How to Crack NDA in 3 Months

Aug 10, 2023, 16:45 IST

The UPSC has issued a notification regarding the NDA exam scheduled for September 3rd. Many candidates aspiring to join the NDA are uncertain about how to prepare for the exam. This article aims to provide guidance on cracking the NDA-2 2023 written exam within a three-month timeframe. It will encompass all the necessary details and steps required to successfully clear the NDA-2 2023 exam on the initial try.

About NDA Preparation 2023

The NDA examination is administered by the UPSC. It is a national-level exam conducted to enlist eligible candidates as officers in the Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force. The UPSC also conducts examinations for various other government recruitments such as IAS, CDS, UPSC CMS, CAPF, and more. The NDA exam takes place twice a year in April and September and consists of written tests and SSB interviews. The NDA exam consists of two stages. The first stage consists of a written exam, which comprises two papers: Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). The Mathematics paper focuses on intermediate-level mathematical problems, while the GAT paper includes questions from English, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, and Current Affairs. The National Defence Academy is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. For further information on NDA, kindly refer to the provided details.

NDA Eligibility 2023

For NDA (National Defence Academy) 2023, candidates need to meet certain eligibility criteria. They should be in the age range of 16.5 to 19.5 years, have successfully completed their 10+2 education or an equivalent examination, and satisfy the physical and medical standards. It is crucial to stay informed about official notifications and requirements to ensure your eligibility for NDA 2023. Stay updated to meet the necessary criteria for the exam.

Conducting Body Union Public Service Commission
Exam Level National
Post Lieutenant
Gender & Marital Status Unmarried female and male
NDA Age Limit 16.5 to 19.5 years
NDA Qualification

Army Wing: Passed or appearing in Class 12 For

Air Force and Naval Wings: Passed or appearing

in Class 12. Candidates must have studied Physics,

Chemistry and Mathematics in Class 12

NDA Physical Test

In NDA physical test the eligibility of candidates is

measured as per height, weight and medical standards

Selection Process Written exam SSB Interview

Exam Strategy for NDA 2023 Exam

The NDA exam is recognized as one of the most challenging exams in India, demanding a well-defined strategy to successfully navigate it. In this article, we will discuss the exam strategy specifically designed for the NDA-2 2023 exam. Aspiring candidates of the NDA should consider adopting this strategy and making necessary adjustments based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Understand the pattern of the NDA exam

Having a comprehensive understanding of the NDA exam pattern is crucial for achieving success on the first attempt. It is important to be aware of the areas from which the majority of questions are asked and also understand the concept of negative marking in the NDA exam.

NDA Written Exam Pattern

Once you have grasped the selection process of the NDA Exam, it becomes essential to comprehend the subjects and topics encompassed in the UPSC NDA Exam Pattern. It is worth noting that the pattern and marking scheme differ for both the written examination and the SSB interview.

Written Examination: (900 Marks)

SSB Interview: (900 Marks)

NDA Written Exam Pattern
Exam Exam Duration Maximum Marks
Written Examination Mathematics 150 minutes 300
General Ability Test 150 Minutes 600
SSB Interview Screening Test 4 Days 900
Psychological Test
Group Testing
Personal interview

Know the Syllabus of NDA 2023 Exam

The syllabus forms the fundamental framework of any examination, and it is crucial to acquaint oneself with the prescribed syllabus for the NDA-2 2023 exam. Typically, the syllabus encompasses subjects such as Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, and Current Affairs. It is advisable to create a comprehensive study plan that covers all the topics, ensuring adequate time allocation for each subject.

UPSC NDA Preparation Tips

To succeed in the UPSC NDA examination, similar to other competitive exams, a well-designed preparation strategy and consistent efforts from aspirants are essential. In order to offer comprehensive guidance, we have compiled a list of fundamental tips that candidates should bear in mind to effectively crack the UPSC NDA exam on their initial attempt.

Create an Effective Study Plan

Devise a study timetable that ensures a balanced approach to cover all subjects and the entire syllabus efficiently. Establish achievable objectives and allocate dedicated time slots for each subject. Consistency in following your study plan is key to comprehensive preparation.

Practice a Variety of Mathematics Questions

Mathematics holds significant importance in the NDA exam. Concentrate on grasping concepts, formulas, and solving problems from diverse topics such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus. Consistent practice will lead to improvements in your speed and accuracy.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

Stay abreast of current affairs, both national and international. Stay updated and well-informed by reading newspapers, magazines, and online news portals. Make a habit of taking notes on important events and review them regularly. Additionally, pay attention to static General Knowledge (GK) topics such as history, geography, economics, and science.

Solve Previous Years' Question Papers

To gain familiarity with the exam pattern and question types, solve previous years' question papers and sample papers. This practice will also enhance your time management skills. Analyze your performance, identify areas of weakness, and focus on improving them..

Take Regular Mock Tests

Participate in regular mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify areas that require improvement. Mock tests will also help you manage your time effectively during the actual exam. Formulate effective strategies to efficiently and accurately solve questions within the allotted time constraints.

Give Due Importance to SSB Interview

Never overlook the significance of the SSB interview. It is crucial to qualify for the SSB interview in order to secure a rank in the final merit list of the NDA exam. Therefore, dedicate time to prepare for the SSB interview well in advance.

Enhance Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital for excelling in the SSB interview. Dedicate effort to enhance your English language proficiency, focusing on areas such as grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Read English newspapers, books, and magazines to sharpen your reading skills. Practice writing essays and precis to refine writing skills.

Focus on Physical Fitness

Physical fitness plays a crucial role in SSB interviews, as certain tasks require good physical stamina. Therefore, alongside academic preparation, concentrate on physical fitness and personality development. Participate in consistent physical exercise, sports, and activities to enhance endurance, stamina, and overall fitness levels. Develop qualities like leadership, confidence, and effective communication skills.

How to Crack an NDA Exam in 3 months? FAQs

Q1. What is the duration of the UPSC NDA SSB Interview?

Ans. The UPSC NDA SSB Interview extends over a period of four days.

Q2. What is the overall score or total marks allocated for the SSB Interview in UPSC NDA?

Ans. The SSB Interview in UPSC NDA is assigned a cumulative score of 900 marks.

Q3. What subjects are covered in the General Ability Test (GAT) section of the Written Examination for UPSC NDA?

Ans. The General Ability Test (GAT) section of the Written Examination for UPSC NDA comprises subjects such as General English, General Knowledge, General Science, Current Affairs, Geography, Physics, and more.

Q4. Is it possible to Crack NDA in just 3 months?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to Crack NDA in just 3 months through some important tips and tricks given in the above article.

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