Failed in NEET 2022? How to Ace NEET 2023

You could be dejected and unsure of what to do if you recently failed the NEET admission exam. Even though it's common to feel frustrated after experiencing a setback, it's crucial to keep in mind that failing does not mean that your journey is over. You may learn from your failures and utilise them to increase your chances of success in the future if you have the correct mindset and strategy.

Numerous students show up each year. Unfortunately, only a small number of candidates are able to pass NEET and get into the medical colleges of their choice. Those who don't pass the exam typically decide to retake it after taking a year off to focus completely on the competitive exam. If you are one of those who flunked NEET 2022, there is no need to lose heart and be discouraged, as you still can ace the NEET 2023 examination. In light of the degree of competition, a NEET candidate should be ready in advance if he or she is sincere about wanting to perform well.

You all need to buckle up, regardless of whether you are a Class 11 student who has just begun the NEET journey or a Class 12 student who will appear for the NEET exam in the coming month. In the post, we offer professional advice and preparation techniques to aid in your NEET 2023 preparation. To get a spot in the medical school of your dreams, we advise you to follow these recommendations.

In this blog we present you with tips to succeed in the NEET 2023 Exam with the following strategies.

Failed in NEET 2022? How to Ace NEET 2023

Strategy for NEET 2023 Preparation in Grade 12

  • How effectively you study in class 11 will determine how you prepare for the NEET in class 12. You can begin studying class 12 topics once you have finished all of the class 11 topics and chapters.
  • If you failed your 11th grade, start your NEET 2023 preparation with the chapters you missed, were weak in, or were crucial for. Your first priority in class 12 should be time management.
  • To get your backlogs cleared well inside time, divide your weekly study time between 70% class 12th material and 30% class 11th material (i.e., time not used for coaching). Strategy for NEET 2023 Preparation in Grade 12. In order to catch up on your backlogs, take careful not to get behind in your present classwork.

Observe a scrutinised schedule

  • Making a planned workable schedule is the best way to pass the NEET in 2023. The first step in developing a thorough plan to pass the NEET is creating a sensible and practical exam schedule. Create a work schedule and concentrate on completing the NEET curriculum by the deadline.
  • As a simple technique to absorb formulas and concepts, take regular breaks and try to take notes while studying. Make sure you are familiar with the syllabus before creating the schedule.
  • It would be essential to understand every section of the syllabus while creating a schedule. While you properly understand the syllabus, it may be helpful to divide the time to be spent on each part.

Take the practise exams and past years' test questions seriously

Practice NEET mock exams and the previous year's question papers to finish your preparation. This will provide you a general understanding of the exam format, level of difficulty, question format, and time allocation. Take practise tests to review your concepts.

Create a Firm Foundation Base

You must keep in mind that a large portion of the questions are designed to evaluate the candidates' conceptual knowledge. Ensure that your fundamentals are solid so that you can pass the exam with ease.

Keep in mind that "Hard Work Has No Alternative

Success cannot be attained quickly! If you rely on a supernatural hand to see you through, your NEET score will be insufficient. To succeed in the NEET 2023 exam, you must work hard with the ideas and practise a lot of questions.

Learn to strike a balance between studying and relaxing

You'll be able to keep what you've learned for so long if you make several adjustments. It is essential to the total preparation for competitive exams. For a healthy mind, it's equally crucial to keep yourself motivated, take pauses, get eight to nine hours of sleep each night, and engage in calming activities. Not always the coaching centre, but tight self-observe hours that you dedicate to your practise are the secret to passing the NEET 2023 exam.

How to prepare for NEET Subjects?

It will be simpler for the candidate to begin studying for the exam's subject matter. The practise methodology varies from subject to subject; it is no longer the same for all subjects. The suggestions for challenging smart training are listed below.


  • The NCERT textbook is the foundation of biology. Make it a habit to read through this book every day and to study it thoroughly.
  • Keep a close attention on the book's illustrations, statistics, contributions from scientists over the years, and case studies. Study the NCERT book in its entirety. Before moving on to low-weightage chapters, students must master the high-weightage chapters thoroughly. Studying the easier chapters with high mark weights will also be beneficial to them. It is necessary to include subjects like Cell Biology, Reproduction, Animal Physiology, and Plant Physiology.
  • Try to remember key concepts from the NCERT book itself as you study for the Biology component of the NEET 2023 exam. Stick-on slips or an additional page with key points after each chapter can serve the same function.
  • By doing this, you can be sure that the NCERT book itself contains all the material you need, making the revision process easier. Additionally, read each chapter three to four times to ensure that you retain the majority of it until the next revision.
  • When reading a Biology topic from a book or coaching module, make a note of key details including vocabulary, terminology, procedures, diagrams, concept summaries, and explanations in your notebook. You can understand things more clearly and retain the fundamentals for longer if you write them down.


  • For subjects like physics, where preparation requires less planning for each chapter, priorities are extremely important. There are few other subjects that are entirely theoretical, unlike the fundamentals of physics, which are formulation and problem-based.
  • Some pupils think the principle is simpler than using formulas to solve issues, while others think the opposite. Therefore, establish your priorities before beginning your preparation.
  • Every day, learn new models, and keep reviewing the material you learned the day before. By doing so, you could develop a solid understanding of the subjects and possibly memorise them for a long time.
  • Every week, alter your NEET preparing strategy for physics. You won't get tired of using the same approach every day if you do this. Additionally, this will add a little bit of interest to your research.


  • As the disciplines with the highest scoring marks, it is advisable to start with mathematical ideas. Pay special attention to the solid state, the mole concept, equilibrium, electrochemistry, atomic structure, and chemical kinetics. When compared to other topics, chemistry is one of the simpler ones.
  • There needs to be a different training schedule for preparing for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. These ideas require a lot of memorization, so you should consistently practise them. Concepts related to chemical bonding must be introduced to students who are in the beginning stages. Pay more attention to coordination compounds, molecular structure, p and d block components, and property retention.

NEET Timetable for 2023

The stages to creating a schedule for NEET 2023 are as follows:

  • Take into account your optimal study times. Plan your schedule taking into account your strengths and how your energy changes throughout the day.
  • Make a list of the topics you want to cover this week and work toward achieving your daily or weekly goals.
  • If you are unable to stick to your schedule, identify the problem, make a strategy to address it, and try again.
  • If any subject or topic requires more time than provided, or if a test is scheduled for the next day, your schedule should allow for flexibility.
  • Be dependable. The most crucial ability you need to pass NEET is daily study. Get your work done on time.

Mistakes to avoid when preparing for NEET 2023

  • Neglecting biology from NCERT textbooks: There are a tonne of tiny nuances in the NCERT that must not be missed. Don't fully ignore NCERT even if you want to concentrate on the study materials for your tutoring. It will help to read it once or twice a week.
  • Not promptly answering questions: As soon as you can, you should put any uncertainties to rest. Do not be afraid to ask your teachers even the most ridiculous questions. If you don't quickly resolve your doubts, procrastination may result.
  • Demoralisation: A great number of students get demoralised as a result of poor test results. Don't let poor test results depress you. You will get better at NEET preparation as you take more tests. Practice exams only serve to evaluate your comprehension and learning.
  • Avoid being sidetracked by extraneous activities: NEET preparation requires your full attention and concentration; everything else can wait.

Avoiding subjects that you deem unimportant: Don't leave out any topics or chapters you believe are unnecessary for the NEET. Any subject may be covered in the NEET questions.


I sincerely hope the advice and strategies presented here assist you in acing the NEET 2023 exam. Physics Wallah offers a variety of NEET 2023-related articles to make the process of your NEET preparation easier. Visit websites to learn more about the NEET Exam, the NEET syllabus, the NEET results, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. When will the NEET-UG exam be held in 2023?

Ans. The NTA will probably administer the NEET-UG in May 2023. NEET 2023 may be postponed based on the circumstances, like in past years.

Q.2. How can I pass the NEET 2023 exam in the upcoming months?

Ans. For reading theory or problem-solving, use coaching modules and NCERT textbooks. Make your strategy for passing NEET in the upcoming months by looking at the questions and pattern from previous years' examinations.

Q.3. Will the NEET 2023 syllabus alter at all?

Ans. The NEET 2023 syllabus won't change, I'm sorry to say.

Q.4. What will the NEET 2023 competition level be?

Ans. The degree of competition for NEET 2023 will rise. NEET 2023's question difficulty is anticipated to remain constant from year to year. Your preparation should never be based on the exam's competition. Nothing is absolute.

The difficulty of the paper affects everyone equally, and vice versa, which causes the cutoffs to change. Only relative performance matters.

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