CUET 2023: Topics You Might Prepare For The Examination

An entrance exam called CUET is required to enroll in any of the many courses Central Universities offer all over India. 14 Central Universities jointly administer the CUET, which must be passed for applicants to be admitted to undergraduate, graduate, and integrated programs. This entrance exam is challenging given the small number of available seats and many applicants.

Make sure your preparations are rigorous because you will be up against a sizable audience. The Central Universities Entrance Test typically has an easy-moderate difficulty level.

So long as you have a basic understanding of courses like reasoning, English, and general awareness, you should be able to pass the exam with flying colors.

CUET 2023: Topics You Might Prepare For The Examination

Topics you might prepare for the examination

Students should keep the following in mind as they study for the CUET:

Language assessment: The reading comprehension passages from the many different categories of the language test serve as the main inspiration for the questions.

(1) Factual 2. Narrative  3. Literary

You could anticipate 5-8 Reading Comprehension with a typical word limit of 400–450 words. You should develop the habit of reading novels or the editorial pages of newspapers to master RCs. 

The more you use it, the more proficient your grammar and vocabulary will become. Try to engage in as much English-language conversation as possible with others around you.

Aptitude Test: Practicing is the only way to succeed on the aptitude test. Distribute the subjects you need to study each day in your study plan. Allocate a specific amount of time to each concept you are learning. Don't constantly bring up contentious subjects.

Use as many different topics as you can. If you're tasked with assigning a challenging notion from the quant, pick a straightforward thinking problem. You can arouse your curiosity and stave off boredom in this way. To help with revision, note essential words or complex formulas from the material you're learning.

Domains Precedent Test: There are 27 subjects in the CUET entrance exam's domain-specific test from which you must choose six to pursue in your UG degree.

This section's questions are grade 12 level. Therefore, knowing the fundamental concepts of the subject you've chosen will help you perform better on this part.

Additionally, you must select courses that you enjoy studying and find engaging. Try to answer MCQs at the easy, moderate, and challenging levels from the NCERT textbooks.

Logical reasoning: Increase your puzzle-related practice to hone your problem-solving skills. The CUET question papers from the prior year should be consulted as much as feasible.

Quantitative Aptitude: If you want to do well in the quantitative issue, you'll need to practice more. As most of the questions will be centered on these themes, review all the concepts from eighth, nine, and tenth-grade arithmetic.

Averages, profit and loss, menstruation, geometry, number system, simplification, trigonometry, ratio and proportion, mixtures and allegations, time and word, time, speed, and distance should all receive more attention.

10 Crucial Tips for CUET Exam Preparation

  • Recognize the CUET syllabus
  • Find the most recent CUET exam schedule.
  • Select a learning approach.
  • Make a list of your top university choices.
  • Look into CUET study guides.
  • Be consistent and focused.
  • Create a schedule.
  • Key to revision
  • Refer to earlier CUET exams
  • CUET sample paper solutions

Recognize the CUET syllabus

The CUET syllabus may vary depending on your preferred language and domain-specific subjects. It would help if you primarily prepared for current events, math, logical and analytical reasoning, and literary aptitude problems.

To guarantee you don't miss anything, it's best to prepare a list of the subjects and note which ones carry the most and least weight.

Find the most recent CUET exam schedule

The four sections of the current CUET exam pattern, which includes MCQ-based questions, are as follows: language test (sections 1A and 1B), domain-specific subjects (section 2), and general test (section 3).

According to current changes, two places will be available for the exam. The first time slot lasts from 45 to 195 minutes, while the second time is from 45 to 225 minutes.

Select a learning approach

Once you are familiar with the CUET syllabus and exam structure, creating a unique study plan tailored to your academic requirements is essential. You can begin by determining your strengths before working on the subjects that might need a little more experience.

Make a list of your top university choices

Making a list of the schools you want to attend will help you learn about the cutoff for the prior year. This data can also assess the CUET 2023 scores you should aim for and adjust your preparation.

Look into CUET study guides

Once you know the domain-specific topics you want to focus on, invest in at least two to three highly regarded CUET books to help you prepare. 

These educational manuals will help you efficiently complete your syllabus and guarantee that you get the most recent study materials for CUET 2023. The best learning options may be available on the Extramarks Learning App if you want to advance your preparation.

Be consistent and focused

The process of getting ready for the CUET exam necessitates a combination of studying, practicing, and reviewing. You must avoid outside distractions and set aside time each day to consistently and intently implement your learning tactics.

Create a schedule

The CUET syllabus covers a wide range of subjects, so planning your schedule according to your weekly and monthly objectives might help you complete each topic in the most critical sequence. 

This is a crucial component of your study plan and will help you stay organized and well-prepared for exam time.

Key to revision

Make sure to allow enough time for revision when creating your study schedule so that you can cover any challenging or vital material. You can also set aside time for revision at the end of each study session to help you understand ideas and improve your preparation.

Refer to earlier CUET exams

Practice past CUET exams are one of the most crucial CUET preparation advice. This will give you a better idea of the questions to expect before taking the CUET 2023 exam, the format, high-relevance themes, scoring questions, etc.

CUET sample paper solutions

When you have finished studying the entire syllabus, the best method to gauge your well-prepared for the CUET is to take practice exams. 

You can take the CUET Mock Test 2023, which is an exact reproduction of the real exam and will teach you more about the level of accuracy and speed needed.


Therefore, these are the strategies and subjects to master to pass this section of the CUET 2022 and earn decent points. The section-by-section study tips can help students ace the CUET 2022 exam with flying colors. 

After registering for the test, students can use these suggestions to ramp up their preparation for CUET 2022. These tips will help students improve their essential skills to succeed and beat their rivals in the CUET 2022 general test section exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1. Can I study for the CUET in ten days?

Ans. Only 8 days are available for candidates to study for the CUET 2022 Exam. 

Most students would fret and stress out over being unable to finish the revision and preparation rather than investing quality time in it.

Q2. Is it simple to defeat CUET?

Ans. Review the CUET Exam Pattern as it has been modified. Section I (Language) is expected to be easier to score in than the other sections.

Additionally, for students who have previously been preparing for the UG/BBA/IPM Aptitude Tests, Section III (General Test) might seem to be the easiest.

Q3. Can I ace the CUET without a coach's help?

Ans. Candidates can prepare for the various exam components using sample papers, practice examinations, and study materials from the prior year. Candidates can pass the CUET if they employ the proper preparation and strategy. The choice to receive coaching is entirely up to the pupils.

Q4. Is a 70% CUET score good?

Ans. You must receive an 80 percent on the CUET to be accepted into one of the top ten institutions. Consider taking the CUET test in one language and three domains. You are already aware that there are 40 questions in each of the three areas plus the language part.

Q5. How many seats does DU have?

Ans. Through CUET UG, DU offers admission at 69,554 seats. It should be mentioned that the article only includes DU 2022 seats for those positions for which the admissions process to DU is based on the candidates' scores on Class 12 qualifying exam. The DU NCWEB 2022 first-round cutoff was announced six days ago.

Q6. Is there a hostel in DU?

Ans. Some colleges at Delhi University offer student hostel accommodations; however, not all colleges do. Students not from Delhi are constantly hunting for a hostel option. Typically, students apply for the hostel when they are accepted.

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