The Scope of CLAT Examination in India

Being a law student must be har, studying all the laws, debating, plenty of history, etc. Also, preparing for CLAT is another thing law students are constantly worried about. However, in recent times, students have been worried if the CLAT exams have any scope in India. Well, we understand why you are worried but we are here to clear all your doubts. In this article we will be looking at the scope for CLAT examination in India.

We will list out most of the job opportunities you get once you get through the CLAT examinations. This list includes occupations ranging from law professor, judiciary, and even corporate jobs like law firms. So let us get started!

The Scope of CLAT Examination in India

The Scope of CLAT Examination in India

  • The full form of CLAT is the Common Law Admission Test, so it is pretty important for law students. As a law student, you must know the scope of the CLAT examination in India. Students these days worry if CLAT examinations can give them a successful future or not.
  • But there is nothing to worry about, CLAT examinations or law can get you to great heights and we will be discussing a few ways to do that in this article.

Job Opportunities Through CLAT Examinations

Let us now look at some of the jobs you can get your hands on by clearing the CLAT examinations. So remember that CLAT results play an important role in your law career.

Law Professor

  • Every profession needs to be taught by someone and you could be the one to do that. Being a law professor could be a considerable career choice that will provide you with a pretty good life and could also help other students to clear CLAT exams.
  • Also, a teacher’s job will always stay so you do not have to worry about losing your job as a law lecturer.


  • We are sure that when you chose law to be your profession, you must have sometime imagined yourself to be a lawyer fighting a case in court. You could be a person people come to for justice.
  • You could start with being a judge at an entry level and later move on to be a judge at higher levels as well as the supreme court.

Corporate Sector Jobs

  • All companies have to deal with some legal terms and it is not an easy job. That is why almost every company has a personal lawyer who looks into the legal works of the organization.
  • The Corporate Sector usually pays a pretty good amount to their lawyers so keep looking for jobs in the corporate sector. Also, banks and Public Sector Undertakings require lawyers.


  • Being a lawyer is an exciting job especially when you work in the courts. But of course, it requires a lot of work and dedication for years. You could practice law in courts and learn how the court proceedings happen and work on your skills.
  • You can practice law in various fields such as Constitution, Taxation, Family, etc.

Law Firms

  • You must have come through companies that offer you the services under a brand name. Such organizations also exist for lawyers. Here, lawyers work in a company and offer you legal services under a brand.
  • Getting hired at such companies is also somewhat simpler than other jobs. Various law firms visit colleges and universities to hire new lawyers for their firms. So you see, there is scope of CLAT examinations in India.


Now you must be relieved! Now you know that the scope of the CLAT examination in India is pretty high. We have looked at the various career opportunities you can carry on after the CLAT examinations.

Some of the careers we discussed here include law firms, corporate sectors, judiciary, litigation, law professor, etc. all of these jobs are quite promising. So make sure you are well aware of the CLAT syllabus and do well on your CLAT exams.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many attempts do I get to clear CLAT?

Ans. There is no age limit on CLAT exams so there is no limit on attempts for attending CLAT examination. So you can start studying for the CLAT exam at any age and get a law based job whenever you want to have one!

Q2. How much can I earn with an LLB?

Ans. The salary depends on which job you take up. A corporate job salary could be a lot different than what you earn as a law teacher. Make sure your interest matches with the job you take as it can also define your success rate in the field.

Q3. Are CLAT exams hard?

Ans. To be honest, CLAT exams are pretty hard but if you use the right strategy and study well, you can clear it in the first or the first few attempts.

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