CA Inter Group 1 Exam Completed: Tips for Preparing for Group 2 Nov 2023

May 22, 2023, 16:45 IST

CA Intermediate is the second step of Chartered Accountancy, the first being the CA foundation exam. After the aspirants clear the CA Foundation exam, he/she is eligible for the CA inter exam which is divided into two groups. Presently, the exams for these 2 groups are held in May and November.

For the CA Intermediate Group 2 preparation, aspirants are given 8 months of time right after the CA foundation. For CA inter group 2, aspirants can appear for both simultaneously or separately as per their choice and preparation.

CA Intermediate is an advanced-level exam, unlike CA Foundation which is a basic-level examination for the students who pass class 12th with commerce as their stream. Hence, CA Intermediate requires a properly structured plan and preparation in order to ensure a good score.

The Perfect Start To CA Intermediate

To ace group 2 of CA intermediate The following article has tips and tricks to prepare

CA Intermediate 2023: Overview

The following table has all the fundamentals you should know about the CA Intermediate examination:

Name of the examination CA Intermediate Examination
Conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Mode of conducting the examination Offline
Total No. of Papers 8 Papers ( 2 Groups)
Category of the Examination Professional category
Examination Duration 3 Hours Per paper
Language Hindi/English

CA Intermediate 2023: Subjects and Marking scheme

CA Intermediate 2023 as mentioned above, is divided into two groups. The eligibility of passing every group in the CA inter requires 40% marks in each subject and 50% marks overall in the CA intermediate group.

CA Intermediate consists of 8 subjects whereas CA Foundation only had 4 subjects, which clearly predicts that CA Intermediate is a level higher. The following table shows the CA inter subjects of each group in the CA Intermediate examination along with the marks each subject carries. Furthermore, it mentions the ratio of subjective and MCQ marks division.

CA Intermediate Group 1 Accounting 100
Corporate and other laws 100 (70:30)
Cost and Management Accounting 100
Income tax and Indirect tax law 100 (70:30)
CA Intermediate Group 2    
  Advance Accounting 100
  Auditing and Assurance 100 (70:30)
  Enterprise information system and strategic management 100 (70:30)
  Financial Management and Economics for Finance 100

CA Intermediate 2023: Exam Pattern

The following table shows the CA intermediate exam pattern for better preparation of the aspirants:

CA Intermediate Group 1 Accounting Practical
Corporate and other laws 70 (Subjective) 30 (MCQ)
Cost and Management Accounting Practical
Income tax and Indirect tax law 70 (Subjective) 30 (MCQ)
CA Intermediate Group 2 Advance Accounting Practical
Auditing and Assurance 70 (Subjective) 30 (MCQ)
Enterprise information system and strategic management 70 (Subjective) 30 (MCQ)
Financial Management and Economics for Finance Practical

CA Intermediate 2023 Group 2: Topics

For the CA Intermediate subjects, an aspirant needs to first investigate the syllabus for a better understanding of what to focus on more and what to prioritize. The CA Inter subjects are further divided on the topics they consist of, hence, the following are the topics covered in each subject of both the groups of the CA intermediate exam.

CA Inter: Topics Covered in Advanced Accounting

  1. Accounting Standards (AS – 7, 9, 14, 18, 19, 20, 24, 26, 29)
  2. Application of Guidance Notes on specified accounting aspects.
  3. Special aspects of company accounts (ESOP, buyback, Underwriting)
  4. Re-organization of companies (Amalgamation, reconstruction, and Liquidation)
  5. Financial Reporting of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) (Insurance Co, Banking Co, Non-Banking Co, Mutual Funds).
  6. Valuation of Goodwill
  7. Consolidated Financial Statements

CA Inter: Topics covered in Auditing & Assurance

  1. Nature, Objective, and Scope of Auditing.
  2. Audit Strategy, Audit Planning, and Audit Program.
  3. Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence
  4. Risk Assessment and Internal Control
  5. Fraud and Responsibilities of the Auditor in this regard.
  6. Audit in an Automated Environment.
  7. Audit Sampling
  8. Analytical Procedures.
  9. Audit of Items of Financial Statements
  10. The Company Audit
  11. Audit Report
  12. Audit Banks
  13. Auditing of Different Types of Entities.

CA Inter:Topics covered in IT & SM

  1. Automated Business Process.
  2. Financial and Accounting Systems.
  3. Information system and its components.
  4. E-Commerce, M-Commerce, and Emerging Technologies.
  5. Core Banking Systems.

CA Inter: Topics covered in Financial Management

  1. Financial Management and Financial Analysis (Introduction and Analysis through Ratios)
  2. Financing Decisions (Sources of Finance, Leasing, Cost of Capital, Capital Structure, Leverages).
  3. Capital Investment and Dividend Decisions (Capital Investment, Adjustment of risk and Uncertainty in capital budgeting decisions, dividend decisions)
  4. Management of Working Capital

CA Inter: Topics covered in Economics for Finance

  1. Determination of National Income
  2. Public Finance
  3. The Money Market
  4. International Trade

CA Intermediate Group 2 2023: Preparation Tips

  1. Get to know the syllabus

CA Intermediate aspirants who are appearing for the Group 2 exam need to know the syllabus before taking any step in the game of scores. The more the aspirant knows about the CA Inter syllabus, the better their hold on the CA Inter expected score. Know the topics and get a thorough rundown of the CA Inter syllabus.

  1. Plan the schedule

For CA Intermediate group 2 preparation, planning a proper schedule for preparation is very important. When the aspirant is thorough with the syllabus he/she will know how much one topic or one subject should be prioritized and hence making a schedule will be easy. A schedule will also make sure that the aspirant is giving appropriate time to the topics that require utmost attention and hence will lead to a good score in CA inter group 2.

  1. Time Management

A CA intermediate aspirant must know the value of time. Aspirants must follow a routine and a schedule as per the expected time and not lose track. Managing time is one of the biggest steps towards a fruitful result in the CA Intermediate exam. Managing tasks according to the time will help an aspirant manage time given for the final exam as well hence, leading to successful completion of the CA inter exam. An aspirant is expected to invest 8 to 10 hours of their day in preparation, however, quality is more important than quantity, and even 6 hours of quality preparation can help any aspirant ace the score.

  1. Make notes

Making notes is a reward to a learning CA Intermediate aspirant. When one learns anything with the help of various study materials, one tends to collect information from numerous sources, and summing it up is required. For the purpose of making a summarization of the collected information, one needs to make notes. When the aspirant is done with the entire syllabus, they can revisit the notes to re-remember stuff they have learned before henceforth, making the note stuck in the long-term memory.

  1. Revise

CA Intermediate aspirants who are in the process of learning the syllabus and taking out new topics every day to read about, they should also make sure that they do not forget what they have previously done hence, it is advisable that they take out time from the schedule to revise the learned parts of the CA Inter syllabus. It will help in retaining the topics in the aspirant’s mind for a longer time.

  1. PYQ and Mock tests

CA Intermediate exam needs preparation in every way possible. It requires timely revision in addition to which it also requires one to get familiar with the type of questions asked. Hence, to ace the final part, that is, the execution of the examination, one needs to get prepared with mock tests and previous year questions.

  1. Relax

CA inter aspirants does not need to make their bodies and mental being tired to get a good score. To score good marks in any examination, one needs relaxation and leisure time. Exhausting their bodies and minds won’t work, meanwhile, a little relaxation can take an aspirant a long way.

  1. Make a not To-Do list

A few things might lead to the downfall of any aspirant as a learner or as an individual, the following are the three things an aspirant should add to their not To-Do list.

  • Overburden
  • Overconfidence
  • Overthink

CA Intermediate 2023: Month wise strategy

For CA intermediate exam, as we know that there are months given to an aspirant after the CA foundation. The following is the month-wise strategy for the preparation of the CA intermediate examination.

CA Intermediate 1st month strategy

Check the syllabus and the topics that fall under each chapter. Make a proper routine here and get used to it meanwhile getting through the theoretical aspects of the chapters you are starting. Here, in this month plan how you need your guidance, i.e., plan if you need coaching or if you want to self-study with the resources available in the market or online.

CA Intermediate 2nd month strategy

Read as much as possible and start making short notes of the sources of information, be it your coaching or your self-discovered resources. Get a hold of the theoretical parts of the syllabus to have a vivid understanding.

CA Intermediate 3rd month strategy

Get your mind aligned towards your goal, and invest a bit more of your time in the preparation. Meanwhile, dividing the parts where you need to focus practically or theoretically more. Start practicing problems and applying what you’ve learned.

CA Intermediate 4th month strategy

The last 4 months of your preparation require sincerity, goal orientation is the only thing you can demand from yourself at this moment. Solve more and more problems and generate doubts, get them solved in order to get more of them and get all cleared.

CA Intermediate 5th months strategy

Try to make get a perfect hold of the parts where you are already good. Get the best of you and leave no parts unread of that topic, get more and more doubts from that particular topic where you nail to solve and moreover, enhance your problem-solving skills. Try adding PYQs and mock tests to your study material.

CA Intermediate 6th months strategy

This is the month where CA Inter aspirants lose hope, but you should not. Try not to start with a brand-new topic as it will only add up to your anxiety about starting an entirely new thing in such less time. Instead, try and ace the already-done or close-to-be-done parts. Stay calm and do not exhaust yourself.

CA Intermediate last 7th month strategy

Revise, solve, and relax. These are the only three requirements for the last month of your CA Inter preparation. Try to eat, sleep, and work on time. Get your personal life in a schedule to avoid any hassle on the last day. Trust yourself and keep moving with the flow.

CA Intermediate: Reasons to strategize

The following are the reasons why you should plan a prior schedule and why a post-preparation plan is required for CA Intermediate.

  1. Confidence

Prior CA Inter preparation boosts confidence, when one is prepared to face what’s coming their way, they handle it better. Aspirants must be well aware of what is coming their way and how they can handle it. The healthy the confidence, the healthier the preparation.

  1. Time management

CA Inter preparation always leads to time management qualities in any aspirant. When the aspirants solve questions and mock tests they tend to manage and look out for how much time they are taking to solve any question. With time the problem-solving skills get enhanced and the aspirant solves them faster, leading to better time management qualities for the D-day.

  1. Guidance for the preparation

CA Inter preparation also includes the decision of how the aspirant chooses to get guided. Here, the aspirant chooses where they need to learn from, what sources they prefer, or what coaching they want to get in. Hence, the aspirants get guidance and a guiding hand to take them to the ideal path.

  1. You know what’s next

CA Inter preparation helps the aspirant know what to do after that. CA Inter Preparation helps them choose the next step, as the aspirant was thorough with the CA Inter syllabus the know what to focus on next without wasting any second.

CA Inter preparation requires sincere attention and determination. CA Inter being a level advanced examination is not impossible to crack, in order to achieve good score a student needs to get their schedules aligned and strategies made up prior to the action.

CA Intermediate: FAQs

Q1. How to prepare for the CA Intermediate examination?

Ans. To start the CA Intermediate preparation, one needs to prepare a timetable for the completion of the Ca inter syllabus on time. Aspirants can also choose to go to any coaching either online or offline. These steps will aid the start of the preparation meanwhile ensuring good marks in the CA Inter Examination.

Q2. How many hours are required to study for the CA Intermediate examination?

Ans. For CA Inter, although quality matters more than the quantity of hours spent in the preparation but, an aspirant is expected to spend at least 8 to 10 hours of their day.

Q3. What is the expected CA Inter exam date group 2 2023?

Ans. May 12, 14, 16, and 18 these are the CA Inter Exam dates 2023 for group II.

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