Toppers Guide to Prepare For GMAT Examination

The one thing you must consider when exploring the business school admission requirements and chalking out the application processes is efficiently preparing for the GMAT exam. An excellent test score will allow you to stand out during admissions. It may open up lucrative opportunities and qualify you for great scholarship opportunities. Read this topper’s guide for GMAT aspirants for the best advice to ace the examination.

Toppers Guide to Prepare For GMAT Examination

What is GMAT Examination?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test. It is a computer-adaptive test assessing a candidate’s analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in standard English. The GMAT exam is a national-level examination conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Students appear for the test to seek admission into the graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance-related courses in top business schools worldwide. It is the best examination for seeking admission to your preferred business school.

The GMAT experience will help in gaining the exposure necessary for success in this world. Better opportunities will eventually become readily available to you. However, the GMAT score alone won't help you. You must also perform exceptionally well in the other categories and have an excellent academic performance with a LOR and SOP handy.

You will always carry with you the vital skills you acquire by taking the GMAT exam. The knowledge you gain from preparing for the GMAT test will be useful throughout your MBA program and your future as a business professional. The test will improve your decision-making and communication skills while preparing you for the kinds of stresses you will encounter in the professional world. 

The GMAT test is not at all simple. However, the short-term difficulty of studying and completing the test is outweighed by the long-term rewards.

Exam Pattern

Students must check the GMAT 2023 exam pattern. GMAC conducts the exam in two ways- remote proctored base and online center based. The total time allotted for the examination is 3 hours. 

Applicants must keep enough time, so they don’t rush before reaching the venue. Keep approximately five hours in hand when appearing for the exam, which includes breaks and check-in time. 

The examination comprises four separate timed sections. The subjects include verbal, quantitative, analytical, and integrated reasoning.

Exam Dates

GMAC conducts the examination several times a year. Therefore, there is no specific date to appear in the exam. The aspirant candidates can select their GMAT 2023 exam date and time as per their suitability. However, when filling out the application form, they must mention their chosen date and time. They can also do their registration at a suitable time throughout the year.

Application Forms

Applicants must check the following details before filling out the application form.

  • The registration process is online and open throughout the year. Hence, you can apply anytime at your convenience.
  • Students must carefully fill in the application form's personal, academic, communication, and other details.
  • You can submit the application fees both online and offline. Pay through VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Network Card for online payment.
  • Print out the application and store it safely for future use.

GMAT Eligibility Criteria

Enlisted are the GMAT eligibility criteria for an applicant to appear in the exam.

  • Candidate must be 18 years old and complete the graduation in any stream.
  • Candidates must belong to a recognized university or institution.
  • Candidates can appear for the GMAT exam up to five times within a rolling 12-month. But, the least gap between the two attempts must be 16 days.

Preparation Tips for GMAT Examination

GMAT preparation involves preparing the exam's subject matter and understanding the test's design. To ace the GMAT exam, you must know about the concepts and structure and apply the same in your preparation. 

Enlisted are the tips you must use to enhance your GMAT score.

  1. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

The first step involves understanding where you stand and your destination. Arriving at the desired score might be foggy if you are unaware of your abilities. Therefore, it is essential to take a practice test to understand the paper, your strengths, and your weakness.

  1. Prepare a study plan

Create a schedule mentioning the number of hours you will invest in preparing for your GMAT every week. 

  1. Understand the paper pattern and consider them in your study plan

List down the subjects, types of questions, and problems in the paper and set a goal score. The test comprises four sections: 

  • Analytical writing assessment: It measures your critical thinking ability and communicates your ideas.
  • Integrated reasoning: It measures your ability of data analyze and interpret information displayed in varied formats.
  • Quantitative reasoning: It measures your ability for mathematical reasoning, solving quantitative problems, and interpreting graphical data.
  • Verbal reasoning: It evaluates your reading comprehension of passage and editing skills. It also identifies your sense of written arguments.
  1. Selectively choose GMAT Prep materials

There are several GMAT preparation resources available in the market. Since all these are different, you must choose the materials. Choose books and other materials created only for the GMAT. These materials use the same algorithm as the actual test. It also contains real questions from the previous years’ exams. You may consider resources from Physics Wallah to get the best tricks and tips to ace the exam.

  1. Keep track of time 

Since you have limited time, you must pace up your preparations. Once you practice each section well, start keeping track of time. It will help you train yourself to solve the problem efficiently. 

There is a penalty for not completing each test section. If you fail to answer a question, your score will decrease. Never worry if you are answering all the questions accurately. 

Stick to your pacing strategy and spend a maximum of two and a half minutes on every question. When in doubt, rule out the wrong answers and move on to the next question.

  1. Practice visual literacy

Improve your ability to interpret symbols, tables, and charts, as it is a common feature of your GMAT exam paper.

  1. Improve your mental math

Mental math is a time-saving tool you will want in your arsenal regarding the quantitative section. When practicing the mathematical section, resist the urge to reach for your calculator, as you cannot carry a calculator during the exam.

  1. Amplify your learning with tools

Using tools to expand vocabulary helps you enhance your learning experience. It enables you to prepare yourself engagingly. You can access tools to tackle your verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections.

What are the Best GMAT Exam Preparation Books?

Here is a collection of the top GMAT preparation books that can help you get the highest achievable results. Some of these books are exam-specific, while others are section-specific. Various professionals recommend these books for the GMAT preparation 2023.

  • The Official Guide to the GMAT Review, published by GMAC with over 1680 pages in the 2020 version.
  • The Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set, published by Manhattan with over 1200 pages in the 7th edition. 
  • Kaplan's GMAT Prep Plus 2019 has six full-length practice exams.
  • NOVA's GMAT Math Prep Course (Section-specific)with around 500 pages long and has more than 600 arithmetic problems in its 2019 version.
  • The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible (Section-specific), published by PowerScore, has more than 600 pages and about 600 verbal questions in the 2019 edition.


Keep in mind that the GMAT is only one component of the complete MBA application. Many capable applicants fall short of grasping this fundamental concept. They develop a weak overall application due to their obsession with the GMAT and ultimately receive rejections. Stop allowing that to happen to you. Be patient and practice hard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How long do I need to prepare for my GMAT?

Ans. Preparing for your GMAT exam takes time and won’t achieve the desired result without a proper routine. Top scorers have spent more than 170 hours preparing for the test day. You will need at least two to three months of the study plan and approximately 120-170 hours in total. 

Q.2. Is there any negative marking in GMAT?

Ans. No, there is no negative marking on GMAT. The exam does not penalize test takers for wrong answers. However, GMAT does deduct marks for unattempted questions and sections.

Q.3. How long is GMAT score valid in top B-schools?

Ans. GMAT is valid for five years. You can apply with your 4.9 years scores. However, consideration of the date varies from school to school.

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