7 Reasons why PW is best for Online Coaching

Are You Preparing for NEET-UG?

If yes, then here are some useful tips for NEET preparation. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Undergraduate) is a single entrance test for admissions to undergraduate courses in medical and dentistry across India conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency). NEET UG Exam is mainly based on 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany & Zoology).

The preparation depends on individualized learning style. Every NEET aspirant has different study learning styles and therefore, the same schedule or pattern. NEET is an all-India medical entrance examination conducted for admission to MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BSMS and other undergraduate medical courses.

7 Reasons why PW is best for Online Coaching

The aspirants should be aware of the basic details of the examination :

Why Physics Wallah ???

  • PW (Physics Wallah), India’s top online ed-tech platform that provides affordable comprehensive and accessible services to students. Physics Wallah provides better learning experiences to students with more advanced features.
  • It provides highly adaptive, engaging, and effective learning solutions to students all over India.
  • Education is the key to success for every student. That is why we are trying our best to deliver high-quality education across India.
  • It can help students to learn better in a more interactive and tech-based environment.

Features of Online Coaching with PW

Here’re all the feature of online coaching with Physics Wallah:

  1. Personalized Attention for All Students
  2. Live Scheduled Lectures by Best Faculties
  3. Doubt Solving Sessions
  4. Structured And Targeted Study Material
  5. Interactive Classes for Better Understanding
  6. Tests On Regular Basis
  7. Revision after Completion of Syllabus.

Personalized Attention for All Students

We put the right strategies and techniques in place. It is personalized attention which helps the students to focus and sustain attention, thereby making the available classroom time more consistent.

The teacher plays аn іmроrtаnt role to empower the learner to become aware of their capabilities and areas of improvement. It саn оnly be possible by рrоviding individuаl аttentiоn.When students receive individualized attention, they are more likely to succeed and achieve their goal

With personalized attention, such a goal can be achieved. Mentioned below are some of the other benefits of personalized attention in class.

  • Focus Enhancement
  • Talent Identification
  • Healthy Class Environment
  • Creating Interest
  • Increasing Confidence

Live / Offline Lectures by Best Faculties

Learning is an important step for achieving dreams in a student’s journey. We encourage the aspirants to clear the concept in depth instead of memorizing. The live lectures help in learning the needs of the aspirants and motivates them to be creative, innovative and passionate learners.You can go with online sessions and if you have missed any sessions, you could easily take the recorded sessions.

Doubt Solving Sessions

At Physics Wallah we provide doubt solving sessions for students to guide them through any query they have.We have created an friendly atmosphere where students do not hesitate to ask any doubts. We firmly believe that More You Ask, The More You Learn.

Structured And Targeted Study Material

The study material is given in a structured and easily accessible format with intelligent question tackling and problem solving skills. You can not access them for free but also read them online as well as in offline form. Here’s a list of all the resources available on the website and the app of Physics Wallah.

Interactive Classes for Better Understanding

A classic classroom technique that works a treat online. Enabling learners to review each other’s work reinforces their understanding of what they are doing and encourages a culture of sharing which can be valuable in spreading best-practice.

Tests On Regular Basis

Consistency is the key for preparation.Regular practice and revision will help the students to achieve greater conceptual clarity and therefore a better score. This is a set of test papers designed to make the student comfortable with all possible varieties of questions along with the different ways in which the same query can be put in a sustained order to make the aspirants sweat in the exam hall.The problems involve multi-directional thinking at that time.

Revision after Completion of Syllabus

Revision does not only stand for going over the course studied in a faster manner.It is the key to increase efficiency and confidence during exams. It involves using innovative and helpful techniques to test and improve yourself. We provide a strategized revision plan. Aspirants can use this plan to brush up on all the basics and work on your weak areas.

Topper’s Guide to Prepare for NEET Examination

Below are tips and tricks used by NEET Toppers.

  • A Well-Scheduled Plan: Creating a well structured plan is the most basic yet crucial step. Aspirants Make sure to prepare an achievable plan to follow continuously. A well mannered strategy will be helpful for aspirants seeking out time to study for boards and NEET 2023.
  • Set Achievable Goals: Aspirants need to create realistic and achievable daily goals. They can make sure themselves to create short and long goals and follow time to accomplish these goals.An achievable goals can help aspirants improve their focus, attention,determination and motivation for another challenging goal.
  • A Familiar Syllabus: The NEET syllabus is lengthy and you are required to know the exact position to bring out the best output. Make sure to cut down on the extra information and mainly focus on important topics.
  • Practice: Every aspirant stands up to a proverb “Practice makes a man perfect”. Aspirants must be focused on practice solving formulas and problems and understand the main gist of the topic. Aspirants must avoid learning unnecessary information and focus on the main gist.
  • Prepare notes: Self-written notes can be the best when it comes to revision. First of all, aspirants must note down all the topics and clear basics in the class and also prepare the notes that include
  1. Clear Basics Doubts
  2. Summary
  3. Short Notes
  4. Formulae and Sums
  • Revise Regularly: Make sure to revise regularly even if you have mastered a particular topic, concept, chapter, or subject. Revision is very important for your NEET Preparation. Revision helps recall the details of the subject you have studied. Revising the topics helps aspirants to gain more confidence to attempt any related question in the exam.

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  • Working Smart Over Working Hard: Working smart is one of the most effective study methods. It was followed by toppers to crack any competitive exam. They are required to know how much time they have to dedicate to a particular topic. Aspirants should also avoid focusing for long hours on a particular topic. Hereby, aspirants will feel to cover faster than usual. Aspirants must make sure that the amount of time they can allot for a particular topic.
  • Solving Previous Question Papers: By solving previous years’ NEET question papers, help a lot to the aspirants. It is a great resource for revision. Aspirants must solve at least the previous ten years’ question papers on a regular basis. Solving the previous year’s question papers is a good strategy for an aspirant to understand the exam pattern and marking scheme.
  • Mock tests: Mock tests also act as a great resource for revision. Aspirants must solve mock tests on a regular basis to know about their mistakes, weak points, loopholes and progress as well. By solving mock tests regularly, aspirants can increase their speed and boost their confidence.
  • Positive Attitude: Your attitude is what decides the effectiveness of your learning process. If you have a negative attitude and keep saying that you can’t do it, then it would not be helpful for you in learning. A negative thought will make things very difficult. The moment you start thinking positively, your brain will show better creativity and results. The positive mindset will also make you feel comfortable, less anxious and more open to new ideas and innovation.


Physics Wallah strives to develop a comprehensive and innovative pedagogical method for aspirants, where they get a recent stage of learning experience, newest techniques, ideas, and features with high quality study material and resources. This platform is known for its self-paced learning experience by enabling the students to crack down difficult concepts.

We understand that every student has different mindset and capabilities, which is why we create such a wonderful and unique concept that is the best fit for every aspirants.This is a reference for those students who want to crack the NEET exam.

There are some tips and tricks on how to score good marks on the NEET exam.We provide the complete details about NEET Syllabus, NEET Exam pattern, NEET book, and other related information at Physics Wallah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Can we prepare for the NEET Exam within a month ?

Ans. NEET Aspirants usually start NEET preparation well in advance, 2 years generally. Covering this large syllabus in 1 month is definitely very difficult and challenging . However, if anyone has a stronghold on the basics, with smart techniques, determination and a dedicated plan, one could always aim at clearing NEET.

Q.2. What are the programs offered under NEET?

Ans. There are some courses like Arjuna NEET, Pathshala Dropper NEET 2023, Lakshya NEET 2023 and some pocket courses for specific topics.

Q.3. Any test papers available ?

Ans. Yes, test papers will be provided to aspirants to track their progress along with study modules and pdf notes.

Q.4. Will aspirants be able to access recorded lectures?

Ans. Aspirants will be able to watch recorded lectures in case they miss any sessions.

Q.5. What are the top tips to prepare for the NEET exam?

Ans. The NEET tests are deemed to be challenging, however, we are mentioning the most important tips to be given to prepare for NEET, then they could be – 1. Cover master NCERT content. 2. Solve as many previous year’s question papers as possible. 3. Plan, execute it and stay consistent with your preparation.

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