JEE Advanced 2022- Check Out These 10 Tips Suggested By Toppers for Preparation

Being the most crucial examination in India. It has become a habit of students to emphasize on the tips suggested by the toppers for JEE Advanced preparation. Moreover, why shouldn't it be? Admission to the prestigious IITs is almost every aspirant's dream.

The crucial factors in JEE Advanced are how well aspirants know their specific subject, how many hours they have spent preparing it, and their ability to connect various concepts in a single question.  You need the right mindset if you wish to crack the JEE Advanced exam. Aspirants must understand how their seniors aced the test and earned the highest rankings. They can prepare for the exam JEE Advanced preparation tips by toppers.

JEE Advanced 2022- Check Out These 10 Tips Suggested By Toppers for Preparation

In this article, we have listed ten tips from the topper's guide suggested for preparation.

Tips Suggested By Toppers for JEE Advanced Preparation

Establish Proper Goals

  • Goals are the key to effective time management. Setting priorities allows aspirants to make proactive decisions about their preparation.
  • Students must  prioritize weak areas and dedicate extra time to them. First,  they should go over each of the crucial topics. After going through the crucial topics then they must switch to other topics and complete them with the time being.
  • Also, they should spend less time on topics they are already familiar with. However, keep one thing in mind not to skip any topic while preparing for the examination. 

Create a Proper Plan 

  • After setting the goal within the proper time, it is crucial to have a proper plan in place. It is one of the most basic tips suggested by the toppers of IIT JEE Advanced. They should create a schedule compatible with their priorities and stick to it. It should include a precise breakdown of their 24-hour period. It will be best to have everything in their timetable, from their sleeping schedule to when they eat each day.
  • The JEE Advanced exam is quite complex, and the time constraints make it challenging for candidates to respond to every question they are familiar with. It is crucial to increase the chances of answering quickly. Therefore, they must allocate time for revision in their plan.

Focus on your Schedule 

  • Throughout the preparation, aspirants should strictly follow their study schedule. They should remember that if they stray from this, studies will suffer, eventually impacting their preparedness.
  • Aspirants should not be hard on themselves when they are unable to study. Also, they should not show off when they are performing well. They must always strive to maintain balance and a cheerful attitude. This way, they will feel more assured at the end of each day.

Stop Comparing Yourself

  • It’s not necessary that you follow a similar timetable than your friends, who may study for 10 hours daily. Instead of emphasizing the number of hours, you should consider the quality of hours that you study. You are not required to do what their friend is doing. Also, they must not give the brain any information that could make them feel frightened, depressed, or anxious.
  • Many people in aspirants' life could doubt their talents, but there will be a few who will inspire them to go toward their goals. Hence, aspirants should avoid such people and concentrate on their preparation instead of worrying about the outcome.

Solve More and More Mock Test Papers

  • Aspirants must know that practice is the key to passing the JEE Advanced Exam. You need more practice to give the exam even after they have covered topics and memorized formulas. Every year, the competition gets tougher; therefore, you must prepare thoroughly and practice a lot.
  • Aspirants can gain a better grasp of the JEE Advanced exam pattern, difficulty level, and marking scheme of the actual exam paper by attempting the JEE Advanced mock test paper. It can improve their speed, accuracy, and time management.
  • Additionally, you can better understand which topics require more or less attention by solving mock tests. The best part is that you will have plenty of time after completing mock exams to consult teachers for assistance in case of any doubt.

Prioritize Regular Doubt Solving

  • Active learning involves asking doubts and getting answers. Doubt clarification is one of the JEE Advanced preparation tips by toppers. It can be a plus point in preparation. They will learn quickly and efficiently when they ask questions from their teachers.
  • However, many aspirants would prefer to express their questions and doubts. Also, many collect questions and leave them until the very last minute. Maybe because they fear others will laugh or make fun of them, or they believe that having doubts is stupid and that they may be silly. However, in actuality, the absurdity is in attempting to find all the answers and solutions on our own and not asking questions. Instead of being made fun of for having questions, it should be preferable to be made fun of for not knowing the solutions. Therefore, it is advisable to clear doubts regularly to prevent misunderstanding.

Do Not Neglect NCERT Books

  • The importance of NCERT extends beyond exams. It serves as the foundation for JEE Advanced 2022.
  • Aspirants are mistaken if they think studying the NCERT books wastes time. Spending time on these books is another study tip by toppers. Before beginning the other books, they must finish the NCERT books. They can understand all subjects' fundamentals with these books' aid. They should review every exercise, supplementary question, fact, and summary in the 11th and 12th NCERTs to lay a solid foundation for the JEE Advanced level.

Avoid Exerting your body

  • Aspirants who know they are working with a tight schedule to prepare for the JEE Advanced exam. However, it will be best to consider diet and health. They will only be able to accomplish to the best of their skills if they are physically and mentally fit.
  • Therefore, one of the critical JEE Advanced topper tips is to indulge in other activities. Aspirants should get enough rest and never skip meals. Taking high-stress levels while neglecting health may cause a great deal of mental stress, which lowers performance. They must eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Also, they should get a good night's rest of 6 to 7 hours. Also, they should focus on balancing their studies and extracurricular interests.

Be Optimistic

  • Aspirants are making every effort as the JEE Advanced exam is exceedingly tricky. Also, there is fierce competition.
  • Aspirants must prepare for the exam with enthusiasm. Even if they do not obtain good marks in mock tests, they should have confidence in themselves and keep a positive attitude. Being inspired to study is one of the toppers' study tips. Aspirants must maintain themselves motivated for their exams.

Stay Focused

  • It will help if aspirants remain determined to achieve their goal of cracking the JEE Advanced exam. They should stay focused and concentrate on their plan. Doing so will enable them to give attention and put their efforts into achieving it. They should think about how wonderful it would be to enroll in an IIT. They must keep themselves motivated by picturing those great times every day! They can qualify for the JEE Advanced exam if they are confident and focused on their skills.


  • We understand your concerns regarding your board exam preparation that’s why we bring the topper’s guide to help you with your preparation.
  • Aspirants must stick to their study schedule and pay close attention. Taking care of mental health is essential. They should continue to improve their skills with each mock test. They must recognize and try to improve their weak points.
  • The more they practice complex topics, the faster they become proficient. Also, they should always be bold and seek clarification from teachers or mentors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many hours do JEE Advanced toppers study?

Ans. According to the toppers of the JEE Advanced exam, aspirants should avoid the trending 12-hour study schedule. They must always remember that quality is always more important than quantity. Only sticking to the hours decided by them for studying will be helpful.

Q2. Are mock tests crucial for the JEE Advanced exam 2022 preparation?

Ans. Mock Tests are indeed essential and a JEE Advanced topper strategy. It will be best if aspirants take great care to familiarize themselves with the exam patterns. At least once every three or two days, they should attempt the mock test papers. They should also focus on subject-specific mock test papers. It will help them analyze their weaknesses in that subject, and accordingly, they will be able to improve it.

Q3. How to improve JEE Advanced preparation?

Ans. Aspirants should manage the preparation plan effectively. They should try to determine what pointless things they are engaging in. Once they have done that, they can create a weekly schedule. They should also maintain a proper and healthy diet throughout the preparation days. In addition to a study timetable, good health, proper eating, and sleeping schedules are essential.

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