Is there any dark side (secret) about JEE examination? Facts revealed

Have you lately made the decision to pursue IIT? Do you, nevertheless, feel anxious about the preparation? There is no doubt that many people have created false ideas regarding how to prepare for the IIT JEE. For instance, passing IIT examinations is difficult, so you must put all of your attention into your study time in order to pass; else, you risk failing. If you have similar concerns before starting your IIT JEE preparation, you should read this article. Once you start your JEE preparation, you'll be inundated with a variety of falsehoods that might lead you astray and even lower your chances of passing the test. Therefore, it is better to be knowledgeable and avoid such fallacies.

Is there any dark sidesecret about JEE examination Facts revealed

Dark Secrets About IIT examination

Here is a list of dark sides/secrets that you must dispel if you want to maintain your concentration during your training. Look at them, then let's get going!

  1. The IIT JEE exams are too challenging for the average student to pass

IIT JEE is undoubtedly a difficult nut to crack, but it does not imply that it is unattainable. You will pass the test if you put your best effort forward. You may be shocked to learn that not all IITians are top students who can quickly and accurately answer every JEE question.

Many people put in a lot of effort, made thoughtful plans, and prepare a lot to ace the test. You'll succeed if you stay on this course.

  1. More Reading Equals Better Grades

If you consult several books for your preparation, you will get confused and under stress. Instead of involving yourself in a variety of activities, concentrate on fundamental ideas and complete as many practice exams and papers as you can.

You will receive a special study module encompassing all the subjects you need to learn in order to succeed if you pick the JEE Courses. You don't need to tire yourself reading tons of books; just concentrate on NCERT books.

  1. There are quick shortcuts to IIT JEE Success

The sooner you realize there is no short way to success, the better. Numerous friends and perhaps professors may offer you methods for passing the IIT JEE exam. The worst of the five IIT JEE test misconceptions debunked may be this one.

You cannot just cheat your way out of the IIT JEE or prepare for it in a matter of days. Avoid wasting your time on publications that promise to get you ready for the IIT JEE in a week or less. Put up the effort to learn everything. The main route is the best one to take in this situation, so stick to it.

  1. In order to stay focused, you must give up your social life

Many people believe that in order to stay focused while studying for the JEE, you must avoid your social life. This is a further misunderstanding, though. Isolating yourself from everything would make life drab and monotonous.

You must thus take pauses and engage in enjoyable things in order to maintain your motivation for your preparation. So, don't restrict yourself from going out with friends or watching your favorite TV series. You stay motivated and be sure to reward your mind with joyful things.

  1. Only Students With Private Coaching Can Pass the IIT JEE

Extra direction is usually beneficial. Coaching can help you understand your ideas and dispel your fears, but it cannot guarantee your success.

Parents of IIT JEE aspirants as well as students have this belief. If you actually want to perform well on the IIT JEE test, you must put in a lot of independent study time.

Many institutions assure you of success if you attend their program. Without a question, there is a potential for your academic performance to improve, but it also depends on you.

  1. IIT Graduates Land Well-Paying Jobs

Those high scores are only attained by the top students. The majority of IIT graduates begin their careers with positions that pay a modest wage rather than being sent overseas.


Some dark sides or secrets should be dispelled, particularly those that affect your ability to relax. Therefore, let's restart your JEE preparation. Simply adhere to a well-thought-out program, and there you are! You achieve a wave of tranquility and harmony in your life, be sure to play hard. Best wishes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can a below-average student get into the IIT?

Ans. A resounding yes is a response to the query. One of the most difficult admission tests in India is the IIT JEE. All you need is a proper preparation plan to crack JEE exam.

Q2. Are two years sufficient for the JEE?

Ans. Generally speaking, if the preparation is taken extremely seriously, two years (Classes 11 and 12) are sufficient to prepare for the JEE. However, many students begin their JEE preparation in Class 8. Some students merely spend a year preparing for the JEE.

Q3. Can we wear watches in JEE Main centers?

Ans. The exam center does not permit the wearing of watches or any other accessories.

Q4. If I appear for improvement in five subjects in JEE Main 2023, which marks do they take into account?

Ans. The authorities will take into account whichever of the two scores is higher.

Q5. I have taken the JEE Main examination twice. Can I also make a third appearance?

Ans. Students may take the JEE Main test three times in a row, according to the JEE Main 2023 eligibility requirements.

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