbse

What is the difference between NCERT and CBSE?

As a CBSE board reader you may have noticed that CBSE always recommends NCERT publications. There is always one question that comes to mind ‘Are CBSE and NCERT the same or different?’ The answer to that question is ‘No’ are not two complete organizations. These are two different subjects.

What is NCERT

NCERT represents the National Council of Educational Research and Technology (India).

It is an organization established by the Indian government. It was established by the government to assist and assist the Central Government and the State in the school-related education system. Also known as a publishing organization or publisher.

Resolved by the Government of Education Service of India on 27 July 1961 which came into operation on 1 September 1961. NCERT publishes a letter in accordance with the instructions of the Government of India and does not use any form of Educational Institution. The main purpose of NCERT is to provide and promote research in the school education environment. It also publishes and provides additional test books,sample paper, journals, newsletter etc.

The official website is www.ncert.nic.in

What is CBSE

CBSE represents the Central Board of Secondary Education (India) also known as the Kendriya Madhyamik Shiksha Board. It is the national standard of education board maintained and controlled by the Indian government. It is the national education board for public and private schools.

It was established in 1929 by Government decree. It sets the stage for board tests that take place in the Xth and XIIth Grade. It also provides certification of eligibility for affiliated school students. It is also helpful for regular children as the CBSE board syllabus in all regions is the same.

The official website is www.cbse.nic.in

How is NCERT different from CBSE?

As we have discussed earlier, NCERT is the National Council for Educational Research and Technology where CBSE represents the Central Board of Secondary Education. The first major difference is the publishing organization, or we can say the publisher and then the second governing body.

NCERT publishes publications in accordance with guidelines provided by CBSE. Where the CBSE is an educational institution that issues guidelines on the curriculum. NCERT is the department responsible for publishing the syllabus containing the syllabus issued by the various provincial boards. Although CBSE is a department that deals with academic issues.

How NCERT relates to CBSE

NCERT and CBSE are somehow related to one another. They complement each other. About 95% of the books recommended by the CBSE Board are NCERT books. NCERT also publishes their books according to guidelines provided by the CBSE Board. The questions asked in the Xth and Class XII board examination are considered by the NCERT publications.

If you go to the Maths, Physics or Chemistry questionnaire, you will find that most of the questions are raised by NCERT textbooks. For additional reference NCERT also releases a paper sample and the NCERT Exemplar.

Is it compulsory to use NCERT literature on the CBSE syllabus?

If you ask if it is compulsory to use NCERT literature in the CBSE syllabus the answer is ‘No’. It is not compulsory to use NCERT textbooks in the CBSE syllabus as you can see until Grade VIII schools do not like all NCERT textbooks, keeping some as reference books for students. In many schools it is recommended to keep NCERT books as references. CBSE schools reviewed the relevant by-laws in 2018 and stated that affiliated schools are not obliged to use NCERT textbooks.

From the above information, you have already noticed that NCERT and CBSE are not the same and are very different from each other. They complement each other. Where CBSE is an educational institution organization NCERT is a publishing body that provides test books and syllabus in accordance with the guidelines provided by CBSE.

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