Tips to Prepare for AFCAT AFSB Interview

Do you want to join the Indian Air force and serve the country? Then you need to make sure that you are qualified for it. This article will help you prepare for the Air force Interview. We will cover here the tips to prepare for AFCAT AFSB Interview. The Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is the entrance examination for those seeking to join the Indian Air Force. The test is conducted twice a year by the Indian Air Force and is open to both men and women.

The interview is one of the most important stages of the selection process and can determine whether or not you are joining the Indian Air Force. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to prepare for your AFCAT interview so that you can increase your chances of success. You can also check for What are the best ways for preparing for the AFCAT?

Tips to Prepare for AFCAT AFSB Interview


The Air Force Common Admission Test, or AFCAT, is a multiple-choice exam used to screen candidates for admission into the Indian Air Force (IAF). The test covers general awareness, verbal ability, numerical ability, and reasoning ability.

The AFCAT is taken by the IAF twice a year, in February and August. The defence exam consists of two papers: Paper I (objective type) and Paper II (subjective type). Candidates must pass both papers to be eligible for selection.

Paper I covers general awareness, verbal ability, numerical ability, and reasoning ability. This paper aims to test the candidate's basic knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. The questions in this paper are of a multiple-choice type and are designed to assess the candidate's analytical and problem-solving skills.

Paper II is an essay-type examination which tests the candidate's writing skills and comprehension abilities. Candidates have three hours to complete this paper.

8 Tips to Prepare for the AFCAT AFSB Interview

Now that you know how the Indian Airforce conducts the AFSB interview, also known as the Services Selection Board Interview (SSB), let's discuss how to prepare for the AFCAT SSB interview 2023. The following are some preparation tips for clearing the AFCAT interview:

Learn the Basics of the Indian Air Force

  • Before going for an afcat afsb interview, the first and foremost thing is to Learn about the different ranks, missiles, commanders, and aircraft of the Air Force. As you are going into the Indian airforce, the interviewer might ask you these questions. As well as being an airforce aspirant, you must be familiar with these things. Also, check for defence gk.

Do Preparation for OIR Test

  • The Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test is a cognitive test that measures an applicant's fluid intelligence, or their ability to reason and solve problems.
  • To prepare for the OIR, you have to brush up on your math skills and practice solving problems quickly. You can find practice tests and tips online to help you prepare. It is also important to be familiar with the test format to manage your time effectively during the defence exam.
  • During the OIR, you will be presented with a series of questions you have to answer within a certain time limit. Each question will have four possible answers, and you must select the correct answer before moving on to the next question.
  • There is no penalty for guessing, so it is important to try to answer each question even if you are unsure of the correct answer.
  • The OIR is just one part of the AFCAT, so while it is important to do well on this test, other factors will be considered when making selection decisions.

Do Practice for PDT

Picture Perfection Test is one of the areas you will be tested on during your Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) interview. This test measures your ability to identify objects in pictures and then remember them.

You will have a set of pictures and be asked to identify certain objects in each picture. The objects will be different in each picture.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the Picture Perfection Test:

  • Familiarise yourself with the types of pictures you will be shown. The AFCAT website has sample pictures that you can use to familiarise yourself with the test format.
  • Practice identifying objects in pictures. Take a look at everyday objects and try to identify them from different angles and distances. This will help train your brain to recognise objects in pictures more quickly.
  • Time yourself when practising. When you take the actual test, you will be under time pressure, so it's important to get used to working quickly. Set a timer when practising and see how long it takes to identify all the objects in a picture correctly.
  • Stay calm and focused during the test. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you have practised this before. Stay confident and focus on correctly identifying the objects in each picture.

Do Preparation for Group Discussion

The candidates should not wait for a chance to speak. Candidates are encouraged to speak up whenever possible. Candidates are encouraged to speak up whenever possible.

However, this does not mean they should not allow others to talk! Being a good listener is also important.

Recent GD topics include the following:

  1. India's Relations with Other countries in the news, such as France, the United States, etc.
  2. Defence Budget
  3. International Organizations like BRICS, SCO, QUAD, etc.
  4. Observations on war
  5. CAA, NRC, etc.

Read Newspaper on a Daily Basis

  • One of the best ways to prepare for the AFCAT interview is to read newspapers daily. This will help you keep up with current affairs and answer questions confidently in the interview. In addition, the reading newspaper will also improve your reading, writing, and comprehension skills.
  • So make sure to include reading newspapers in your AFCAT defence exam preparation routine. It will definitely help you ace the interview and get one step closer to your dream of becoming an officer in the Indian Air Force! Also, check for defence current affairs.

Improve your Communication Skills

  • Good communication skills are key to any interview, and the AFCAT is no different. For the interview, it is important to practice answering questions and keeping eye contact. You must answer clearly and clearly to the question at hand.
  • This information must be summarised and simplified on the spot for the Interview. It is crucial to show clarity of thought, which can only be obtained via practice. Also, check for defence entrance exams.

Avoid Arguments

  • Do not fall for the board's argumentative questions; do not fall into the trap and challenge the opinion of the Board Members and try to correct their statements. Instead, express your opinions with care and thoughtfulness.
  • Avoid criticising others or favouring certain people when sharing your ideas; instead, be objective and offer suggestions. Do not pick apart the flaws of others. If you are in the wrong, admit it quickly and apologise. Safely conclude your replies or ideas with solid justifications. Be confident and opinionated. Also, check for the Indian air defence system list.

Be well-groomed

  • Dress properly for the occasion. Your clothing should be light and bright enough. It is advisable to wear a black or sombre-coloured suit. Ensure that your shirt collar is clean, well-ironed, and stiff, and the handcuffs are not torn at the ends. You must wear socks and shoes, with the socks pulled up, and your footwear must be shined.
  • And for women, decent traditional formal dress such as a saree or salwar suit in a dark colour is advisable. It is advisable to wear minimal makeup and accessories that complement your dress. Keep your hairstyle well-kept, and clip your hair, as this will make you look well-groomed.
  • You create a first impression based on how you portray yourself and how you dress. If your outfit conveys an unfavourable impression, the remainder of the interview will be unsuccessful. It is crucial to generate a favourable impression by putting your best foot forward and dressing properly for the interview. Also, check for a defence haircut.


We hope Tips to Prepare for AFCAT AFSB Interview has helped you better prepare for your upcoming AFCAT AFSB interview. Remember to stay calm and confident, and focus on communicating your strengths and abilities clearly and concisely.

With proper preparation and practice, you'll be able to ace your interview and take one step closer to achieving your dream of becoming an Air Force officer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does the AFCAT Examination require an application fee?

Ans. Yes, there is a nominal fee of Rs.250 for all candidates to the AFCAT, irrespective of their caste. However, candidates applying for NCC Special entry or Meteorology Entry are excluded from the fee.

Q2. Does the AFCAT exam include negative markings for incorrect answers?

Ans. Yes, one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. There is no penalty for any question you didn’t answer.

Q3. Does AFCAT accept women to apply?

Ans. Yes, women can apply for AFCAT if they meet all eligibility requirements set by the exam committee. Women candidates are only selected for the Short Service Commission, not the Permanent Commission. Therefore female aspirants must be aware of this fact.

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