Top 10 Best Crash Courses To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt

If you crack CAT, it can take you to your desired IIM. However, IIMs are some of the best institutions you could find in the country, which means that getting into one of them is going to be a tough job.

For many aspirants, it takes years to clear the CAT exam and get into one of the IIMs. However, you could get into one of the IIMs even on the first attempt. But, how? We will tell you how. Here, we will be looking at the top 10 best crash courses to crack CAT 2023 on the first attempt.

Top 10 Best Crash Courses To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt


Top 10 Best Crash Courses To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt

We will now list out the top 10 best crash courses to crack CAT exam 2023 on the first attempt. We will look at courses that could be free or paid. So let us get started.

  1. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah needs no introduction and has been teaching many aspirants in different fields for years. They have recently introduced a CAT crash course. This course will help you clear CAT exams on the first attempt. It includes faculties that are the best in their field and experts in their industries. You can find this course in the MBA category of PW application.

This course is specifically built for the CAT 2023 so that you can understand the trends and study what is required to crack in the first attempt. This course will include various aspects which will help you sharpen your skills and knowledge such as fast doubt-solving, weekly tests with video solutions, and daily practice problems after every class.

This course is paid but you can also opt for the unpaid option. However, you could get an offer from time to time. The coaching here is focused on all sections concerned with CAT exams 2023.

  1. Unacademy

Unacademy is another well-known coaching organization that offers effective teaching which could lead you to crack the CAT exams on the first attempt.

The tutors you will be provided in this course are well experienced in teaching and will try to suit your style of learning. You can get your hands on the paid or unpaid course through their application.

Through your CAT preparations with Unacademy, you can expect benefits such as fast doubt resolving, interactive live classes, frequent mock tests, and high-quality notes.

  1. HitBullsEye

The next institution on our list of best CAT crash courses is HitBullsEye. This course will help you thoroughly prepare for your CAT exams. Here, you get to attend live classes for 30 days and get complete guidance on how to clear CAT exams.

Your crash course duration will be about 25 classes which will come with over 100 national-level mock tests. So you will have plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge and improve it.

Here, your papers will be analyzed to check your weak point and they will help you turn them into your strengths. This institution has over 15 centers across the country.

  1. Iquanta

Iquanta as well is one established institution that provides promising crash coaching to CAT aspirants. This institution provides self-paced courses which are at your service as soon as you enroll for them.

Here, you can buy the entire course or test series, test series on a specific subject, and more. You get to choose what you want to practice. Iquanta will help you speed up your problem-solving pace which will eventually help you in your exams.

Also, you get to choose from various other exams rather than just CAT. Mock exams are a benefit you get with Iquanta courses apart from the sectional tests.

  1. CareerAnna

CareerAnna provides you with effective CAT coaching which could be on the entire syllabus or you could choose it to be subject or section specific. Here, you can select a certain component to be taught to you such as VARC, Quant, and LRDI.

Also, this platform can help you complete the MBA preparations you need such as the preparations for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews which could get you to the B-school you want.

Here, you don't have to wait for the next day or the next week to get your doubt resolved. You can contact them at any hour of the day and any day of the week and they will respond to your queries.

  1. T.I.M.E

T.I.M.E or the Triumphant Institute of Management Education has been teaching students for over three decades now and continues to excel in its field.

This organization provides both offline and online sessions with multiple centers spread across the country. Here, you will be taught to fasten your problem-solving skills and use shortcuts when required.

Doubt-clearing sessions will be a frequent thing at T.I.M.E which will help you clear all your queries with clear explanations. T.I.M.E is one of the most entrusted institutions for CAT and other coaching.

  1. Hunda Ka Funda

In your childhood, you must have said “ande ka funda” plenty of times. But as you grow up, you might as well want to move ahead with Hunda Ka Funda as it provides one of the best coaching for CAT preparations.

This institution is run by the IIM Kharagpur alumnus, it tries to keep up with the changing trends in the CAT exams and provides coaching for several other exams such as XAT, SNAP, IIFT, bank exams, etc.

You get your hands on over 300 live classes and two doubt-clearing sessions on weekends so that you don’t waste any time and resolve your doubts as soon as possible.

  1. CrackU

CrackU could help you greatly with cracking CAT exams on the first attempt. Other than CAT coaching, you get to explore many other exam preparations at CrackU.

With CrackU, you get a 75-day study plan, which means 75 planned out days that you need to follow which will include 45 CAT mocks and 30 sectional tests. Also, you get over 100 concepts with notes, solved example sets,15,000 solved question banks, and more.

This course includes all the core subjects along with tricks you can use to speed up your problem-solving pace, shortcuts, etc. the classes across 75 days will include over 750 video lessons to help you understand every concept from the basics to the advanced level.

  1. 2IIM

As the name somewhat suggests, 2IIM can get you ‘to IIM’ on your first attempt. Here, you will be able to learn the concepts from the basics to the top at your own pace so that you understand everything smoothly.

This course will provide you with coaching on all core subjects and frequent tests to understand where you stand, what are your weak points and what needs to be worked on.

2IIM provides you with a test series called Tests Engine which includes 5000+ CAT-level questions, eight full CAT mocks, and four past paper analyses. Also, if you want to coach on one specific subject, you have the freedom to choose one core subject as well.

  1. MindWorkzz

MindWorkzz is run by a person who has cracked the CAT exams about 18 times, many times with over 99 percentile. which says that we can learn a lot from him. Here, you will be able to access both live and recorded teaching sessions at your convenience.

Do not worry about your doubts as a class will also be provided for you to clear all your doubts and move ahead with your learning process. The team that teaches the aspirants are well-accomplished personalities with most of them being graduated from IIMs themselves. You also get to be trained for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews with MindWorkzz.


We are now at the end of the list of the top 10 best crash courses to crack CAT 2023 on the first attempt. Here, we looked at some of the best crash courses that could get you into your desired IIMs within the first attempt. On the top lies the institution that we recommend the most.

So look at the services they provide and choose the one that suits your requirements. Preparing well can help you greatly in your CAT exams, so make sure you choose the right crash course and study everything required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are free crash courses as effective as paid courses?

Ans. Speaking practically, free courses might not always be as effective as paid courses. With paid courses, you get mock tests, paper analysis, etc which are more effective on your learning journey.

Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for attempting CAT?

Ans. You should have an undergraduate degree in hand to attempt the CAT exams.

Q3. Can I study for CAT without any crash course?

Ans. Of course. You can study for the CAT without the help of a crash course and clear it. The benefits that you get with crash courses are frequent mock tests, paper analysis, guidance for studying, etc. which could save up a lot of your time.

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