How To Crack Afcat Exam Without Coaching On 1st Attempt?

Apr 10, 2023, 16:45 IST

You are reading this post because you have chosen to Crack AFCAT Exam on First Attempt. Initially, it may appear impossible, but if you are willing to work smart and prepare as per plan, no one can stop you from passing the AFCAT test on your first try. Considering the AFCAT Exam structure and Syllabus, you may complete your preparation in 6-7 months with several revisions.

You must be intelligent enough to comprehend the requirements of the AFCAT Exam. Moreover, you must know which issues to prioritise and which to disregard. This blog will discuss how you can crack the AFCAT exam without defense classes on the first Attempt.

Tips And Tricks To Crack The Airforce Exam

So, if you are preparing for the AFCAT exam without coaching, these tips and tricks will help you to crack the exam on the first attempt. Let's begin to understand all the things which you need to keep in mind while preparing for the AFCAT exam.

1. Go through The Syllabus Of the AFCAT

The first and foremost thing to remember before beginning your preparation for the AFCAT is that you should know the complete curriculum. Moreover, passing an examination with a thorough understanding of the course material is possible. You must be aware of the phases of the AFCAT Exam, the number of questions asked on each topic, and the time allotted for each question to prepare appropriately. If you are applying for the AFCAT Technical Branch, you must take one more exam, the EKT Paper.

2. Check the Previous Year Cut Off And Set an Achievable Target

In the end, you will only qualify if you surpass the AFCAT cut score. And if you want your name on the merit list, you must score 180+ in the written examination (because clearing the cut-off marks is not practical). Therefore, we will review the AFCAT Cut Off Scores from the previous year and then set a goal based on our specific strengths and weaknesses.

3. At Any Cost, You Have To Score 30/32 In Reasoning

The reasoning component of the AFCAT Exam is easy and carries the most weight. Therefore, you must answer at least 30 out of 32 questions correctly. 30 accurate answers on the AFCAT exam will offer you a 90-point advantage, allowing you to surpass the AFCAT cut-off easily!

4. No Need To Waste Time On Current Affairs

25 questions are asked in the General Knowledge (Awareness) section, which consists primarily of static questions from history, geography, economics, and other disciplines. Only five or six questions are raised on current events. So, it’s better to focus on subjects with more weight.

5. Revision Is The Key!

Revision is essential for success. You must cover AFCAT Syllabus as soon as possible and review it at least once before the exam to retain all you've studied. While preparing for the exam, you should make your revision notes to revise all the important things before the exam. These revision notes will make your life easy as, at the time of the exam, there will be no need to go through all the chapters again.

6. Solve Previous Year's Question Paper And Mock Test

Candidates should know that the more they take the mock tests and answer the previous years' questions, the more they will benefit. This will not only help you gain a deeper understanding of the types of questions, but it will also assist you in developing immediate solutions. Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep taking practice exams, so that the final will be a breeze.

Best Books For AFCAT Exam

The market is flooded with study materials for the AFCAT exam. The candidates must choose a book with practice questions after each chapter or concept. Instead of referencing many books, candidates should refer to only a few most highly recommended ones. Clearing the AFCAT exam will be like a cakewalk if you practice from the best books. Here are some of them:

  1. AFCAT- The First Step DDE published by DDE (Defence Direct Education)
  2. Popular Master Guide, AFCAT by R. Gupta.
  3. Lucent’s General knowledge
  4. Verbal Reasoning by Bhupendra Kumar Singh
  5. Quantitative Aptitude by S. Chand.


Lastly, make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared for the exam. Taking the exam for the first time can be stressful. Make sure to get a good night's sleep before the exam and eat a nutritious meal to ensure that you are focused and alert during the exam. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to cracking the AFCAT exam. Why don't you check out Physicswallah's courses on AFCAT—the structured approach and material available for AFCAT on the PW website can help make the preparation process easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the AFCAT Exam Challenging?

Ans. No. Compared to other competitive examinations for Class 1 positions, the AFCAT Exam is very predictable and straightforward to pass. Complete AFCAT Syllabus by the outlined method. However, it requires diligence and effort.

Q2. Is there negative scoring on the AFCAT Exam?

Ans: Yes. One-third of the AFCAT Exam is scored negatively. 1 Point is deducted for each incorrect answer. Therefore, you must be sure before selecting a solution. If you are unsure of any answer, it’s better to leave that question than score negative marks.

Q3. When is the optimal time for AFCAT preparation?

Ans. As soon as the notification is released for the exam, a candidate gets approximately 6 months to prepare for the AFCAT exam.

Q4. What are the most critical topics in the AFCAT General Knowledge section?

Ans. The most critical topics in the AFCAT General Knowledge section are History, current events, sports, etc. These are the topics you need to keep checking daily and note all important events that are happening.

Q5. What is the AFCAT Test?

Ans. AFCAT is the acronym for the Air Force Common Aptitude Test, which administers the Indian Air Force to recruit Class 1 Officers. The selection is made in various branches like Flying Branch, Ground Duty Technical, and Ground Duty Non-Technical positions.

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