10 Mistakes Students Make When Preparing for GATE Exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a GATE exam full form. The long road to gate exams is full of ups and downs. All gate applicants have put in a great deal of effort to achieve their desired test scores since their efforts during gate exams, preparation, and departure.

Despite all the timely and dedicated efforts, GATE candidates sometimes make mistakes that cost them valuable time and effort! I become suspicious.

But that won't be the case for you because we've compiled a list of common mistakes GATE candidates make. Try to avoid them at all costs so that your aunt is among the candidates who fall for the silly mistake. Some of the standard gate check errors are listed below.

10 Mistakes Students Make When Preparing for GATE Exam

10 Mistakes Students Make When Preparing for GATE Exam

  1. Delayed start of preparation:

Some GATE candidates delay preparing for the GATE exam as long as possible due to university studies, projects, semesters, and internships. However, successful people started coaching for the GATE exam in their second year. Watch for the best institution for GATE preparation.

Nisha and Risha are friends. Both are our students. Arcee started preparing for her gate in her second year. But Nisha was waiting to start gate coaching; even in his third year, he was hesitant to start. When Risha asked why he hadn't begun Gate Coaching yet, Nisha replied that he had an internship semester and would start in fourth grade. As Nisha said, he came to Gate Coaching in his final semester. Due to the early start, Risha got his AIR 212 on his GATE exam, and Ramesh was disqualified.

What do we learn from this real case?

Also, if you encounter a problematic concept, leave it to be perfected later. It is an irreplaceable and precious time.  

  1. Skip important topics:

Make sure to include the slightest concept. The IIT who writes the GATE question paper knows what parts students skip. If your exam questions are from these subjects, you will notice errors.   

One of the biggest mistakes students need to make is a need to focus on engineering math and general skills. It's like focusing on something else. GATE coaching is advised at every step. 

  1. Leave an expression:

I've observed Gate's disciples need to practice formulas. They study concepts but need help remembering formulas. It's recommended to have a separate notebook for writing formulas. Memorizing formulas can mean the difference between winning and losing.

  1. Lack of priority:

Most engineering students prioritize their university studies. This is because many final-year GATE exam coaching students need to spend four hours a day regularly. We will also be rescheduling gated coaching classes due to academic activities. One to two months after the GATE exam is when you are too nervous about studying. Also, remember that the gate exam is for what purpose and motive of your preparation. So try to avoid extracurricular activities and other distractions for at least three months before her GATE exam.

  1. Preparation without instructions:

Many students use technical textbooks and free videos to prepare for GATE exams. Watch for the best institution for GATE preparation. This study helps increase your knowledge and takes a lot of time, but it is unsuitable for competitive exams like GATE/IES/TNEB_AE exams.

  • Do I need a coach if I want to be an IPL player?
  • If I enroll in IES, will I attend a coaching course?
  • Do you take coaching courses when preparing for the NEET/IIT JEE? 


The answer is obvious. You need the best trainer to guide you. Why waste your time doing standard textbooks/cheap materials? If you want the best results, you need the best advice. This saves time and guarantees results.

  • If you feel unwell, go to the best doctor.
  • Talk to a certified trainer if you have fitness issues
  • If you have a tax problem, talk to your best accountant
  1. Missing Revision:

People make this most common mistake when preparing for the GATE exam. Even more important than a good preparation plan is a well-organized audit plan. Plan your readiness strategy so that there is no room for modification. Just holding revisions to the end is just as harmful. You must practice questions, read your notes, take a series of tests, and repeat them regularly. With each month of preparation, you should increase the number of repetitions. Plan at least one month for revision. Also, remember that the gate exam is for what purpose and motive of your preparation.

Most students come to classes believing that attending a Gate Coaching class will get them higher. Repetition is an essential factor in preparing for the GATE exam. If you revise it regularly, you remember everything. Make short notes for yourself and don't copy from others. During his last two months of exams, he must repeat quick notes for at least an hour each day.

  1. De-emphasize the GATE online test series:

You'll get into unnecessary trouble if you just prepare and don't evaluate your preparation. That is correct. !

Attempting a proper smoke test is another mistake many test takers make. With a timely readiness assessment, you can identify weaknesses that need to be addressed. Therefore, performing as many additional tests as possible during gate preparation is highly recommended.

Mistakes students make in online test series

  • Test Honest Series.
  • Always try to complete the test on time.
  • Analyze testing and improvement areas.

Many online test suites are perfect for practicing your goals. We offer 56 section tests and 10 full-length tests. Finally, each test solution was given. We need to analyze each test and raise the bar. All tests must be accessed with a login. Test suites play an essential role in the revision of the GATE exam. The GATE section exam will start in June, and the full-length exam (GATE MOCK TESTS) will begin in October.

After testing, the first thing to do is analyze the error. Be sure to dedicate an hour and a half to analysis after each full-length test.

  1. GATE did not practice last year Question:

GATE only asks a few theoretical questions. You should be numbers oriented. Solve at least 100 problems in each topic. Giving too little weight to gate previous year questions is another mistake GATE candidates make. He has to solve past her GATE problems at least 3 times. Many applicants ignore these questions and continue to solve the problem of educational practice rigorously. Several concepts are associated with each gate question.

  1. Not paying attention to health:

Health is the first factor in preparing for competitive exams. Eat healthily and sleep well while preparing for the GATE exam. If you study day and night without rest, your body will become weak during the gate exam. You can't fix the Gate concept if you get sick at the last minute. The human body must adapt to everyday life to work at maximum efficiency.

Important point

  • Sleep 6-8 hours a day
  • Eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Avoid unhealthy food
  • Take breaks between studying to rest your eyes.
  • Go for a 15-minute walk every day.
  1. Exam day errors:
  • Avoid Panic on GATE Exam Day
  • Bring essential items such as ID cards and admission tickets the day before
  • sleep well the night before
  • Please arrive at the test center one hour before your scheduled time.
  • If your testing center is in another city, please arrive at the location the day before.
  • Do not eat high-carbohydrate foods such as masala dosa, idiyappam, Pongal, etc., on the morning of your exam. This will make you sleepy during the GATE exam.
  • Do not discuss topics or questions with friends that may disrupt the exam
  • Don't learn at the last minute. It becomes stressful. Also, remember that the gate exam is for what purpose and motive of your preparation.

Never get off at the last minute. If you don't know, come to the GATE exam to gain some experience. You spent your parents' hard-earned money on his GATE coaching and materials.

Final Thoughts

These Gate exam study tips are put together with firm determination and motivation to help students avoid common Geet exam mistakes and get them on the road to success.

Mistakes can only hurt you if you don't learn from them. Otherwise, mistakes only take a step toward success. Success is easy for newcomers. Only those who can recognize their mistakes, accept them, correct them, and learn from others will overcome them easily. Getting success stories and ancient motivations from them is very important but more importantly, reading failure stories online. The remaining days will be reduced due to the shorter time remaining for future GATE 2022 exams.

Students should avoid these mistakes to rank better on the GATE exam. Aside from these mistakes, if a student is well-prepared for the exam, they will rank high.

Stay tuned for the latest updates. Good luck with your upcoming exams!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How many hours a day should I study for GATE?

Ans. A candidate who wants to pass the exam with good grades should dedicate at least 6-8 hours of her day to studying. Applicants can change the number of hours based on their needs and convenience.

Q.2. Is it okay to remove GATE for one year?

Ans. Yes, you can crack GATE in 1 year.

Q.3. Is a 350 GATE score a good one?

Ans. To be admitted to her higher IIT, a student must achieve a GATE rank below 200. However, students with ranks in the 600-800 range can also enroll in IIT and IIT. To be admitted to a significant NIT, a student must achieve a GATE rank of 350-800.

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