Easy Tips To Prepare For The GATE Examination And Pass With Good Score

Feb 11, 2023, 16:45 IST

One of the most sought-after exams for high-paying jobs, advanced engineering studies, and research opportunities is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, or GATE.

Students taking the test are advised to know the clever strategies for getting high GATE 2023 scores. Due to the size of the GATE 2023 exam, students are under a great deal of pressure. Some clever tips for GATE 2023 exam can make it simple to achieve high exam scores.

Students are encouraged to follow a specific routine and preparation advice for a high GATE score. The GATE 2023 exam will start in just a few short hours, so here are some. Here are some crucial pointers and recommendations to help them do well on the GATE 2023 exam, starting in just a few short days.

Tips and Techniques for Passing the GATE Exam

GATE is the exam you should be preparing for if you want to maintain touch with your technical field and want to work in PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) or product-based companies.

Here are some incredible GATE preparation strategies and tips to ace the exam.

  • Knowing The Exam Format

The GATE exam's questions are meticulously prepared using the standard format required by the organization in charge of the test. Students must comprehend the precise GATE exam format for 2023 and learn how questions are posed, the difficulty of the questions from each topic, and whether any topics are covered more frequently than others.

To understand how questions have been created and formulated over the years, students can also use the previous year's papers as a resource. Students can streamline their preparation and make appropriate plans if they know the exam pattern.

  • Have A Plan For Preparation

You should be familiar with the course outline and be aware of the subjects and topics you must study. Knowing the importance of each subject based on previous years' test questions will help you structure your study plan.

Most of these courses come from your second and third years of engineering. Since you know your abilities and weaknesses, you can start allocating time for each subject because you will have enough information.

It is advised to begin with simple but crucial subjects, such as general aptitude, engineering mathematics, and a fundamental technical subject.

Additionally, topics that received a lot of weight in previous years are crucial.

  • Consult Standard Books And Take Notes

It's crucial to select reliable books when preparing for the GATE exam. Your knowledge will be strengthened, and your GATE journey will be easier if you consult the right books.

Even though the GATE study material is similar to what you read for your engineering degree, you still need to refresh your memory, which calls for the best GATE study guides.

It is advised that GATE aspirants conduct extensive research before buying GATE books. You can talk to your mentor about this; their knowledge may assist you in making the best book choices.

  • List The Simple And Complex Subjects

Students must identify simple and complex topics according to their current level of study and preparation. Since the GATE syllabus covers every topic covered in the UG engineering course, it is strongly advised that students determine which topic they should focus on more and which ultimately calls for more attention.

Some subjects are simple to grade, while others may require more time and attention. Though the GATE exam paper's questions are essentially designed consistently, giving each topic importance can be challenging.

Therefore, it is advised that students wisely plan their GATE 2023 preparation according to the topics' difficulty levels.

  • Continue To Practice And Improve

Once you grasp the concept, you must continue to practice and regularly review the material. You should set aside at least 2 hours per day for GATE preparation. Make yourself revision notes, making sure to include all definitions and formulas.

If you don't revise your revision notes frequently, it is not ideal to just make them. When you finish one subject and move on to the next, remember to go back and review the first subject in light of the new material.

Every day, you should practice at least 50 to 80 sums. This will keep you sharp and improve your accuracy and speed.

  • Read Books Written By Professionals

The books we choose to read to study for the exam are crucial to our GATE preparation. Expert faculty from the IISc, IITs, NITs and other renowned international institutions create and formulate the GATE question papers. Books written by knowledgeable and experienced academics provide a thorough and analytical description of every subject in a simple and adaptable way.

We will be more likely to comprehend all the topics in GATE 2023 straightforwardly if we study books written by seasoned authors. Thus, choosing the best books for GATE 2023 is advised to students.

  • Use Time Management Techniques

It's crucial to practice time management skills if you want to perform well on the GATE 2023 exam. The GATE exam lasts three hours, and students must complete all questions within that time limit.

Due to the high to the moderate difficulty of some GATE exam questions and the potential need for lengthy calculations and astute assumptions in others, students must learn time management techniques before taking the exam. Try to identify where a particular question type is taking more time if it does.

Additionally, leaving time-consuming exam questions is a wise move because doing so would leave you with no time for additional questions.

  • Multiple Mock Tests

To have enough time to take numerous practice exams, try to finish your entire syllabus at least two months before your GATE exam. Being technically proficient is insufficient because the GATE exam has a time limit.

In three hours, you must respond to 65 questions, some of which carry penalty points.

Additionally, you must be highly accurate and precise, and time management is critical. As a result, numerous practice exams will help you perform better over time.

It will demonstrate which questions you find easy to answer and which are challenging. You can take various GATE practice exams online, but make sure they are based on the most recent paper pattern.

  • Review Each Subject Frequently

It is advised that students regularly review all the topics they have studied for the GATE 2023 exam. Since the GATE syllabus and topics are extensive and time-consuming, revision is crucial to success.

Planning and monitoring revision should consider the topics' degree of difficulty. A firmer grasp of a particular topic should be achieved by revising it more frequently if it needs more focus or more time to remember.

To keep things in mind, all the other topics should also be reviewed regularly. Students must regularly review and retain essential formulas and key points that should be written on a separate document.

  • Lastly, Some Advice

Advice is to refrain from attempting to learn any new material in the last few days; instead, concentrate on reviewing what you already know. Maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of water, and regulate your sleep patterns. Refrain from being harmful.

Consider it possible for you to perform well on the GATE.

Remain upbeat and visualize the bright future you'll have once you enroll in one of your dream schools and land the job of your dreams.

All work and no play, as we all know, makes Jack a dull boy. So be sure to factor in the necessary breaks when planning your study time.

Create and adhere to a study plan that balances your extracurricular activities, GATE preparations, and semester exams. Keep honing your skills and editing. Be consistent in the time and effort you put into your planning.

Take your tests every day, and always take the practice exams. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals if you put forth all your effort and maintain a positive outlook.


The students must practice and complete the problems without using a calculator as quickly as they can during the preparation period because they are not permitted to bring any calculator into the exam room. Because the exam is computer-based, students should practice for it online.

Long questions should come up only after they take more time, leaving little time for the other questions. No new material should be added for the final review before the test. This article focuses on preparation advice for the upcoming GATE exam. This information will make it easier for you to comprehend the preparation plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I perform well on the GATE?

Ans. To get high grades, students must practice mock exams. It is one of the most crucial tools to guarantee success in GATE 2023. By practicing the GATE practice test questions.

Q2. Is 700 a respectable GATE score?

Ans. The student must obtain a GATE rank under 200 to be admitted to the best IITs. However, students with a rank between 600 and 800 can also enroll in the IITs and IIITs. The GATE score range for students applying to prestigious NITs is 350-800.

Q3. Can you pass the GATE exam in a year?

Ans. Anything is possible if you put all your efforts and focus into it. Candidates can pass the GATE exam with proper assistance, planning, education, and time management.

Q4. How much time is needed to prepare for the GATE?

Ans. Actually, it differs from person to person. You must devote all your time to ensuring you are fully prepared for your GATE exam.

Q5. What is a good GATE score?

Ans. Candidates must achieve a GATE rank under 200 to be accepted into the best IITs. However, applicants with a rank between 600 and 800 can also be admitted to the best IIITs and IITs. The GATE score range for candidates seeking admission to the best NITs is 350-800.

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