CDS Preparation 2023: Tips For Written Test & Interview

Apr 11, 2023, 16:45 IST

This blog post will look at some preparation tips to help you ace the Combined Defence Services (CDS) written test and interview. The CDS test is one of the most difficult tests a student can take and requires substantial preparation and dedication. With the right strategy and preparation, you can increase your chances of success.

We will look at some of the best techniques to prepare for the CDS written test and interview, as well as some tips to help you get through the process with flying colors. By the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of how to effectively prepare for the CDS and maximize your chances of success.

An overview of the CDS written test and why preparation is key for success

The CDS test is a national-level entrance examination organised by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for recruitment into the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. It is one of the most competitive tests in the country as it attracts a large pool of talented candidates. The CDS test is a two-stage selection process and includes a written exam and an interview.

The written exam consists of objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). There are three different sections in this exam - English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Each of these sections is designed to test the candidate’s ability and knowledge in these subject areas. The duration of each section is two hours.

To prepare for the CDS exam, the candidate must read extensively and practice past question papers to get familiarized with the types of questions asked. They must also have a deep understanding of the syllabus specified by the UPSC.

Furthermore, they must have a sound practice regimen, partaking in mock tests and assessments to get used to the timing and the format of the actual test. It is essential for candidates to invest their time and energy in preparing for the CDS written test as the competition is high due to its immense significance.

Clearing this exam will guarantee a seat in a prestigious institution like the Indian Armed Forces, where the most talented citizens of the country can serve the nation with honour.

Understanding the CDS Exam Pattern

Aspiring candidates must successfully pass the written exam in order to qualify for military service and become an officer. To get an edge over fellow applicants and maximize your chances of success, it is highly important that you understand the details of the CDS Exam Pattern.

The CDS exam tests the applicant's abilities in many areas, such as general knowledge, English and Elementary Mathematics. The written exam is divided into these three subjects, and each carries 100 marks.

The English paper focuses on grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. In contrast, the General Knowledge paper largely tests the candidates' knowledge of current affairs and the three main sections of the Indian Constitution - the union executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

It is important to understand the written structure of the exam, its type of questions, its difficulty level and the sections for each subject. This will allow you to plan your studies more efficiently and focus your time and energy on the topics that require the most concentration and assistance.

Furthermore, an in-depth knowledge of the CDS Exam Pattern will assist you in brushing up on your knowledge of general topics as well as becoming familiar with the kind of questions they'll answer in the exam. Knowing the level of difficulty and type of questions you may face in the test can help in planning your revision sessions and also shape your strategy for attempting the CDS Exam.

Utilizing the Right Study Resources

Studying for the CDS exam is no small feat, but getting the right resources can help you get the best head start possible. Knowing what to study, how to get the most out of your studying hours and being able to apply concepts and skills are important in achieving success in the CDS examination.

Properly utilising different types of study resources, such as textbooks and online materials, is key to scoring high marks on the exam.

An effective way to prepare for the CDS Exam is by using textbooks and guides because they are one of the most comprehensive study materials available. Textbooks provide an in-depth look into a given subject so that students can have a deep and comprehensive understanding.

These textbooks also contain illustrations and diagrams to help with understanding the topics. Additionally, books are usually endorsed by exam authorities, so students will know that the information in the books is accurate and reliable.

Using online resources is also important when studying for the CDS Exam. Different websites and platforms offer multiple questions and answers related to the CDS Exam.

These simulations are a great way to practice and develop one’s understanding and knowledge. Videos related to the exam topics can also help with understanding and retaining the information.

Developing a Study Plan

It is important for candidates to develop a study plan that covers the exam’s topics, format, and key techniques in order to prepare for the CDS written exam effectively. A study plan should lay out the topics that a candidate should cover, breaking them down into manageable chunks. This approach helps applicants focus on the material they need to learn while avoiding feeling overwhelmed.

Candidates should also incorporate practice questions into their study plan as this allows them to identify gaps in their knowledge and hone their analytical skills. Working through practice problems can also help applicants develop an understanding of the exam’s format and timeline.

In addition to the content of their study plan, applicants should also focus on their personal approach to studying. Developing an efficient and effective study schedule that takes into account work and other commitments is critical.

This ensures that applicants make the most of the time they have available for studying while also avoiding burnout. Regular breaks and positive reinforcement are also recommended to keep candidates motivated. Overall, preparing for the CDS written exam requires a thoughtful, methodical approach. Working out an effective CDS study schedule will help in ensuring a thorough and helpful CDS preparation.

Practicing Mock Tests

  • One of the best ways to prepare for the CDS exam is to practice mock tests.
  • Mock tests provide an invaluable platform for candidates to understand the exam pattern, time management, and the type of questions asked.
  • By taking mock tests, candidates can identify their areas of strength and weakness and make improvements accordingly.
  • Furthermore, mock tests help aspirants to understand the marking scheme of the exam and develop a strategy to answer the questions in a short duration.
  • Additionally, the process of encountering similar kinds of questions in mock tests helps to increase the confidence of candidates before the actual exam.
  • It also assists them in assessing their level of preparedness and becoming familiar with the type of stress they may face during the exam.

An overview of the CDS interview and the importance of preparation

The CDS interview is the second step in the process of becoming an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. It is a crucial step for aspirants who want to pursue a career in the Indian military, as it is where their abilities and aptitude get evaluated.

The CDS interview is conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB), consisting of personnel from the Defence Services. During the interview, the board assesses the candidate’s mental and physical condition, aptitude and critical thinking, communication and social skills, personality, and more. Prospective candidates have to prepare adequately for the SSB to ensure they can put their best foot forward during the interview.

Essential preparation for the CDS interview is understanding its pattern and format, as the interview process consists of several tests like Psychological Tests, Group Tasks, and Interviews. In addition, it is imperative for the candidates to be well-informed about the Indian military and possess the necessary skills that a potential officer should have.

Furthermore, candidates can prepare for the interview by practicing sample questions and having mock interviews with peers or experts. It is also important to appear for the interview in the proper dress code and military bearing. With adequate preparation, a CDS interview gives promising candidates the opportunity to earn a spot in the Indian Armed Forces.

Understanding the Selection Process

Clearing the CDS interview is the key to joining the Indian armed forces. It is a highly competitive process, and those wishing to take on the challenge must understand the selection process for the interview in order to succeed.

The selection process for the CDS examination is divided into three stages. Firstly, candidates need to apply for the examination and clear the written examination.

Once they clear the written examination, they are then required to attend the SSB interview. This interview involves rigorous mental and physical tests conducted by the Indian armed forces. Lastly, clearing the medical examination is the final step of the selection process.

For the SSB interview, it is important to develop skills that will help the candidate be prepared for the different tasks and activities of the interview. For the medical examination, the candidate should ensure that their medical fitness is up to par so that they can clear this part of the selection process.

Understanding the selection process and following the guidelines is key to clearing the Combined Defence Services Interview. Candidates must prepare thoroughly to be able to showcase their skills and qualities and then demonstrate why they will be the best fit for the Indian Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the medical examination must be taken seriously, as physical and mental health are essential for this profession. By applying for CDS, candidates must have the commitment and dedication to carry through to the completion of the selection process and, ultimately, join the Indian Armed Forces.

Researching the Indian Army

Knowing about the Indian army is essential for clearing the CDS interview. Researching the Indian army can provide candidates with an insight into the culture, traditions and operations of the army.  It is important to have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the army personnel, the history of the Indian army, their operational strategies and the ongoing defence projects.

This knowledge can help the candidate present themselves in an informed manner in the CDS interview. In addition, it is beneficial to read about the core values and objectives of the Indian army, along with being updated on the recent developments in the defence sector.

Researching the Indian army can also help candidates familiarize themselves with the ranks and positions, as well as prepare for any questions related to the technical and administrative aspects of the army. In addition, researching the Indian army can also equip candidates with stories from the battlefield or an overview of the contributions made by the Indian army.

Practicing Interview Questions

Practicing interview questions is an important part of this preparation.

It is especially important for candidates to familiarize themselves with the types of questions they will be asked in the CDS interview. Practicing will enable them to build confidence and focus on how to answer questions in the most appropriate manner. It will also help them become more comfortable with the atmosphere and content of the interview.

It is important to practice both open-ended and specific types of questions. Open-ended questions are important to assess candidates’ reasoning, analytical, critical and logical skills.

While on the other hand, specific questions are designed to assess candidates’ understanding of the topics related to the recruitment process. Aspiring candidates should also take the time to understand the requirements for the particular role for which they are applying before preparing for the interview.

Practicing the questions gives an idea about the range of topics that could potentially come up during the interview. Interview preparation in advance ensures that the candidates are well-prepared and confident enough to present their best selves.

Gaining Insight from Experienced Candidates

Experienced candidates provide valuable insight and guidance to aspirants on key aspects and areas that need to be focused on for the exam. They advise aspiring candidates on the various challenges and strategies to overcome them. They also offer tips and tricks to handle the stress of the interview and other important aspects of the exam, which is of great help. Moreover, their guidance is not just limited to the written exam but also to the SSB interviews and other physical activities.

Gaining insight from experienced candidates is of paramount importance for clearing the CDS interview. Not only do they provide valuable information to aspiring candidates, but they also build confidence in them. It also helps boost their morale and keeps them motivated throughout their preparation. Experienced candidates have already gone through the entire process and have the knowledge necessary to excel in the CDS exam, so their advice should not be taken lightly.


Preparation for the CDS written test and interview requires dedication, hard work, and focus. It is essential to not only understand the basic concepts but also to practice with mock tests and sample questions. Additionally, it is important to research the selection process, understand the expectations of the interviewers, and focus on areas that need more work. Preparing in advance will help improve the confidence level and make the whole experience much easier.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. What is the difficulty level of the CDS written exam?

Ans. The difficulty level of any examination depends on the amount of preparation a candidate does. CDS written exam also depends upon how much a candidate has prepared. Good preparation will make the CDS written exam easy, while a lack of preparation may result in writing the CDS exam.

Q2. What is the level of maths in CDS?

Ans. The CDS maths is 10th-level mathematics.

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