10 Revision Tips That Might help You With CAT Exam

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a national exam for management students to get into top-tier institutes and universities for management and business courses. The Indian Institute of Management administers the CAT exam annually, which is a computer-based exam held in English in various states in India.

This article will talk about 10 revision tips that might help you with the CAT exam and also covers the exam pattern, syllabus, cost, and institutes that accept the CAT score.

10 Revision Tips that Might help You with CAT Exam

Best 10 Revision tips that might help with CAT Exam

Here are 10 revision tips to help you clear the CAT exam:

  1. Prepare notes to make learning easier and more fun

Nothing beats notes during your exam preparation period. By making notes not only do you learn faster but it makes learning fun.

You can either dedicate a notebook to each subject and make sure to carry a formula sheet with you wherever you go.

  1. Start with the subjects/ topics you know or find easy

It is best to cover the topics or subjects you are familiar with and then spend time on subjects or topics that intimidate you. This way you cover the whole syllabus and can dedicate extra time to areas that need it.

  1. Join an online coaching class

Although many prefer studying on their own, oftentimes candidates face a few difficulties. Most candidates are either enrolled in a university or institute whereas others dedicate most of their time to work and don’t know where to go to clear their doubts. 

For this reason, you can enroll in online coaching classes. Online coaching classes for CAT give you the flexibility of learning as you please. This means you can choose when you want to attend a class and even have a coach or mentor at your disposal. 

Here is a list of the top 5 online coaching platforms for CAT preparation:

  • Physics Wallah is India’s most loved and affordable online coaching platform, where qualified experts from around the country teach students. The CAT syllabus is covered in depth, and sample papers and mock tests are covered to ensure the students are confident when attempting the exam.
  • Unacademy is also a loved platform where you interact with teachers, solve past papers, and build on your fundamentals to make clearing the CAT exam easier.
  • EduShastra provides quality education for students around the country and also offers affordable online learning. 
  • Mindworkzz is another sought-after online coaching platform wherein students can disembark on quality education with a comprehensive guide, study material and video content.
  • Prepzone works more on a one-to-one learning model, which makes it an ideal choice for students who need extra attention during preparations. 
  1. Solve past papers and mock tests

Past papers and mock tests allow you to familiarize yourself with the question pattern or structure. Moreover, you get to cover topics you might have missed, and allow you to work on the topics that need extra attention.

  1. Practice as much as possible 

Attempt 10-15 questions from each section daily from various sources to avoid blanking out during the exam. You can refer to past papers, mock tests, and online quizzes for the same.

  1. Group discussions 

If you want to revise to your potential, make sure to actively participate in group discussions. In these discussions, you can talk about topics that you have trouble understanding and it is also a proven method to retain information. 

  1. Read the newspaper daily to improve your grammar and concentration

The best way to improve your grammar and concentration is with the help of newspapers. You can either download an app for the news or get a newspaper delivered at home. 

While reading the newspaper/ news helps keep you updated, the editorial section is where you want to spend more time. The editorials are written by experts who use impeccable language to get their message across and it is a great way to improve your grammar. 

Refer to these three newspapers:

  • The Hindu
  • The Economic Times
  • Indian Express
  1. Get enough sleep and maintain a healthy diet 

Sleep is essential to function properly and to retain what you learn. Avoid pulling all-nighters and eat a healthy diet during this crucial period. 

  1. Avoid referring to too many resources

Learning is fun when you don’t have to refer to several resources. Pick up a CAT preparation book and refer to online tutorials but do not refer to too many resources as this will only confuse you. 

  1. Take adequate breaks

Breaks are necessary to retain information and keep you in the right mindset. You should take a break after every 40 minutes and clear your mind.


Clearing the CAT exam is a dream of many. If you want to score more than the 90 percentile, you must follow the syllabus and solve several past papers to understand the structure and exam pattern. 

There is no shortcut to clearing this exam but with your dedication and patience you can yield the results you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is the cost of the CAT exam?

Ans. The CAT exam’s cost comes in two structures - INR 2,300 for the general category and INR 1,150 for schedule caste (SC), schedule tribe (ST), and for a person with a disability (PWD).

Q.2. Where can I register for the CAT exam?

Ans. To register for the CAT exam, you can visit IIM’s website. 

Q.3. How many times a year is the CAT Exam held?

Ans. The CAT exam is held annually, usually in November or December.

Q.4. Is the CAT exam difficult to crack?

Ans. The CAT exam is not that difficult to crack. Some may struggle with certain parts of the syllabus, but with enough practice and dedication, you can crack the exam easily.

Focus on solving past papers and mock papers and time yourself when attempting these to make sure you do not miss attempting any questions. 

Q.5. Who is eligible for the CAT exam?

Ans. Graduates with at least 50 percent or a CGPA of +5 or students in their final year of graduation are eligible to apply for the CAT exam.

Q.6. Is there an age limit for the CAT exam?

Ans. There is no limit for the CAT exam as long as you have completed your graduation with 50 percent or are in your final year of graduation.

Q.7. Can I crack CAT in 3 months? 

Ans. Yes, you can crack CAT in 3 months, provided you dedicate your time solely to preparing for the exam. 

Q.8. What is the passing mark for CAT? 

Ans. To pass the CAT exam, you should have scored 40 percent in each section and an aggregate of 50 percent overall.

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