How Much Engineering Category Comes Under in GATE Entrance Exam

Apr 05, 2023, 16:45 IST

GATE, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is one of India's most reputed entrance exams. The GATE entrance exam is conducted to select suitable candidates for admission to postgraduate engineering courses across leading engineering universities and institutes. Many public sector companies, i.e., PSUs, also select candidates for various profiles based on their GATE total score.

Only those candidates who meet the GATE exam eligibility criteria can appear for this exam. This exam tests the skills and knowledge of candidates in multiple engineering fields. Candidates must have completed their engineering qualification from a government-recognized university or institute. Candidates in the third or fourth year of their engineering programs may also appear for the GATE exam.

Many candidates face a common question: How many engineering streams are covered under the GATE Exam. Read on to learn more about the GATE entrance exam and the various specializations covered under this exam.

GATE 2023 - Important Details

Candidates who are busy with GATE exam preparation must note the details mentioned here to avoid any issues later on.

Particulars Details
Examination Mode Computer-Based Test (Online).
Number of Papers 29 papers.
Duration 3 Hours (180 minutes).
Type of Questions MCQs, MSQs, and NATs.
Section General Aptitude (GA) and Chosen Subject.
Total Questions 65 Questions (this includes 10 GA questions).
Total Marks 100 Marks
Marking Scheme 1 or 2 marks.
Distribution of Marks (except AR, PH, GG, MA, CY, EY, and XL.)
  • Chosen Subject - 72 Marks.
  • Engineering Mathematics - 13 Marks.
  • General Aptitude - 15 Marks.
Distribution of Marks for AR, PH, GG, MA, CY, EY, and XL.
  • Chosen subject - 85 Marks
  • General Aptitude - 15 Marks
Negative Marking Two types of MCQs:
  • MCQs of 1 mark each: 0.33 marks will be deducted for incorrect answers.
  • MCQs of 2 marks each: 0.66 marks will be deducted for incorrect answers.
  • No negative marking for MSQ & NAT.

Engineering Categories Under GATE Entrance Exam

For GATE 2022, the exam was conducted for 29 engineering specializations. This means that two new papers were added to the exam. These two papers were NM (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) and GE (Geomatics Engineering). Previously, in 2020, two new papers were added, i.e., Environmental Science and Engineering (ES) and Humanities and Social Science (XS). The addition of the two papers took the number of papers to 27.

Candidates busy with GATE exam preparation must select one or two papers out of the available 29. It is vital to note that the exam body must approve the second paper you choose per the present rules. Here are the various engineering specializations available under the GATE exam:

  • AE - Aerospace Engineering.
  • BT - Biotechnology.
  • CE - Civil Engineering.
  • CH - Chemical Engineering.
  • AG - Agricultural Engineering.
  • AR - Architecture and Planning.
  • BM - Biomedical Engineering.
  • EE - Electrical Engineering.
  • ES - Environmental Science and Engineering.
  • EY - Ecology and Evolution.
  • MA - Mathematics.
  • ME - Mechanical Engineering.
  • ST - Statistics.
  • TF - Textile Engineering and Fibre Science.
  • XE* - Engineering Sciences.
  • EC - Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • GE - Geomatics Engineering.
  • CS - Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • CY - Chemistry.
  • MT - Metallurgical Engineering.
  • NM - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.
  • PE - Petroleum Engineering.
  • XH* - Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • XL* - Life Sciences.
  • MN - Mining Engineering.
  • PH - Physics.
  • PI - Production and Industrial Engineering.
  • GG - Geology and Geophysics.
  • IN - Instrumentation Engineering.

GATE Exam Preparation

Candidates who are preparing for the GATE 2023 Exam must follow the tips shared here to ensure optimal GATE exam preparation:

  • Candidates must check their GATE exam eligibility before starting the preparations. If the eligibility criteria are not fulfilled, the candidates will not be allowed to appear for the exam.
  • Candidates must start their GATE exam preparation at least one year before the exam date. This will allow enough time for revision and mock tests.
  • Candidates can complete GATE preparation online with the help of learning materials offered by leading platforms like Physicswallah.
  • Candidates must check the GATE syllabus for CSE about the paper/papers they are preparing for. The study plan must include multiple revisions of all the topics featured under the syllabus section.
  • Candidates must refer to the official GATE website for the latest updates.


GATE is an extremely tough examination, as hundreds of thousands of candidates appear for it every year. For better GATE exam preparation, consider Physics Wallah since it is one of India's top online ed-tech platforms. They offer excellent learning resources that will enhance your preparedness to the desired level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who is eligible to appear in the GATE exam?

Ans. Anyone who has completed any government-approved degree program can appear in the GATE exam. You must also meet the eligibility rules specified by the authorities.

Q2. What are the benefits of the GATE Exam?

Ans. There are several benefits of the GATE exam. If you qualify for the exam, you can secure admission to institutes like IITs, IISC, IIITs, and NITs.Many employers directly select candidates based on their GATE scores.

Q3. How can I do GATE preparation online?

Ans. You can visit Physicswallah's website to do GATE preparation online. It offers online classes, study notes, and other learning resources to help with your preparations.

Q4. Who organizes the GATE exam?

Ans. Any of the Indian Institute of Technology branches can organize the GATE exam. The organizing IIT changes every year. All updates related to the same are available on the official GATE website.

Q5. Can candidates from other countries give the GATE entrance exam?

Ans. Yes, aspirants from other countries can also appear in the GATE entrance exam if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. The centres for the GATE exam are present in several countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Singapore and others.

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