How To Crack SSB Interview

For the purpose of conducting interviews for the selected applicants, the Staff Selection Board also known as SSB is established, with the aim to recruit the best possible candidates for the Indian Army, Navy, and Air force. The board is established to assess whether these selected candidates are suitable to serve in the Indian defense line or not. It comprises a panel of officers who take on the interview process.

How To Crack SSB Interview

Brief Details About The SSB Interview

After getting selected for Combined Defense Services, the candidates are evaluated and tested by the staff selection board based on a variety of factors, including their physical and mental stamina as well as their ability to handle such intense pressure.

The interview is one of the most difficult processes and lasts for 5 days. During this time, the candidates go through a number of rounds and evaluation tests that help determine their ability. The board members are senior or retired defense officers with years of experience in the domain.

Cracking SSB interview is not easy and requires full focus and attention. To clear the interview process there are certain tips and tricks given below which can help you in the selection.

Some Tips And Tricks to clear SSB Interviews

  • Read Daily

An SSB interview does not have a specific syllabus, questions can be asked from anywhere and in any form, we can't even imagine. By keeping this in mind, try to build a habit of reading daily defense exam news and other books. It not only keeps you updated but also enhances your knowledge base.

As the exam is on the defense sector, you must be aware of the current happenings in the defense department of the country such as the newly appointed defense minister, where the national defense academy is located, the defense budget of India 2022 of India, etc. So, in this way building, a habit of reading daily can provide you with all the current happenings all around the country.

  • Know Yourself

As awkward as it sounds but it is very important to know ourselves to present ourselves better at the time of the interview. Gather all the details about you, around you, your educational details, awards and achievements, strengths and weaknesses, and similar minute details. Also, make sure about the hobbies and games you have played in school /college.

  • First Impression

As we all have heard, the first impression is the last impression. Your interview starts the moment you entered the interview room, the way to walk, the way to sit, and how you introduce yourself it all comes into the interview process. Avoid wearing anything which is uncomfortable, dress neatly, and enter the room with a pleasant smile on your face.

  • Physical Fitness

As you have already thought serving India through combined defense services, which is a very difficult job because of the extreme conditions, so you must take care of your physical body as you will be going through a series of tasks that will require heavy physical exercises and tasks. To perform better you must train your body to that level as even after passing through the interview, you will be going through a very strict exercise routine and rigorous training.

  • Body Language And Communication Skills

You must present yourself in a good way, and be confident. Your personality reflects by the way you speak. Don't slouch and try to keep your back straight, it gives you confidence and makes you presentable. Body language is nonverbal and includes posture, eye contact, facial expressions, hand movements, etc.

Maintain eye contact as it implies that you are really in the conversation and are actively listening to it. Practice the basic introductory part of yourself in front of a mirror to boost your presenting skills.

  • Deep Study On Relevant Topics

The emphasis of SSB interviews is always on specific topics, such as the Indian defense ministry, politics, and the economy. You might be asked questions from these areas, so be prepared for the latest political and economic issues.

Keep a strong hold on these subject-specific for added advantage, it will keep you ahead. Brush up your academic knowledge and the technical base which might be asked so be prepared for it.

  • Dressing Sense

Following the dress code, candidates should wear formal and neat clothes in lighter shades. Do not wear casual T-shirts and shoes. Wearing a tie is optional, make sure your clothes are neat and clean. Do not wear anything which makes you uncomfortable and be present in defense uniform.


We have framed the above pointers so that you can prepare yourself for the interview and score high. It will definitely help you in presenting yourself in a confident manner. These are some common mistakes that should be avoided in order to score high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the average length of an SSB Interview?

Ans. There is no fixed time limit for an interview, however, it can last from half an hour to one hour.

Q2. What type of psychological tests are used in the interview process?

Ans. The board employs a variety of psychological tests on the candidates such as - The Thematic Appreciation Test, Word Association Test, and Situation Reaction Test. It projects the inner dynamics of an individual and helps in assessing their personality.

Q3. What if I did not clear the screening test on the first day?

Ans. If you failed on the very first day of the test, you will be sent home i.e. only the selected candidates will fight for the remaining 4 days.

Q4. Where are the main centers of SSB Interviews?

Ans. The selected candidates have to arrive at the following centers as mentioned on the admit card.

  • Selection Centre Central Bhopal
  • Selection Centre South Bangalore
  • Selection Centre East Allahabad

Q5. Will the center provide compensation if I get injured during the interview round?

Ans. No compensation will be provided with respect to injuries resulting at the exam center.

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