Preparation Strategy For IOCL Engineer Trainees: Tips And Plans

Feb 11, 2023, 16:45 IST

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India, owns the central public sector enterprise known as Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL; sometimes also known as IndianOil). Its main office is in New Delhi. The responsibility for managing the operations of this public sector undertaking falls to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. As of 2022, Indian Oil is listed as the 142nd largest corporation on the Fortune Global 500 list. It is the biggest state-owned oil producer in the nation.

The IOCL Apprentice Syllabus is decided by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). For exam preparation, candidates must adhere to the IOCL Apprentice Syllabus. Candidates need to plan their studies using the best strategies in order to get a seat in the Corporation. This blog provides you with the best tips for IOCL engineer trainees.


Candidates who want to take the upcoming Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. Apprentice Exam need to be well-prepared with the aid of effective and appropriate preparation advice in order to pass the exam easily. Candidates must establish a plan for the IOCL exam before they begin their preparation.

The IOCL paper is not especially difficult. This paper consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs-objective). The only thing that must be known is the right answer. You can either study alone or sign up for professional tutoring with Physics Wallah, which can give you access to the required readings.

Strategy to Ace IOCL Engineers Trainee

  • Be familiar with the exam format
Section/ Total number of Subjects Number of Questions Total Marks Exam Duration

Generic Aptitude and

Numerical Aptitude


General English,

Knowledge/Awareness and

Trade Specific subjects






90 minutes

(may vary)

Some of the other preparation strategies are;

  • Have a good plan

No matter how skilled or educated a person is, discipline is one of the main criteria used to assess them. You can maintain your academic attention by exercising self-discipline. When you have a study timetable, you have time for unforeseen events. For instance, you won't have to worry if anything comes up and think about having time to study.

Planning is the first and most important step in any preparation process, whether it takes 30 days or 365 days. Make a plan for your day that you can follow. Enjoy the knowledge you are obtaining while taking pauses.

  • Be good at your fundamentals

To achieve adequate IOCL preparation, it is essential to comprehend each topic's foundational concepts. Prioritize the core concepts of each subject, especially those that have to do with trade-specific subjects. Try to frequently finish the quizzes for each subject to improve test performance and accuracy.

  • Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

If you take practice exams, you will be able to recognize your strengths and flaws with ease. Understanding your consequences requires first asking yourself why you made the blunders. Identify the cause, whether it was a lack of knowledge, a failure to understand the question, a rush, the forgetfulness of formulas, or a lack of time.

You should also learn from your failures to prevent repeating the same errors. Create a strategy to avoid making these mistakes as well, such as carefully reading the question, understanding math, and double-checking your answers.

Considering your successes and strengths suits is also essential. Your skills are those that motivate you, therefore use them to your advantage to succeed.

  • Carefully select your learning materials

It is essential to include critical reading in your IOCL exam preparation, as recommended by subject specialists for each subject, to thoroughly comprehend each topic included in the exam. As specified in the IOCL Exam curriculum, prepare at least one important textbook for each topic.

Several relevant books include

The Subject Name of the book Author/Publication
General Knowledge
  1. General Knowledge 2022
  1. General Knowledge

Manohar Pandey


General English Objective General English RS Aggarwal
  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  1. Quantitative Aptitude All Competitive Exams
RS Aggarwal
Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning RS Aggarwal
Trade Apprentice (Subject-Book name)
  1. Fitter- Fitter Technical Trade
    Electrician- Electrician Theory
  1. Electronics Mechanic- A Comprehensive Trade Question Bank
  1. Instrument Mechanic- Instrument Mechanic Theory
  1. Machinist- Machinist Trade Chapterwise
  1. Data Entry Operator- Data Entry Operator Exam
  1. Retail Sales Associate - Retail Sales Associate

Arihant Experts

Er. Mahendra Pindel

NK Editorial Panel

Vishnu Khandelwal

Youth Competition Times

V.V.K. Subburaj


Technician Apprentice (Subject- Book name)
  1. Mechanical- IOCL (Pipeline Division) Technician Apprentices Mechanical Exam
  1. Instrumentation- Detail Solution in Instrumentation for Competition
  1. Civil- Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type
  1. Electrical & Electronics - Objective Electronics Engg
  1. Electronics- Objective Electronics Engineering

Ravi Ragav

Satish K Karna

R.S Khurmi


Arihant Experts

  • Take brief notes

The IOCL Exam preparation procedure might be made easier with one-liners and quick notes. Always make quick notes on each subject to make the revision process easier throughout the exam.

As soon as you start planning, try to capture summaries of the issues. These fast notes can be used to swiftly review the entire syllabus before the test. Make sure to highlight the essential concepts that will be useful while editing your quick notes.

  • Take several practice/mock tests

After learning each topic, try to finish the IOCL mock tests to build your confidence and get ready for the exam. You can enhance both your accuracy and speed by taking practice exams. While taking the test, you can enhance your time management abilities.

This could give you a rough idea of how the exam's questions are structured. By sectionally assessing your performance, you can increase the effectiveness of your preparation.

Many students make the mistake of taking practice examinations, but they don't evaluate them well enough to get knowledge for their approach. When you carefully examine your performance, you will discover crucial information such as item-by-item analysis, frequently found errors, performance patterns, time-accuracy analysis, and so on. They will help you create a revision schedule for the coming weeks.

  • Revise

Always allow time for correction. Make time in your schedule for effective revision when you finish your syllabus. This is among the best IOCL advice for thorough exam preparation.

Once the full curriculum has been covered, try to go over each of the important subjects. Try to commit the idea, important theories, and formulas to memory while revising. Instead of simply memorizing the answer, make an effort to understand the question's main points.

Last minute tips

  • Stay positive and confident
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and avoid fatty foods.
  • Pay close attention to details and small things.
  • Be proficient in math.
  • If the paper is challenging, remain composed and avoid making foolish blunders.
  • Review preparation tips, and jot down quick notes, and errors you made.


The ideal time to begin studying is one year before the IOCL exam. Nevertheless, the length of time may vary from person to person depending on their rate of preparation and how much time they want to devote to it each day.

If the preparation is done correctly, you can pass it in as little as one month, depending totally on how well you comprehend the principles and how much you practice taking mock examinations. Efforts would pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is IOCL a position held by the government?

Ans. Yes, IOCL is a public-sector undertaking. The responsibility for managing the operations of this public sector undertaking falls to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. As of 2022, Indian Oil is listed as the 142nd largest corporation on the Fortune Global 500 list.

Q2. Does iocl require a gate score?

Ans. If an applicant has a valid GATE Score Card, they may apply.

Q3. What is the age restriction for the IOCL exam?

Ans. The minimum and maximum ages for applicants to IOCL's open positions are 18 and 24 respectively. The IOCL age restriction for the general category is twenty-eight years. The government regulations will apply to candidates from the reserved category. The IOCL limits the age of assistant officers in quality control to 30 years old.

Q4. What is the IOCL examination's exam format?

Ans. There are 100 questions on the test. The exam is of the objective kind and each question carries one mark. The Gate exam duration is around three hours unlike the 90-minute IOCL examination which will be multilingual (in English and Hindi), and there will be a 1/3 negative marking. Although there are no negative marks for the component of numerical ability. The IOCL exam format may change slightly depending on the position.

Q5. What is the IOCL gate cutoff?

Ans. The IOCL Gate cutoff is in the range of 50 to 70 based on different streams.

Q6. What is the minimum education qualification required for IOCL?

Ans. Candidates must be able to get 65% for general candidates and 55% for candidates from the reserved categories in the final score.

Q7. What method of application is available for the IOCL Apprentice recruiting 2022?

Ans. Online applications are accepted for the IOCL Apprenticeship Recruitment 2022. On the official IOCL web portal, candidates must submit an online application form.

Q8. What is the fee for the IOCL Apprentice application?

Ans. Application fees are not required for IOCL's recruitment of apprentices.




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