Best Books For JEE Advanced Preparation

Students often get confused about which resources they follow to crack JEE. It is one of the most frequently asked questions by engineering students about what are the best books for JEE Advanced? JEE Advanced is the second stage examination after JEE Main to get an admission into the top premiere IITs of india.

Choosing the right textbook to get a score in JEE Advanced is as difficult as finding a pearl in the ocean. There are numerous books available in the market but here we have listed the highly recommended books that would surely get you closer to your dream IIT.

Factors to consider before choosing textbooks for JEE Advanced

  • Before buying any advanced textbook make sure you have completely gone through NCERT. Have a look at the NCERT Solutions if you find any difficulty while solving questions.
  • Make proper notes for proper conceptual understanding.
  • Buy relevant textbooks that cover all the topics given in the JEE Advanced syllabus.
  • Avoid purchasing unnecessary books. Solve and revise limited resources multiple times.
  • Explanation of the resources should be simple and should be written in a very understandable manner.
  • Proper and easy explanation of the question should be provided in the textbook.
  • Chapter wise MCQs are to be provided so that it would gear up the better understanding of the topics.

By considering all the factors mentioned above we have listed the subject wise textbooks for JEE advanced to make distance shorter between you and JEE advanced examination.

Best books for JEE Advanced math

Some students find math daunting whereas others find solving it very interesting. It is the only subject among the three subjects which is purely numeric. If you are weak at mathematics and want to improve your marks then it is highly recommended that you practice these advanced books to boost your score. Book Author
1 Mathematics for 11 and 12 R.D. Sharma
2 Trigonometry & Geometry S.L. Lonely
3 Advance problems in mathematics

for JEE( Main and Advanced)

Vikas Gupta and Pankaj Joshi
4 Higher Algebra Hall & Knight
5 Problem in calculus of one variable I.A. Maron
6 Chapterwise solved papers for

JEE Main and JEE Advanced

Arihant publications
7 Objective mathematics for

JEE Main and JEE Advanced

R.D. Sharma

Previous year papers play an important key role in JEE Advanced preparation. By solving PYQ you will get a fresh idea of questions asked in the examination. It also helps the students to understand the sensitive regions of the syllabus.

Tips to get higher marks in JEE Advanced math paper

  • Start learning math from foundation books i.e. NCERT.
  • Make short notes and write down important maths formulas.
  • Practice previous year papers and mark down the important chapters.
  • Practice daily topic wise MCQs to remember the concepts for a long time.
  • Give mock tests as much as possible. Revise concepts and important formulas on a regular basis.

Best books for JEE Advanced Physics

Physics consists of both theory and numericals. To ace the numerical portion you must have a strong handle on the theory portion. On the analysis of previous year questions we found that the questions asked in the examination are tricky. The following books help you to attain maximum marks in the physics section. Book Author
1 NCERT for Class 11 and 12 NCERT
2 Concept of physics volume 1&2 H.C. Verma
3 Problems in general physics I.E. Irodov
4 IIT Physics D.C. Pandey
5 Fundamentals of physics Halliday, Resnick and Walker
6 Problems in physics S.S. Krotov

Tips to get higher marks in JEE Advanced Physics paper

  • Start your fundamentals learning from NCERT.
  • Make short notes to summarize your topics (prefer mind maps).
  • Solve previous year questions multiple times and note down the important chapters.
  • Attempt topicwise quizzes to make better understanding of concepts.
  • Revise important physics formulas on a regular basis.
  • Attempt daily mock tests to boost your problem solving speed.

Best books for JEE Advanced chemistry

Chemistry is regarded as the easiest subject by many students. It consists of three sections viz physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. In comparison to other two subjects it has less formulas and calculations to remember.

If you want to score good marks in chemistry then it is highly recommended that you should go through NCERT multiple times. More than 50 percent of questions of chemistry are asked from NCERT and previous year. After this you can move ahead with these advanced books. Book Author
1 NCERT for class 11 and 12 NCERT
2 Organic chemistry O.P. Tandon
3 Organic chemistry M.S. Chouhan
4 Physical chemistry O.P. Tandon
5 Inorganic chemistry J.D. Lee
6 Physical chemistry P.W. Atkins
7 Inorganic chemistry O.P. Tandon

Tips to get higher marks in JEE Advanced chemistry

  1. Make your fundamentals with basic books NCERT.
  2. Make short notes of each chapters and write down important chemical formulas.
  3. Practice previous year questions to get an idea of upcoming questions.
  4. Set targets and practice questions with these books.
  5. Revise notes and chemistry formulas on a regular basis.


If you want to crack the milestone of JEE Advanced then you must follow the books mentioned above. Set daily targets for yourself and practice them on a regular basis. When you have completed all the concepts clearly then start practicing questions from these books. Don't forget the importance of previous year papers. It is equally important. Hope you love the blog, if you have any queries then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will reach you out as soon as possible.

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