Best Dropper Course for JEE Exam Preparation

May 19, 2023, 16:45 IST

Every year, thousands of students take one of India's most difficult admission tests, the JEE, yet only a few of them pass. JEE is the route to the top engineering educational institutions, however, it is not an easy test to pass. For preparation purposes, a lot of students opt to miss a complete year of school. Many students choose to take the JEE exam again after failing it the first time because they were unable to do well.

As a dropper, you already know how competitive the JEE Main & Advanced exams are and how challenging it is to be eligible for and pass the JEE Advanced. You shouldn't give up hope just yet, though. Students typically fail the JEE Mains and Advanced due to a lack of planned strategy and better courses rather than a lack of effort. That might alter before you show up for JEE Mains and Advanced 2023.

Those aspirants who have taken a drop for this year have only two chances to retake this exam. NRI aspirants are also eligible for this exam but the same rule is apply to them also. If the NRI aspirant has also taken a drop he also has only two chances.

So, if you want to clear this exam you have to put some extra effort this time. Aspirants should develop a more realistic strategy and get enrol in any course made for them. In this article, we are going to discuss some dropper courses for JEE aspirants.

Dropper Course for JEE Exam

With so many online coaching platforms available today, students can choose from the top courses for JEE dropouts. These resources offer each student customized assistance and support as they work towards achieving their JEE Main and Advanced objectives.

With these online coaching platforms, you receive top-notch instruction in addition to all the knowledge you need to design a successful exam and preparation approach that will help you achieve your objectives. But how do you pick the course that best matches your needs when there are so many possibilities for online courses?

There are many good dropper courses available for JEE exam preparation. Here are some popular options:

  • Physicswallah Dropper course

For JEE dropouts, Physicswallah is one of the top online coaches. The JEE Course offers live online courses, printed study guides, and online JEE Main and Advanced test preparation. Join the JEE droppers’ batch at home with the best experts and professors.

Since COVID-19, a large number of conventional coaching centres have begun offering JEE online courses, although they lack the necessary expertise to do so successfully. Because we have a strong digital platform and the greatest online teachers for JEE, Physicswallah is at the top of the list when discussing the best online classes for JEE droppers.

The peculiar feature of courses offered by Physicswallah:

  • JEE Syllabus with every important point covered.
  • They discuss mathematics, chemistry, and physics.
  • Classes are held as scheduled for six days.
  • Three classes per day are held in real time.
  • Each class's PDF notes will be posted to the PW App.
  • Daily practice questions with quizzes that contain video solutions.
  • Dedicated instructors who use the best doubt engine available to resolve questions.
  • Peer-to-peer doubt clearing is available.
  • The syllabus gets completed in the targeted time frame.
  • Some courses are valid for a further one year.

Benefits of Joining Droppers JEE Course

The best professors for JEE dropouts in the online mode: You are taught online at home by a superb academic team of seasoned instructors. Classes will be live and two-way interactive, allowing students to ask questions and receive answers. Each lesson is available for subsequent review.

  • Specialized study material: The study guide's questions are on the basis of JEE syllabus and JEE previous years' exams. Sometimes the difficulty of the questions will be higher to better prepare you for challenging issues.
  • Small batches: Dropper online batches are small (20–25 students), making it simple to keep track of the progress of each student. It makes it simpler and more comfortable for a learner to ask questions.
  • Additional doubt-clearing sessions: In addition to the normal classes, there will occasionally be additional doubt-clearing sessions for students.
  • Online test series: Offers a realistic test-taking environment at home. Complete chapter-by-chapter and entire paper mock tests online in the convenience of your own home. You can view the analysis after the test, which includes the amount of time spent on each question or section, your low-scoring areas, ludicrous errors, and tips to help you score better on the next test.


It's important to research and compare the features and reviews of different dropper courses before making a decision. Ultimately, the best dropper course for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


Q1. Is it possible to get a score of 150 in JEE Mains?

Ans. In JEE Main, 150-200 points is considered decent. According to prior years' JEE Main cut-offs and rank analyses, a score of 150-200 will most certainly secure you admission to top NITs. You'll also be eligible for JEE Advanced and IITs. In JEE Main, scoring 150 or 200 points is not difficult.

Q2. Which coaching is most beneficial for droppers?

Ans. For IIT JEE dropouts who are dedicated to their studies, Physics Wallah offers a special batch. Therefore, Physics Wallah is the greatest site to use if you are a dropper looking to soar.

Q3. Which program Aakash or Physics Wallah is superior?

Ans. The best IIT coaching centres are all ranked by Physics Wallah. PW has a staff, who provide each child with their full attention and support as they achieve in all areas of study. They instruct for several competitive exam besides the IIT-JEE.

Q4. Do droppers get approved on Google?

Ans. Google will hire you if you have the potential they are looking for. You merely need to become an expert coder. The essential requirement is that the Data Structures and Algorithms section be excellent. Being a dropper has no negative effects on your ability to accomplish your work.

Q5. Which IIT in India is ranked first?

Ans. IIT Madras is India's No. 1 IIT Institute and the Best Engineering Institute in India for three years running, according to the NIRF Ranking.

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