3 Month study plan for CLAT Examination

The CLAT Examination is an annual entrance examination for students who wish to pursue a career in law. The examination is conducted by the National Law Universities and is a gateway to some of the most prestigious law schools in the country.

The complete CLAT full form is ‘The Common Law Admission Test. This is a two-hour lengthy examination consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions. The examination covers various topics, including legal aptitude, general knowledge, elementary mathematics, English, etc.

3 month study plan for CLAT Examination

If you are planning to appear for the CLAT Examination, then it is important to start your preparations early. This article will provide you with a 3-month study plan to help you ace the examination.

A proper 3-month study plan for the CLAT examination

1 month (1 to 15 days)

This month is considered a beginner month of preparation. In your initial days, start practising more of general NCERT books, gk questions and

  1. Practice more General Knowledge questions, which consist of Internationals, History science and UN organisations.
  1. Start reading more newspapers, download the newspaper applications on your phone and get an update on everything.
  1. Go with criminal and constitutional law in the first month,

1 Month (15 to 30)

  1. Go more with revising the first month's preparation
  1. This month you can start with Legal, Legal Maxims, contact act and law of torte
  1. Try out general knowledge (law, literature, art, geography )
  1. Reading newspapers should be an everyday task.

Month 2 DAY 1 (1-10 DAYS)

  1. Go with legal reasoning and quantitative topics.
  1. Verbal Ability - Grammar, Direct, indirect speech, active, passive voice, spotting errors, sentence formation/ improvement, word substitution, idioms and phrases, comprehension, jumbles paragraphs, cloze test.

DAY 2 (10-20 DAYS )

  1. Quantitative aptitude- basic math, speed distance and time, time and work, simple and compound interests, average ratio, proportion, age problem, profit and loss, percentage, fraction,
  1. Logical Reasoning- Logical puzzles, syllogism, logical education, coding and decoding, cause and effect, statement assumption and conclusion, blood relation, direction problems, analogies, inference and judgment, direction problems, clock and calendar, strengthening and weakening arguments.
  1. Preparation for practice papers

DAY 20 TO 30

  1. Create a Project Portfolio
  1. Identify Problem-Solving Patterns

MONTH 3 DAY 1 (10-20 DAYS)

  1. Analysis of your performance
  1. Revise thoroughly everything you study
  1. Practice the mock test every day ( 1 mock test every day)

DAY 2 (20-30 DAYS)

  1. Spend 10 minutes each day reading the newspaper and attempting to acquire five new vocabulary terms. For example, if you prepare five current events every day, read and understand 6-7 words of vocab, idioms, phrases, or a few MCQs from arithmetic.
  1. Solve practice paper
  1. Re revises math formulas.
  1. Revise GK and legal aptitude.

Check out how well you can execute the study plan.

Guide on preparing for 3 months study plan in brief

The complete form of CLAT is the Common Law Admission Test. It is an all-India entrance examination for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes offered by 22 National Law Universities in India.

The exam is conducted on a rotational basis by these NLUs. CNLU will conduct the next CLAT Exam. Here are a few ways and methods students can quickly go through to prepare for Clat in 3 months. This is a reference to the above 3-month study plan.

  1. Revise the syllabus properly.

If you started early, now is the opportunity to form your preparation. One should examine the topics in the following three months and identify gaps.

Regularly read the newspapers and focus on your speed and understanding. Work on any areas that were overlooked. Take a mock test or examination to assess your performance and knowledge in each subject and topic.

  1. Proper time management
  • CLAT preparation is reading quickly while comprehending a different subject.
  • Many applicants who took the CLAT reported it as a lengthy paper with challenging portions.
  • They found it impossible to finish the CLAT in 2 hours. As a result, CLAT candidates may learn from their errors and improve their reading abilities.
  • Making reading a routine can help you enhance your CLAT reading and learning abilities.
  • Applicants should read one major English newspaper in English, such as Hindu or The Indian Express. Reading editorials, legal papers, and periodicals is very beneficial in strengthening reading abilities and familiarising applicants with legal jargon.
  1. Understand the CLAT Syllabus
  • The CLAT Entrance Exam Syllabus is prescribed by the authorities to conduct the CLAT Law Entrance Exam. It is the most popular and competitive test. CLAT Syllabus provides the following advantages.
  • It comprises all of the necessary documents for CLAT 2023 preparation. It enables applicants to begin their practice thoroughly.
  • CLAT 2023 Syllabus assesses students' comprehensive reasoning capabilities and mental capacity to study law.
  • To crack the CLAT Exam, you need a sound understanding of the syllabus and a clear strategy. This article provides a detailed 3-month study plan for the CLAT Examination to help you ace the exam.
  • By comprehending the syllabus properly, you will know the actual exam well. And by giving the mock exams, you will gain a clear perspective of the question pattern and type.
  1. Go for the Clat Mock test.

The CLAT mock test series will allow you to assess your preparation and determine how much additional effort you will need to pass the CLAT exam.

  1. Check out for practice paper
  • CLAT Sample Papers are very important for all candidates.
  • It provides varied advantages and benefits for each candidate.
  • It familiarises applicants with the CLAT Exam Pattern and the various questions presented. Second, it assists applicants in analysing their performance. As well as finding areas of strength and weakness.

A student who often practices the practice papers during the final days of the CLAT Exam can assist in

  • Managing time,
  • Preparing,
  • Organising for the exam hall's possibilities and potential.

Answering CLAT Sample Papers will also improve your reading and reasoning abilities. One can easily grasp the topic and ability to score well on the final CLAT test.


The CLAT Examination is a highly competitive exam that requires a lot of preparation. This article provides a detailed study plan for those who wish to take the exam. The program includes a schedule of what to study and when and tips on effectively preparing for the exam.

After analysing the CLAT examination, we have created a 3-month study plan that benefits students. Our study plan focuses on all major topics, including English, Math, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge. We also recommend practising with mock exams to get a feel for the format and difficulty of the CLAT exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can we crack the CLAT exam within 3 months?

Ans. Yes, you can easily crack the Clat examination.

  • However, Clat is a national exam that should be seriously taken;
  • Nonetheless, passing it in less than three months of study can only be possible when a student is more adamant and follows the above plan properly.
  • One must thoroughly go through every detail of the 3-month study plan table.
  • But, the First and foremost thing to do is to make it a routine to read newspapers regularly. GK - Go to the Concise size Pearson or Arihant's guide for static.

Q2. Can I pass Clat without coaching in 3 months?

Ans. Yes, you may self-study for CLAT without coaching. One can practice the previous year's question papers, take mock tests, and adhere to exam patterns and curriculum.

Q3. What is the alternative if someone fails to get admitted to NLU?

Ans. There are many alternatives if you are not admitted to the NLU through CLAT.

Both public and private institutions provide high-quality education and job prospects nowadays. So all the law aspirants who failed to get admission to NLU can join them.

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