From Hell to Paradise, with Data Analytics | A Beginner's Guide to Analytics

Data analytics is one of the most demanding and high-paying IT jobs all over the world. The best thing about this job is that it doesn’t ask for any certain degree or background. Even non-IT background professionals can get into this role. For this, they need the right skill set, training, and creativity to analyze and solve real-world problems. 

Data analysts gather, filter, and interpret the data sets to find a solution for some specific problems. Their job is to empower companies/organizations with data-driven knowledge. To get a data analysis job, the individual must have proficiency with numbers, technology, critical thinking, and creativity. 

Since this industry is booming with time, many individuals wish to make a career in analytics. Thus, we came up with a beginner’s guide to analytics. Let us go through the process of becoming an analyst from the zero level.

From Hell to Paradise, with Data Analytics | A Beginner's Guide to Analytics

How To Become A Data Analyst? A Beginner’s Guide

To reach a particular destination, multiple routes can be taken. Similarly, to get a career in analytics, there are many ways by which individuals can establish a great career. For beginners, we came up with a guide to begin a career in this field.

Although the path of becoming a data analyst can be complex, it will be worth it. Let us know what steps beginners must take to establish their career in data analytics.


The most basic requirement for every individual is to learn the fundamentals of analytics. It includes learning comprehensively about data, how it works, types of data, and all the basic things. 

To learn data analytics from the beginning, there are many open source platforms (Eg - Kaggle) available on the internet. Also, there are many courses which are helpful for the basic knowledge of analytics. 

Following are the things that analytics aspirants must cover in their fundamental knowledge:

  1. Different kinds of data and data analysis processes
  2. Tools for data visualization and exploration
  3. The process to collect data and launch queries
  4. Ways to interpret charts, tables, and forecasting projects

Learning technical tools and skills for analytics is the beginning of practical training. Data analysts work on different tools to perform different tasks. Thus, there are some technical requirements which an analyst needs to work on. 

The required technical skills and knowledge differ as per the job role and company the professional is working on. Here is a list of some most demanding technical skills for data analysts. 

  • Statistical analysis and probability
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Data Visualization 
  • Python or R programming
  • Data cleaning and preparation

These are some essential requirements for every data analyst role. Thus, the aspirant must be proficient in all these requirements. Although analysts must not necessarily need to be proficient in programming, they must have decent knowledge. 

For programming, Python is the best considering current trends. After Python, R is also a potential programming language. For data visualization, Power BI and Tableau are the widely used tools. Thus, hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge are a must in at least any of these two tools.


Since data analytics is an emerging and demanding field, standing out here is a must. Getting ahead of other analysts provides better opportunities from various aspects. For this, getting certifications is the best way to increase the chances of employment. 

Data analytics certifications create an impactful first impression of the resume. It also helps in getting shortlisted for the job role. The professionals must have top certification in whatever job role they are applying to or are interested in. 

Having Google or IBM certifications are considered the best in the data analytics industry as they offer hands-on experience covering all the aspects of analytics. Moreover, there are other certifications as well to highlight proficiency through data analysis.


Building a great portfolio is the most important thing in this beginner's guide to analytics. Many individuals believe that getting certified is the path to a successful career. Having a degree without the necessary skill is not worth it. Thus, working on hands-on projects along with learning is the best combination.

Some of the top projects for data analytics roles are:

  • Scraping and data curation from multiple sources
  • Cleaning and optimization of different kinds of data
  • Data visualization through graphs, charts, maps, etc.
  • Data transformation into actionable insights

The projects must be specifically focused on the job roles analysts are applying for. It is the best way to demonstrate relevant skill sets. It grabs the impression of the employer within seconds. Thus, the employer may prefer that individual over other applicants.


After getting certified and has an impressive portfolio for an analyst role. It is high time to begin applying for different job roles. Initially, applying for entry-level jobs increases the chances of getting hired. 

Getting an entry-level data analyst job offers exposure to real-life applications. It is also the best way to learn from colleagues and senior analysts. For college students, internships, freelance work, and part-time jobs are the best. With these opportunities, the students can gain real-world experience during their studies itself.

High-Paying Jobs In Analytics


Data analysts are required to work in every industry. Their job is to analyze the data of the company and provide solutions. Most jobs in this field require Python, SQL, and statistical skills. Moreover, they also need to be proficient in data analysis workflow and data visualization.


Quantitative Analyst is one of the high-paying jobs in analytics, mostly in financial firms. Their job role includes the discovery of potential financial investment opportunities and working on risk management. They mostly work on stock price prediction, commodities, and exchange rates. After some experience, the professional may also start their own firm. 


The role of a business intelligence analyst is similar to a data analyst. Their primary job is to extract value from the data sets of an organization or company. The BI analysts are proficient in data analysis, SQL, and data visualization. 


Similar to previous roles, data analytics consultants also need to give valuable insights for the company’s sake. Most data analytics consultants hold specialization in a particular industry. In this role, the professional can work for multiple companies at a time. Thus, for individuals interested in a particular industry, and who like change, this job role is the best.


To perform internal operations, businesses hire operations analysts. They are the ones who work in every type of business and cover every industry. Their job role comprises internal reporting systems, general business operations, product manufacturing and distribution. 


Digital marketing is a booming industry and relies too much upon data analytics. The digital markets often use custom reporting tools, google analytics, and other third-party tools. The motive of these tools is to analyze traffic from different sources. Analysts rely too much on making clever decisions and leveraging existing resources. That’s why data analysis plays a vital role in marketing. 


Analytics is the most crucial role in project management. Project managers work on analysis to track the efficiency, progress, and productivity of the employees. For supply chain management as well, project managers use analytics. It is an essential requirement for maintaining profit margins and performing efficient operations.

Learn Data Analytics For Free

Being one of the most demanding skills, many institutions are charging heavy fees to teach data analytics. But we came up with an effective solution to deal with this issue. Physics Wallah has launched a separate channel, College Wallah. 

This channel is particularly made to train college students who wish to upskill themselves. Here, anyone can learn data analytics for free. This course available here is favourable for beginners to excel in their skills.


Data analysis is one of the high paying IT jobs in the current market. It is also one of the emerging job sectors whose demand will increase in future. There are multiple ways for beginners to establish their career in analytics. Still, the best path to have a good career in this industry is:

  • Begin With Fundamentals
  • Learn Technical Analytics Skills
  • Get Certified
  • Build A Great Portfolio
  • Start Applying For Jobs

Data analytics is not a single job role. Instead, many jobs deal with analytics in their process. Some of the high-paying jobs in analytics are:

  • Data Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • BI Analyst
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Operation Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Project Manager

College Wallah is a dedicated YouTube channel launched by Physics Wallah. Here, the data analytics course is available for free. It is beginner friendly and covers all the essential topics of analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How To Become A Data Analyst?

Ans. Follow these steps:

  1. Begin With Fundamentals
  2. Learn Technical Analytics Skills
  3. Get Certified
  4. Build A Great Portfolio
  5. Start Applying For Jobs

Q2. What Technical Skills An Analyst Must Have?

Ans. Necessary skills for an analyst:

  1. Statistical analysis and probability
  2. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  3. Data Visualization 
  4. Python or R programming
  5. Data cleaning and preparation

Q3. Can only CS or IT students become data analysts?

Ans. To become an analyst, no specific degree or background is required. Anyone with creativity, good communication skills, and essential technical skills can get a data analytics job.

Q4. Which are the most demanding jobs in analytics?

Ans. Following are the most demanding and high-paying jobs in analytics:

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Quantitative Analyst
  3. BI Analyst
  4. Data Analytics Consultant
  5. Operation Analyst
  6. Marketing Analyst
  7. Project Manager

Q5. From where to learn data analytics for free?

Ans. College Wallah is a YouTube channel launched by Physics Wallah. From this channel, interested students can learn data analytics for free. The data analytics course here is beginner friendly and covers all the necessary topics.

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