8 Reasons Why You Should Appear for GATE Exam 2023

The GATE exam is designed to evaluate student's knowledge and comprehension of their graduate-level engineering and science courses. One of the most prestigious exams for engineers seeking employment in PSU and government sectors or pursuing higher study at prestigious institutions like IITs, NITs, IISc, etc., is the GATE exam.              

8 Reasons Why You Should Appear for GATE Exam 2023

What Does the next GATE Exam 2023 Aim to Do?

The GATE exam aims to obtain a master's degree, which allows you to specialize and brings out your most vital field interests, which may eventually lead to doctoral research. The GATE exam is now open to students in their third year of engineering, and they should be aware of the advantages so they can excel and ace the exam the following year.

In addition to the job above prospects, GATE offers a gateway to several other opportunities that will give candidates careers wings. In this post, the Benefits of GATE exam and the Reason for taking the next GATE exam 2023 will be explained in detail.

GATE Exam Information

Exam GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)
Level of Exam All India Level
Conducting Authority IISc, Bangalore, and 7 IITs, on a rotating basis (IIT Bombay for GATE 2022)
Official website gate.iitb.ac.in (for GATE 2022)
Application Mode Online
Exam Mode Computer-Based Mode
Exam Duration 3 Hours (180 Minutes)
Number of Papers 27 Papers (ES and XH are newly added subjects)
Total Marks 100 (65 questions)
Number of Test Takers More than 8 Lakh

What are the Benefits of the GATE exam Offer?

Ever pondered what chances await you after passing the GATE exams? The GATE Exam has a lot of advantages.

In this article, we've outlined a few advantages of taking the GATE exam. Additionally, we have made a point to emphasize the GATE exam after-career options. Even how many attempts for gate we all think of, so there is no limit for it. The most intriguing benefits of passing the GATE tests are the PSU recruitment opportunities they open up. There are so many Benefits of GATE exam.

Reason for taking the GATE exam

  1. Assured Job Placements

During placements, businesses have a stronger preference for hiring M. Tech. (M.E.) students. When compared to BE/B. Tech students and GATE-qualified applicants typically receive more employment offers from R&D departments.

Students can get technical careers at the companies of their dreams. The best universities also provide GATE-qualified candidates with highly lucrative packages.

  1. Stipend and scholarship

There is a stipend program for students pursuing master's degrees and meeting GATE requirements. For GATE qualifiers, an average scholarship of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 is set. Some reputable universities, including BARC, also require a GATE scorecard.

  1. Junior Research Fellowship

The GATE score is often only good for three years. After earning your ME/M. Tech, you will have the option to research if you are interested in learning more about your area of expertise and want to investigate a recent development. Nowadays, everyone looks for shortcuts, although research takes time. Only some people are engaged in research. Hence the majority of intelligent students travel abroad from a different viewpoint.

But is it beneficial that our expertise is being shared with other nations? Therefore, it should be preferable for students to study on their soil to advance development. The JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) and SRF are each given a stipend (Senior Research Fellowship). For CSIR, the stipend typically ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000.

  1. Hiring by PSUs

PSU stands for a public sector enterprise. Public Sector Undertakings are the term used in India to describe government-owned businesses. More than 25 PSUs hire candidates based on their GATE score, including IOCL, ONGC, BPCL, HPCL, NTPC, GAIL, and BARC.

  1. Business Sector

Candidates who must hold a ME or M. Tech degree through the GATE exam are preferred by private companies.

Engineers with a Master's degree are preferred by firms like Google, TATA, Maruti, CISCO, and many others. To obtain a master's degree today, GATE exam eligibility is crucial. Packages for master's candidates are generally higher than for degree applicants. An applicant must pass the GATE to receive a decorative decent salary package.

  1. Post-Graduation from abroad

A great advantage of passing the GATE exam is that if you choose to pursue your higher education at a foreign university, your GATE score can make that dream a reality. A few international universities in Singapore and Germany take the GATE score into account when selecting applicants.

It implies that GATE develops prospects for academic and professional success on a global scale.   

  1. Employment with foreign firms

Similar to how a GATE score is required for studying overseas, it also helps a candidate land a job in a foreign company. Therefore, a high GATE score is crucial in the modern world. Even how many attempts for gate we all think of, so there is no limit for it.

  1. Teaching Line

If someone decides to pursue teaching as a career after earning their master's degree, they can apply to work as an assistant professor in any applied college or institution per the requirements outlined by those organizations. 5 to 7 lakhs rupees are the minimum and maximum annual salary packages, respectively.

GATE Eligibility Criteria

It's critical to confirm that applicants meet the requirements before applying for the GATE exam. A few changes to the eligibility requirements occur each year.

  • The minimal requirement for candidates, according to the new criterion, is 10+2+3.
  • Only one subject/paper allowed applications from previous applicants. Candidates may choose two subjects or papers from the list of permitted combinations starting this year.
  • The age requirement to take the GATE exam is neither minimum nor maximum.
  • Along with Indian students, international students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may also take the GATE Entrance Exam.
  • Candidates with a Bachelor's degree in engineering, technology, the arts, or business, as well as those currently enrolled in one of these programs, are eligible to apply.
  • A certain minimum percentage is not necessary to take the exam. There is no set number of attempts required. Therefore candidates who meet all the requirements can apply.

GATE Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Students

  • Candidates from outside who plan to participate in GATE 2022 should meet the following requirements:
  • a bachelor's degree in engineering or technology, either fully earned or in progress toward a degree;
  • Must have a postgraduate degree in any relevant science topic, either completed or in the pre-final year. Required Documents:
  • A candidate must provide the degree certificate, temporary certificate, or course completion certificate given by the institute if they have already passed one of the prerequisite exams (in 2021 or before).
  • The candidate must upload a Certificate from the Head of the Department/Institute if they take one of the qualifying exams stated above in their final year.

How to prepare for gate 2022

  • The GATE exam assesses undergraduate students' understanding of numerous core engineering and scientific disciplines. This exam is well-liked since it opens doors to excellent postgraduate programs and jobs.
  • Here are some GATE 2022 Preparation Tips that can assist you if you are a candidate and want to reap the rewards of the GATE exam.
  • Know Your Syllabus: Before starting your exam preparations, you should review the GATE syllabus for the fields in which you are interested. Making a solid preparation strategy would be aided by thoroughly understanding the material.
  • Understand the format of the test: Knowing the exam format is essential because it will aid you later in the test.
  • Create a Robust Study Strategy: You can build the study plan after examining the exam format and the material for your core topic. It will be simpler to finish the study material if you use this study plan to organize your time and themes.
  • Start early with the planning: You should start studying as soon as possible since you will have ample time to comprehend the material and constantly review.
  • Complete a Variety of Question Papers and Mock Tests: By completing a Variety of Question Papers and Mock Test Series, you can improve your time management abilities for the GATE exam.


In conclusion, as the GATE exam gauges candidates' knowledge and comprehension of numerous engineering topics, thorough preparation, and strict discipline are essential for success. The advantages of taking the GATE exam, however, are considerable, as this essay demonstrates. So dont forget to check the gate exam 2023 registration date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I find work after the GATE?

Ans. A resounding yes. After passing GATE, you can get excellent employment from reputable companies. It could come from the PSU or be private. You can consult the article above to learn more about this.

Q2. After passing the GATE, may I apply to international universities?

Ans. Yes. The University School of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, Technical University of Germany, and RWTH Aachen University are a few overseas institutions that accept GATE score.

Q3. Is the PSU doing well?

Ans. Yes. PSUs are one of the most well-known industries; therefore, if you can land a job there, consider yourself fortunate. PSU includes many businesses, including BHEL, IOCL, ONGC, SAIL, NTPC, HPCL, PGCIL, BARC, and numerous others. You can refer to this article to learn more about PSU positions.

Q4. What does the GATE Exam serve?

Ans. After passing the GATE exam, you'll have a lot of possibilities. Among them are

  • You can pursue higher education.
  • You could visit Research.
  • After passing the GATE exam, you can enroll in overseas universities.
  • work possibilities
  • private industry.
  • PSU industries
  • job teaching.

Q5. What additional advantages does the GATE exam offer?

Ans. GATE provides many opportunities for applicants, including Junior Research Fellowship, Stipend & Scholarship, and Assured Job Placements.

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