How do I Balance CUET With Board Exam Preparation

Managing the preparations for both the CUET and board exams is a very hectic task. However, citing the importance of both exams one has to be very vigilant when it comes to preparing for them. Although, the syllabus for both exams is almost similar one has to stick to a different approach when it comes to balance CUET with board exam preparations.

The prominent problem that students usually face is that they fail to strike a balance in a way that they easily cover the syllabus for both exams before the exam. Here in this blog, we have provided a comprehensive strategy and tips and tricks to prepare for both the board and entrance exams in the most simple way.

How do I Balance CUET with Board Exam Preparation

Tips to Balance CUET and Board Exam Preparation

Board and CUET exams both are important for a candidate’s future. The former is important as clearing boards are a basic parameter to know a candidate’s eligibility. Whereas, the candidate has to clear NTA CUET for getting admission to centralised universities.  Hence, if you are going to write both exams together then, the following tips will be helpful in doing so.

Bifurcate the Syllabus

  • The first step towards balance CUET with board exam preparations is to bifurcate the syllabus. The authorities ask for the board exams on the basis of the syllabus admissible for class 12th. Whereas, the exam usually has questions from class 11th and 12th standard.
  • Hence, the first thing is to go through the syllabus and mark topics that are common to both exams. Next, one should pay more attention to common topics that help balance the preparation.

Standard Books

  • Next, to balance CUET with board exam preparations is finding standard books. The candidates will find questions from the NCERT books in the entrance exam. Hence, we advise preferring these books to clear the basics or practice questions.
  • Talking about the class 12th exam, it is advisable to stick to the NCERT books for all the subjects. These have relevant explanations of the questions that one gets to answer in the exam.

Study Schedule

  • Making an effective study schedule is very important if one is preparing for eligibility tests and board exams simultaneously. We advise making a schedule in a way that one should assign proper timing to study for both exams. One should also prioritise the timing in accordance with the days left for the exam. The authorities will conduct the board exams earlier hence, one should allot more time to the preparations of the boards.

Cover Basics

  • Be it an entrance exam or a board exam, having a strong foundation is a key to cracking both. Hence, one should resort to covering the basics. One can do this by resorting to standard books. They can also use short notes and doubt classes conducted in online mode. Covering basics also help in acing tricky application questions prominent in the exam. 


  • Having a selective approach for both exams is one of the recommended tips by experts. The structure of both exams is very different. The candidates have to answer questions in the board exam in a descriptive manner. Yet, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
  • The CUET exam is a competitive test that has a predecided negative marking for the wrong answer. Hence, having an approach and a selective mindset is very important when it comes to writing it. One has to be very choosy when it comes to answering questions or it could lead to a decrease in the marks secured.

Short Notes

  • Preparing short notes is an excellent way to strike a balance CUET with board exam preparations. It is helpful as one can resort to the same when opting for a quick revision. We advise students to make separate short notes for both exams in bullet format. This serves the purpose of simplifying the entrance exam revision to a great extent.

Prioritize Revision

  • Prioritising revision is an effective way to balance the entrance exam and the board exam preparations. One should always choose revision of board exams over CUET. This is because the authorities conduct it earlier than the entrance examination. Also, the final admission to the central university is subjected to a mark one score in tests along with the mark one score on boards. Hence, if one is unable to fetch high marks in the board exam then he won’t be eligible to get admission to a top university like Delhi University. 


  • Balance CUET with board preparation is very important when it comes to a candidate’s future. One has to balance their preparations in a way that high marks are secured in both exams. If you are going to write the exam and also prepare for the board then do check out the preparation videos shared by experts on the PhysicsWallah app and Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is the best way to balance cuet with board exam preparations?

Ans. The best way to balance cuet with board exam preparation is by making a proper schedule for both exams.

Q2. Can I balance CUET with board exam preparations?

Ans. Yes, proper preparation technique like studying, making short notes and attempting mock test on a regular basis helps in balancing the entrance exam with the board’s preparations.

Q3. What are the best resources to prepare for the exam?

Ans. The best resource to prepare for the CUET exam is resorting to the chapters mentioned in the NCERT books.

Q4. Can I pass the exam while preparing for the board exam?

Ans. Yes, you can prepare simultaneously for both the CUET exam and board exams together.

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