What is The Right Time to Start IIT-JEE Coaching?

When should I begin my IIT-JEE preparations? Is ninth grade the ideal starting point? In the 12th grade, is it too late to begin? These questions torment every IIT-JEE aspirant!

The IIT JEE is India's most toughest entrance test for engineering students. JEE-qualified students are eligible for admission to the world's top universities, including the IITs, NITs, and IIITs. A student can start jee preparation in any class .The sooner you begin, the better. The JEE foundation, which starts before beginning JEE preparation in class 9 or 10, refers to the fundamentals (essential skills). With the level of competition rising each year, students are starting to understand the need of starting early preparations.

With the increasing competition each year, students have begun to recognize the importance of beginning early preparations. Coaching institutes have begun training students as early as class 9 based on feedback from successful candidates.

What is The Right Time to Start IIT-JEE Coaching?

More than two years of JEE preparation (From before Class 11)

  • A student who enrolls in a JEE coaching program before class 11 may begin learning some JEE concepts as early as classes 9 and 10. This gives the student plenty of time to read JEE theory and prepare for the exam. Many top-ranking JEE students begin early and enroll in coaching programs before the eleventh grade.
  • Many students enroll in JEE coaching programs before starting Class 11. The majority of the time, coaching centers follow the board's curriculum when teaching students. However, they put a lot of emphasis on developing mental capacity and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they make an effort to teach ideas that are a little more complex than those covered in the classroom.

Two years for JEE preparation (only class 11 and 12)

  • Most of the time, coaching institutes teach the syllabus of the respective boards and then teach advanced topics after covering the basics. They also make an effort to teach concepts that are more advanced than what they learn in school. This makes students ready to face fewer challenges when studying the JEE syllabus later on.
  • As the curriculum shifts from class 11 to class 12, special courses assist students in balancing their studies for engineering as well. Students who begin their preparation early will benefit from the following advantages:
  • Develop critical thinking skills to gain an advantage over competitors.

Only one year of JEE preparation

  • If a student does not intend to apply to IITs, one year of JEE preparation is sufficient. Systematic preparation of JEE for a year can lead to getting a decent JEE Main rank, which is sufficient to secure a seat in an NIT.
  • Furthermore, serious JEE preparation for a year can increase the likelihood of admission into institutes that accept admission through entrance exams other than JEE.
  • Obtaining a seat in an IIT after only one year of JEE preparation may be difficult because IITs have very few seats and all of the top candidates prefer to join there. As a result, if you want to join an IIT, you should consider doing JEE preparation for at least two years.
  • Therefore, you can begin your IIT-JEE preparation by enrolling in one of the top institutes, which are as follow:

Here are India's top five IIT coaching institutes

  1. Physics Wallah (PW)
  • When it comes to IIT coaching institutes, Physics Wallah ranks first. The best thing about PW is its dedicated team of professionals, who focus on each child and help them excel in all subjects. They not only teach for IIT-JEE but also various competitive exams.Every year, several students from this campus pass the IIT exams and get admission to the top engineering colleges in India.
  • Every one in five students who passed the IIT-JEE and one in six who passed the NEET exams in 2022 was a PW student. They offer separate classes for Hindi and other language students and have the best faculty to teach lower batches.
  • To learn more about the batches and courses, go to https://www.pw.live/.
  1. Allen Kota
  • The institute is best known for its IIT JEE Advanced Coaching. The institute has a success rate of up to 50%. The faculty is outstanding, and the top 3-5 batches receive the best education. Additionally, you can rely on them for board or other entrance preparation.
  • They concentrate primarily on the Advanced exam. Allen is your destination if you are looking for a good institute to score well in Advanced after clearing the mains.
  • To meet the needs of aspirants in medicine and engineering. They started as a petite IIT-JEE forum to give serious JEE aspirants the best possible starting point. We went above and beyond IIT-JEE coaching on the way to realizing this vision.
  • They made a difference in the way students approach problems and think. We began to create strategies for raising students' IQs. We began to leave an indelible imprint on the students who trained with FIITJEE, India's best IIT JEE coaching.
  1. Aakash Institute
  • IIT JEE and NEET students frequently choose Aakash Institute as their coaching provider. The Aakash IIT JEE Coaching Institute has established branches throughout India. For each science course, the Aakash IIT JEE Coaching Institute offers a variety of unique programs. Aakash IIT JEE is excellent for several reasons, including its excellent study materials, doubt-clearing sessions, outstanding faculty, and so forth.
  1. BYJU’S
  • The largest ed-tech company in India is offering a comprehensive and exhaustive online course called BYJU'S Classes for JEE.
  • Concept Classes, DPP (Daily Practice Problem) and Practice Sheet Discussion, Doubt-Solving Sessions, Personalized Extra Classes, Adaptive Practice Tests, Comprehensive Study Material, and the All India Test Series are all included in the five-day-per-week program.
  • Byju's is quickly becoming one of India's top coaching institutions.


Starting your JEE preparation early, as in ninth or tenth grade, does not require you to study concepts and subjects at the JEE level.

Learning time management, discipline, routine, and thoroughly understanding fundamental topics are more important. If you enroll in a foundation course for JEE, all you need to do is follow the lectures and complete your homework and assignments on time.

At the beginning of class 11, a structured preparation according to the JEE syllabus is ideal. Be consistent with your JEE classes and study routine. Understand every concept and topic in class 11 because you will use the majority of them in class 12 for your studies.

Go through the various courses on our platform, PhysicsWallah, to get the best JEE preparation strategy, where you will study with the top faculty with years of experience.( https://www.pw.live )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is JEE Main 2022?

Ans. For admission to undergraduate engineering programs (B.E/B.Tech.) at participating state-funded institutions, NITs, IIITs, and other CFTIs, JEE Main happens.

JEE Main will serve as a prerequisite exam for JEE Advanced, which will conduct in 2022 for admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

Q.2. In how many sessions will NTA take the JEE Main 2022 examination?

Ans. This year, there will be two sessions for the JEE Main exam 2022. From June 23 to June 29, 2022, JEE Main's first session happened. The second session happened from July 25 to July 30, 2022.

Q.3. Can candidates submit one or multiple applications at once?

Ans. Applicants may sign up for either one or both JEE Main exam 2022 sessions. However, they will have to pay the exam fee per the number of sessions requested.

Q.4. Do applicants need to complete a different application for each session?

Ans. The candidates can decide how to proceed with this at this point. There will only be one application form if candidates fill it out now and want to submit it for all sessions. They will see the form later if they choose to fill it out now (for this session) and later fill it out for the subsequent session.

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