Short Tricks Helpful for GRE Examination

There are many global tests that are held for graduate students who aspire to pursue an MS degree and other higher studies. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a major test for graduate students conducted by the ETS multiple times yearly, and a student can appear for it many times. Secondly, the GRE exam is held in different designated exam centers across the world where students can sit for the exam. Thirdly, the GRE exam also offers examinees the facility of taking it from the comfort of their homes.

Only knowing the GRE full form will not do, as you need to ace the exam with practice and study. The exam is a highly competitive examination for graduate students, and you need tips to ace it. In this article, we discuss the tips to be successful in the ETS GRE. After your bachelor's degree, you can take the GRE test.

Short Tricks Helpful for GRE Examination

Facts about GRE 2023

  • There are many aspects of the GRE 2023 you need to know about before you start preparing for the same. For example, the full form of ETS that holds the examination is Educational Testing Services.
  • The mode of GRE
  • The GRE exam has modes such as the computer-delivered test, the paper-delivered test, and the GRE At Home facility. Moreover, the exam can be taken in these modes depending on your availability and preference. The ETS GRE Login is done online. The ETS GRE can also be taken through the paper-based mode, which is essentially the offline mode.
  • The GRE exam fee is nearly $213, payable in US currency. The exam fees may be a little pricey in terms of Indian money. However, compared to the opportunities that the GRE unlocks, the fee is not that high. Moreover, since the validity of the GRE score is 5 years, it is an added advantage.
  • There are different types of GRE tests a student opts for. For example, the GRE syllabus includes the GRE general test and the GRE subject test. You need to practice and use tips to prepare for both types.

Tips for GRE Exam Preparation

Tips for GRE Geometry

The GRE exam includes lines and angles in geometry. The syllabus will also include different types of triangles, multiple figures, and three-dimensional figures. You also face questions about the perimeter, volume, and surface area. A point to remember is that the GRE exam pattern does not test in-depth but basic geometry skills. You need to be clear about the fundamentals and formulae of geometry.

  • If the question has a diagram, it is important to study the diagram. All the data you need to solve the question is in the diagram. You need to keenly observe the different figures and deduce the values.

Tips for GRE algebra

The most common tips that will help with GRE tests are based on algebra.

  • Ace the substitution method for the solution of the algebra expression.
  • Find the value of the other variable to solve the question
  • Always focus on simultaneous equations so that you can solve different questions easily.
  • Use the sequence methods for solving questions.
  • Look at the missing terms in the chronology to resolve the questions.

The GRE prep for algebra should focus on the closure property, associative property, and commutative property, etc. so that you can solve differential equations. It would be best if you also focused on algebraic identities and distributive properties. Also, get a good grasp on the law of indices to ensure that you are able to solve different questions.

Tips for rates and work

In the questions from the GRE exam pattern, you can concentrate on topics of rates and work. In the section on rates and work, you may face numeric entry, multiple choice, and quantitative comparison questions. You can take a mock GRE test to brush up on the rate and work syllabus.

Tips for Interpreting data

In the data interpretation sector, there are different types of questions. As an example, you might deal with charts, tables, and other data representations.

  • Don't look at the exam question until you are familiar with the passage and the information given in the question.
  • Be thorough with the data given in the question.
  • When dealing with a graphical representation, always ensure that you have interpreted the information on the diagram and keep it in mind before solving the question.
  • Use a rough paper or pad to scribble the information and make points that you can use to solve the question.
  • Look for the problem patterns and models to solve the question faster.


The GRE total score can decide your future in higher studies. The GRE course is very easy and can open up many opportunities for you. With the GRE test, you gain an advantage in higher studies.

Many online platforms offer you classes on GRE prep. One of the best sites where you find materials and instruction for GRE preparation is Physicswallah. Register for classes today and start prepping for this global exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How to apply for the GRE online?

Ans. After your undergraduate degree, you can register for the GRE through different modes. Moreover, you can register through the phone, online, and even through a simple fax. The GRE examination registration also works with email mode.

Q.2. How can I create an account on ETS for registration into GRE?

Ans. You can create an online account at ETS at

Q.3. What should I remember before taking the GRE 2023?

Ans. The data you provide on the ETS application must be true and match your passport. Before enrolling, make sure you are able to take the exam in the format you prefer.

Q.4. When were GRE at-home tests started?

Ans. GRE at-home tests started during the COVID-19 lockdown for students.


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