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Nov 22, 2022, 16:45 IST

The Indian Air Force is looking for qualified candidates for Group X and Y Airmen positions. It is now appropriate to begin planning for the hiring processes. The organization has postponed the Airmen Group X and Y exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The examinations, however, will take place in the coming months. Thousands of individuals apply for these positions, and the competition is always fierce. In this article, we will attempt to provide you with some preparation tips that will assist you in aligning your strategic plan for the Indian Air Force Group X and Group Y exams. Please read this article. Prepare for Indian Air Force Group X&Y and get subject-specific advice to help you succeed.

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IAF Airmen Group X & Y Exam Pattern

The written exam pattern for the Indian Air Force exam will include the following sections, depending on the group you are taking

Group Subject & No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
Group X Maths: 25 Q English: 20 Q Physics: 25 Q 70 Marks 60 Minutes
Group Y English: 20 Q Reasoning & General Awareness: 30 Q 50 Marks 45 Minutes
Group X & Y (both) Maths: 25 Q Reasoning & General Awareness: 30 Q Physics: 25 Q English: 20 Q 100 Marks 85 Minutes

There is a negative marking of 0.25 for each incorrect answer.

Exam Strategy

The Air Force Groups X and Y exams are divided into three stages, the first of which are extremely difficult and require careful planning and preparation. Now we will go over the entire strategy for passing the Air Force Group "X" and "Y" Exams.

  • Stage 1: Written Examination
  • Stage 2: Physical Fitness Examination
  • Stage 3: Medical Examination
  • Stage 4: Selection Process

Air Force Groups X and Y - Written Exam

  • Phase I consists of an All India Selection Test, which will be held this year only at various locations. The exam mode for the Indian Air Force Group X and Y is online.
  • Apart from the English paper, the test will be administered in both English and Hindi. The exam is at the 10+2 level. All subjects will have a sectional cutoff in in addition to the overall cutoff.

Physical Fitness Test for Air Force Groups X and Y (PFT)

The Indian Air Force requires physical fitness, so passing the PFT is required. The following are the fitness tests that will be performed:

  • 1.6 km run in 6 minutes and 30 seconds
  • ten push-ups
  • Squats (20 reps)
  • ten sit-ups

It should be noted that no marks are assigned for the PFT; it is only of a qualifying nature.

Adaptability Test No. 1

  • Candidates who pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) will move on to the adaptability tests, the first of which is the SRT (Situation Reaction Test). A candidate's decision making and response/reaction are evaluated here.
  • There are 45 SRTs in total, each with a time limit of 30 minutes. This test evaluates a candidate's attitude in response to the characteristics set by the defence forces for choosing a candidate with the right frame of mind.

Adaptability Test No. 2

  • Selected candidates attend Group Discussion after passing the Adaptability Test 1. This consists of 10-15 applicants sitting in a group and discussing their thoughts on a common topic.
  • The topics are about current events and social events. This test assesses a person's knowledge as well as communication skills. Interpersonal skills such as persuasion are also evaluated.
  • After passing all of the rounds, those aspirants who are shortlisted are given a Test Series that includes the dates and location of the medical examinations.

Air Force Groups X and Y - Medical Exam

After passing Adaptability Test 2, candidates are called in for a medical examination, where they are reviewed and cleared medically.

Merit List for Air Force Groups X and Y

  • All candidates who pass the medical are then choosen based on their marks, and a merit list is created. Candidates whose names appear on the merit list are given a call letter and enlisted in the Indian Air Force, with Joint Basic Training taking place in Belgavi, Karnataka.
  • Let us now go over each subject's preparation:


English Comprehension, Error Detection, Jumbled Sentence, Synonym/Antonym,Active/Passive Voice, and Tense are common topics for questions.


The Physics subject is only available to candidates taking the Air Force Group "X" Exam. The syllabus covers all of the topics covered in classes 11 and 12. There will be both theoretical and numerical questions. For application knowledge, one should have a better understanding of concepts.


  • This subject is also relevant to candidates taking the Air Force Group "X" exam. Math is the most crucial subject in exam scoring, so it plays a significant role in candidate selection.
  • As a result, we should have a solid plan in place to prepare for this subject.

General Preparation for Indian Air Force Groups X and Y

Read the preparation suggestions for Indian Air Force X & Y below and align your preparation with the syllabus.

Make a schedule.

The plan is the most important thing you can do to improve your preparations. It will assist you in developing a routine, allocating time, and covering the topics on time. Make a well-planned study plan and stick to it.

Examine the Syllabus thoroughly.

It is critical to be aware of the syllabus and to plan your preparation accordingly. Knowing the exact syllabus will help you read the precise topics, optimizing your exam preparation.

Topical research

Studying by topic will make your preparation easier. Choose one subject/topic at a time and genius it before moving on to the next. This may help you focus on one subject at a time. As a result, we can assist you in optimizing your preparations.

Time Management That Works

Effective time management is essential both during the exam and while studying. Divide your time wisely to cover all subjects/topics. You should also complete the previous year's papers and mock tests.

Proper Study Materials

This is one of the best resources for adequately preparing for the Airforce X & Y exam. The precise study guide will help you learn the correct concepts, apply formulas, and understand the correct theory.

Examine Mock Tests/Previous Year Papers

  • Mock tests and previous year papers are the best methods for evaluating your level of preparation.
  • Furthermore, you will compare your performance in each test and plan your preparation accordingly. Download UPSC NDA Previous Year Papers


Make it a habit to revise. This may help you recall previously learned concepts and re-read challenging or complex subjects/topics

Make Observations

Making notes or jotting down points will help you prepare for your exams. During the eleventh-hour revision, you'll refer to this list or notes. You'll also write formulas, shortcuts, tricks, or concepts.

Do and dont's of the examination

  1. Don't be afraid to take risks. Answer the concerns you are sure about. Do not guess the answers, as this may result in a negative marking.
  1. Get to Mama on time. Get plenty of rest before the exam.
  1. Before responding, consider the questions carefully.
  1. Keep in mind that reading the last year's cut-off Reasoning stones with a calm mind might confuse you.
  1. Don't spend too much time on one question. If you get stuck on a question, move on to the next; you can always return at the end of the exam.


  • The Indian Air Force's Central Airmen Selection Board (CASB) has published the tentative exam date for the Air Force Group X & Y Posts on its official website.
  • This exam is now trendy among 10+2 students because it provides a pathway to joining the Air Force at a young age.
  • Given the short time left for the exam, one must devise an appropriate strategy for the online written exam.
  • The written test is the first stage of the Air Force Group X and Y selection procedure and is the most critical and challenging hurdle for candidates. At this point, the majority of the elimination is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the Air Force XY exam difficult?

Ans. The overall difficulty level of the Air Force Group XY exam is moderate. Airmen Group Y consists of English questions and reasoning and general awareness questions and their level is average.

Q2. What is the XY Group in the Air Force?

Ans. Indian Air Force Group X and Y are the personnel in the Indian Air Force who are not officers and are referred to as Airmen. The Group X & Y exam is held by the Indian Air Force to select airmen for the Indian Air Force.

Q3. How long does an Air Force job last?

Ans. Fourteen years from the date of commissioning for the Flying Branch (Non-extendable). Ten years from the date of commissioning for Ground Duty (Technical & Non-technical). A four-year extension may be granted based on service requirements, vacancy availability, suitability, merit, and willingness.

Q4. Can an Air Force officer live with his or her family?

Ans. During training, marriage is not permitted. Married candidates over the age of 25 are eligible to apply, but they will not be provided with married housing or allowed to live with family during the training period. The applicant should not have been convicted of a crime.

Q5. Is the Air Force easier than the Navy?

Ans. Though the Air Force is not the easiest military branch to join, once there, it is likely that you will discover the Air Force to be a more enjoyable career experience than the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard.

Q6. How often is Air Force XY held each year?

Ans. Here's everything you need to know about the Indian Air Force Group X & Y CBT, Physical Fitness Test (PFT), and Medical Test selection process. The Indian Air Force is a national-level exam held twice a year to recruit new candidates for Airmen Group X and Group Y positions.

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