5 Reasons Why it is Completely Worth Trying for JEE Again After Failing

The announcement of conducting the JEE exam twice a year was a welcoming decision by the aspirants. Citing JEE toughness almost 90% of the students fail to crack it on the first attempt. This is why a lot of students opt to write the examination twice a session. There are several benefits to this, with the primary being a better rank citing a good understanding of the subject. Here in this blog, we have explained the top reasons that compel one to take a drop for JEE and five reasons that should be considered to opt for a second session of the examination.

5 reasons why it is completely worth trying for JEE again after failing

Top Reasons Students Takes a Drop for JEE

Before moving to the section on why one should opt for JEE second session we should first know what makes students take drop for this exam. Everyone is aware of the JEE toughness and this is one of the reasons that compel students to attempt the examination twice. Here are some top reasons that will help in clarifying your doubts:

  • Undoubtedly, the clash of the board exams with the schedule of IIT JEE is one of the major reasons that most students cannot prepare for the examination. It is important to secure good marks in the class 12th board exam as those who have low scores often fail to get into a good college. A lot of IITs, MNITs, and NITs prepare the merit list by combining the marks of the IIT JEE and class 12th percentage. Certainly, this is one of the reasons that lead to students failing the exam.
  • Competition phobia is also one of the leading causes of failure in the JEE examination. Around eleven lakh aspirants write the JEE exam annually for a meager number of seats. This performance pressure often accounts for low marks in the examination.
  • IIT JEE Advanced is the gateway to IIT colleges. However, a lot of candidates often fail to crack the high score required to write this exam. This is why they have to appear for the second session to achieve that score which leads them to write the exam twice.
  • What is so special about JEE? Even if you don't crack the JEE Advanced, cracking the JEE exam will get you an MNIT or NIT which are best in terms of infrastructure and curriculum. However, these colleges also require a high rank. If you wish to study with the best faculty then you can take the chance of writing the examination the second time.
  • Not getting a branch of one's choice is another reason citing which one has to write the JEE exam twice. Even after cracking the exam if one fails to get the branch of their choice is often demotivating but is enough to compel you to write the exam for the second time.

Five Reasons to Opt for JEE Second Session

As per the government’s rule, now one can attempt the JEE second session at least six times. Besides, this has offered the golden chance to candidates to take a drop and prepare wholeheartedly for the JEE second time. Attempting the exam a second time helps the students to write it with an all-new zeal. Here are the top five reasons that make the JEE second session worth it:

  1. Attempting the IIT JEE a second time makes you carefree for the board examination. The students who take opt for the examination twice do not have to worry about their board exams and they can easily prepare for both examinations easily.
  2. Familiarity with the JEE toughness, exam pattern and syllabus in real life is one of a kind experience. Attempting the exam in the first place helps one to understand the difficulty level of the questions asked, topic-wise weightage and topics that can help one in qualifying for the exam with a high rank. It is also helpful to work on the weaknesses that can hamper one’s performance in the examination. Considering your experience you can evaluate yourself and present a better version of your preparations the second time.
  3. JEE's second attempt is one of the ways to rectify one’s mistake that they have done during the first attempt. As you have appeared for the examination once you are well versed with the basic knicks and knacks and JEE toughness. You can definitely work on your preparations and target a higher rank than you have secured on the first attempt.
  4. After attempting the JEE exam once, a student is well equipped to predict the examination’s difficulty level and cut-off marks. You can analyse various factors that you may have noted during the first year of your preparations. All of these factors help you to strategize better for the IIT JEE examination for the second time.
  5. The IIT JEE exam analysis, test paper, and question papers are the best resources that one can use to ace their preparations. The students can easily access these resources for better attempts in the examination for the second time. You can also analyse the topic-wise weightage and consider the same to prepare for the examination.


Why JEE is best is because it helps one get admission into the B.Tech courses offered by premium IIT, MNIT and NIT colleges. However, citing JEE toughness it is a tough nut to crack. Henceforth, one is recommended to subscribe and adhere to the resources available on PhysicsWallah’s Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is one reason one should write the JEE exam twice?

Ans. Writing the exam twice helps in being familiar with the JEE toughness, examination pattern, JEE syllabus and topic-wise weightage.

Q2. What is the major reason that compels students to take a drop?

Ans. One of the major reasons that compel students to take a drop is that they are not able to make a balance between the preparation for the board exam and JEE exam.

Q3. How many times can one appear for the JEE examination?

Ans. A candidate is allowed to appear for the JEE exam at least six times in a lifetime.

Q4. What is so special about the JEE examination?

Ans. JEE examination is one of the competitive exams that helps one to take admission to B.Tech courses offered by premium IIT colleges.

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