India's premier engineering entrance examination,JEE Advanced, is a tough nut to crack. Every year, lakhs of applicants appear for the exam, but only a few thousand make it to the top engineering colleges in the country.

So, what does it take to crack JEE Advanced? This blog post will share tips and tricks to help you crack JEE Advanced.

JEE Advanced is a two-stage examination, with the first stage being JEE Main. To be eligible to appear for JEE Advanced, candidates must qualify for JEE Main. The top 2,24,000 candidates (including candidates belonging to all categories) who have appeared for JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced.

Tips and Tricks to crack JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced. is conducted by one of the seven zonal coordinating (IIT) institutes on behalf of the National Testing Agency (NTA). This year, IIT Bombay will be conducting the exam.

The exam is scheduled to be held on 28 August 2022.The registration process for JEE Advanced will begin on 8 August to 13 August 2022.

Tips And Tricks To Crack JEE ADVANCE

The jee advance test is the most difficult in India. Students often get worried about how to crack JEE Advance in one go. They try various tricks but fail to attempt JEE Advance in one shot.

But now, as we are here to guide them to the correct part, students should sit down and read the articles.

It is difficult but not unattainable. However, students who prepare well undoubtedly crack the Jee Advance.

Here are the tips and tricks to crack JEE advance 2022.

  1. Solve Question Paper

Solving practice questions is an excellent method for assessing a student's academic achievement.

The more questions you answer, the more prepared you will be for the exams.

Ensure you have practised the previous 5 years' question papers.

This will also give you insight into your flaws and places for improvement.

When you have a proper idea of how to structure the answer and mark the allotment pattern, a clear image appears ahead of you.

The JEE Advanced test lasts three hours. JEE aspirants must also set a time of 3 hours while attempting the previous year's question paper. This will give students an insight into time management.

The ultimate key to track preparation is completing at least 90 percent of sample papers in a given hour.

  1. Make Proper Time Table

Every subject in JEE Advanced should be extensively practised.

This will help students gauge how much time they take to solve each question and how they can hold speed.

One should be able to solve simple and challenging questions, so they can save time.

Create a daily schedule and focus on the subjects that need more time and are pertinent to the issue.

Maintain the routine while paying extra attention to the problem. While preparing for a timetable, remember to consider this pointer.

  • Plan time with each subject and chapter.
  • Make revision a priority; at least give 1-2 hours to revise.
  • Take enough time to relax
  • Set your daily targets and aims
  • Avoid using social media or anything that can distract you (even for a while).
  • Learn about the IIT JEE test format.
  • Examine the chapters in which you are facing difficulties.
  • Balancing the topics gives enough time to each topic.
  • Solve practice papers and previous years' question papers
  • Stay hydrated.

Examine your day. Evaluate how far you've gotten in a day and alter your strategy appropriately.

It goes without saying that every student faces different challenges and has other habits and preferences.

The method may change based on what works best for you.

Consider how many hours you have studied for the day and how much you could learn. Examine where you waste time that might have been used for preparation, review, and so forth.

  1. Be Positive

The Mool Mantra to crack JEE Advance is to be optimistic.

Things start to fall apart when you believe they will not be worth your time and effort. You have to have faith in yourself.

During these moments, you must keep an optimistic attitude and look at the broader picture. Following these JEE tips and tricks will pave your door for a positive outlook.

  1. Concentrate on Particular Subject

Different learners have varying degrees of control over specific disciplines.

Someone may excel in Physics and Mathematics but must do more work in Chemistry or vice versa.

As a result, it is necessary to devote a significant amount of time to the subject that demands attention.

This does not imply that the students become engrossed in one topic to the exclusion of the other.

  1. Solve Mock Test

Solving mock tests is the ultimate choice. The more mock examinations students take, the sharper their skills will develop.

  • The mock test creates an exam environment where students
  • Get familiar with the exam patterns
  • Try out test alternatives
  • Get problem-solving approaches,
  • And learn how to control their time.
  • Also, it vastly enhances speed and precision.
  1. Don't Refer too many books

Aside from NCERT, it is advisable to follow 1 book instead of too many and completing none.

  • The book that came next must be authentic.
  • It is advised not to consult any study materials from various authors or publishers.
  • The more you explore books, the more you will get confused.
  • It is always preferable to consult one book and stick to it.
  1. Refer to Notes

Some students can take notes in a method that will help them during their examination.

For JEE Advanced subjects, you can use the examination notes. You may also use a technique to construct your JEE Advanced notes. You may also utilise mind maps, illustrations, and audio messages for review.

A formula sheet will help you record all the significant formulae you study. Make different formula worksheets for each subject and use them to revise.

  1. Go for Enough Revision

Revision is one of the most successful learning methods. Examine all the short notes you made during your lessons or study time. It is strongly advised not to try new or delve. Only go over sections that you studied over your preparation period.

You must concentrate on books they have referred to during their preparation days, sample papers, and Internet information.

It will assist you in obtaining a decent rating. Practice conceptual-based problems during revision.

  1. The Last 7 Days of D-Day

The following week will be crucial, so organise your study carefully and appropriately.

Give revision and mock testing equal time for all subjects.

Take small rests to recharge your thoughts.

Remember to study according to a strategy rather than by the hours. Prepare a proper plan and stick to it, regardless of the number of chapters that remain for revision.

Make a handful of flashcards of simple terms to assist you in recalling the words. Use flashcards if you have difficulty remembering specific topics or concepts.


Students often ask one question: Is cracking JEE Advance so tough?

However, there is no one answer to this question.

However, some general tips and tricks can help you crack JEE Advanced.

First, start by studying the syllabus and understanding the exam pattern. Next, make a proper study plan.

Practice as much as possible, and remember to revise. Make sure you understand the JEE Advance syllabus and the exam format. Practice as many mock exams as possible, and focus on your weak areas.

The last step is to stay positive and believe in yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the 3 Tricks to Crack JEE Advance?

Ans. Check out the 3 tricks to crack JEE Advance :

- First, you need to understand the exam pattern and marking scheme. This will help you plan your studies accordingly and focus on the more critical topics.

- Secondly, you should solve as many mock tests and previous years' papers as possible. This will help you get an idea of the question pattern that will be asked and the difficulty level.

- Thirdly, you should make a study timetable and stick to it. This will ensure that you cover all the topics and get enough time to revise.

Q2. Can I pass JEE Advanced inn7 days of preparation?

Ans. It is not possible to pass JEE Advanced in 7 days. However, the one who follows these tricks tips and tricks can surely give it a chance to crack.

However, you must practice daily.

After passing JEE Mains, you will have a 1-2 month break before taking JEE Advanced, so this break can be beneficial for you to cope.

Q3. How many hours is essential to crack JEE Advanced?

Ans. 6-7 hours of study can help students to crack JEE Advance in one go.

However, It is essential to revise after studying.

As the test date approaches, say 4 months before the JEE Mains, the study time should be extended to 8-9 hours.

Q4. IIs It Simle to pass JEE Advanced?

Ans. Yes, It is easy to pass the JEE on the first try. The only thing you must do is thoroughly learn the ideas and practise a large number of tasks. Reading theory will require more than issues and working on your weaknesses.

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