7 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For NEET Examination

Every medical student dreams of being accepted into one of the esteemed medical schools. They take all steps necessary to achieve their goal of passing the NEET exam and being allowed to enroll into the best medical colleges in the nation, from seeking the proper guidance to supporting their preparation by enrolling in coaching.

However, sometimes, students use incorrect study techniques or devise a plan that could be better for them. They thus experience depression, build up tension, and lose points.

Due to careless errors, candidates' NEET scores can vary dramatically, which may harm their chances of admission to MBBS/BDS colleges. As a result, candidates must identify their preparation errors for the NEET and fix them before it's too late. You may find a list of the most typical blunders to avoid when preparing for NEET 2023 in the article below. Physics Wallah is conveying the top 7 errors that students should avoid throughout their preparation to assist students in performing well on the NEET 2023 tests.

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For NEET Examination

Let's examine each of these errors in this blog!

While preparing for the NEET exam, aspirants often make common mistakes that should be avoided. Some of them are mentioned below.

Reading Several Books

  • We agree that studying from only one book is insufficient for the NEET exam. However, citing too many books at once is also not a brilliant idea. Reading more books can lead to unclarity, making it impossible to finish your curriculum in time for the NEET exam. Therefore, if you are getting ready for the NEET Exam, stick to the NCERT, the study guides offered by your tutoring, and a few more books as directed by your teachers.
  • This could be a severe error. Students frequently refer to a lot of study material that is not necessary or important because of a fear that they won't remember anything significant. They use a stack of books as evidence for this. This behavior needs to stop right away. Your go-to book ought to be NCERT. Refer to relevant sources in addition to this; that should be sufficient.
  • Reading from numerous sources can clarify the information they provide, making them clear while the test is being administered. Master one source and stick to it. The NCERT curriculum for classes 11 and 12 makes up 80–85% of the questions.

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Not Solving Mock Test

  • A common mistake made by the majority of the students is not taking time to solve mock tests. Many students tend to focus on the theoretical portion of the subject before reading the material twice or three times. Theoretical considerations are crucial, without question, but so is attempting mock test practice.
  • No matter how well you do on the theory portion, you need to practice a lot to guarantee your spot in the NEET exam. Both theory and numerical problems needs to be attempted by every student, as a part of their exam preparation. Your speed and accuracy will increase as you solve numerical problems.

Making No Notes

  • The majority of students make the error of not taking notes as they study. You can improve your understanding of the subject or curriculum by taking notes. The primary benefit of taking notes is that they aid in recalling the information acquired and guard against forgetting crucial details. The crucial concepts should all be underlined and written down so that you can review them before the main and minor tests at your coaching center and the final exam.
  • Without a strong foundation, it is impossible to construct a multi-story building.
  • Each NEET section's underlying ideas serve as a foundation upon which more ideas might be built. Without a firm grasp of the principles, one cannot pass NEET. As a result, you are mistaken if you believe that you can pass the NEET by memorization and surface-level reading. First, make sure your concepts are understood by making appropriate notes.

Not Taking the Test Papers of Previous Year

  • Tests are crucial for those studying for the NEET exam. You cannot evaluate your performance for the main exam without taking the test. No matter how well you have studied for the exam, you must still show up. Tests will assist you in identifying your areas for growth and in gaining experience for the NEET Exam.
  • Students avoid taking practice exams out of pure laziness, despite the fact that everyone has access to free sample papers and question papers.
  • You can improve your confidence and have a better understanding of the value of time management, the types of questionnaires that will be asked, and your weak areas by taking mock examinations.

Reviewing Exam Papers

  • Analyzing the exam paper is equally as crucial as appearing in the test paper. Students typically receive answer keys with solutions from the educational institutions where they are enrolled and then add up their question sheets and answers.
  • They examine the typical responses and determine the score using the supplied answer key, however, there are better analysis methods than this. By looking at the errors you made on the test paper, analysis can be performed. Test analysis can assist you in strengthening your weak areas and enhancing your performance.
  • Even if you stay away from challenging questions during preparation, they could appear on the test. You shouldn't dodge difficult questions; instead, you should practice answering them. The significance of several chapters is lost as they rush to finish the lengthy NEET syllabus.
  • Exams are administered by the same organization, and some chapters are given more weight than others. More questions are posed from those chapters than from other chapters because they are given a higher weighting.
  • It is essential to finish all of the chapters while studying because at least one question will be drawn from each.

Missing Out on Some Subjects

  • Another major error that students make is failing to regularly study all three sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology). Establish a schedule and give each subject an equal amount of time. You might also take action that gives the area that needs improvement a little extra time.
  • NEET is primarily for biology lovers. Physics and Chemistry may not be everyone's favourite, but they are a necessary component of NEET. So, rather than concentrating on all topics, some plan to master Biology while putting Physics and Chemistry on the back burner. Avoid doing this. While biology can aid in NEET success, keep in mind that the physics and chemistry parts determine your rank and, consequently, the college you might end up attending. Therefore, give each area similar attention because they are all equally important.

Giving Up Due to Poor Performance

  • Mock tests and daily/weekly exams must be included in the NEET exam preparation. They evaluate our skills and show off our subject knowledge. Giving up all hope after performing poorly on these tests will demotivate you. It is more effective to analyze your performance on these tests and draw lessons from experience rather than evaluating yourself based on the results. Some students who consistently perform poorly on these exams succeed on this exam after making the necessary corrections.
  • Weekly/daily tests, as well as mock tests, are crucial. They evaluate our abilities and reflect our understanding of the subject. One must realize that they are tools for assessing one's learning. Learn from your performance analysis. Keep the consistently poor results on these exams from demotivating you. Frequently, folks who receive poor marks perform significantly better on the test itself. Set higher goals and continue to work harder.


Students shouldn't put off studying for the NEET exam because doing so would just make them more anxious and stressed. Students should start studying months before the exam because it takes a lot of concentration to prepare for this exam. Each topic and subject requires a significant quantity of your attention, which is ultimately impossible. Before it's too late, fasten your seatbelts; waiting until the last minute to prepare for an exam can only result in failure.

Medical students must correct their preparation errors and take the NEET exam this year with a lot of confidence in order to perform well. As a result, they must stay abreast of any NEET 2023 news or developments that can be helpful for their preparation. You will easily pass the exam if you have a firm understanding of the subject matter and are witty.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I guess the correct NEET answer?

Ans. Students can infer the correct response to such queries based on a few key elements. Random guessing will not be beneficial for the NEET exam or any other competitive exam. For the remaining candidates, guessing can ultimately be a complete letdown because only a select few fortunate candidates make correct wise guesses.

Q2. How many hours a day does a NEET top student study?

Ans. NEET toppers typically adhere to a routine, spending an average of 6 hours each day on an independent study (other than coaching). Top NEET students study as much as their bodies and minds would allow.

Q3. Does IQ matter for NEET?

Ans. Your IQ becomes more stable as you age because this score's variance reduces with age. Your IQ score does not affect how well you perform on any test. You don't need a high IQ to do well in the NEET.

Q4. Which textbook makes the most excellent NEET notes?

Ans. NCERT Class 11 and 12 board syllabi make up a substantial portion of the NEET Syllabus. As a result, NCERT textbooks are among the top books for NEET 2022 to help students understand the various ideas that will be included in the test.

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