How To Prepare For NEET 2023 Without Coaching

Consider the level of competitiveness among NEET aspirants. The only exam that enables candidates to enroll in the nation's top medical and dental schools is NEET. Although preparing for two years (Classes 11 and 12) at once may seem difficult, if you plan well, nothing can stop you from getting a medical seat.

In a fierce competition like this, simply preparing might not be enough; your preparation should be at its best. Plan your NEET strategy appropriately as a result. There will be some students who took a year drop or are going to appear a second time in the exam. They can also check for the best coaching for neet repeaters. Aspirants will perform at their best if they follow the below helpful tips for passing the NEET exam 2023 without coaching.

How To Prepare For NEET 2023 Without Coaching

Explore the syllabus

Understanding your syllabus is the first and most important step in beginning your NEET preparation. Before beginning NEET preparation, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the syllabus, exam format, and weightage. It might be wise to type it up or print it out.

Having a plan in place for the NEET 2023 Exam preparation would be easier if you are aware of the syllabus, test structure, and weightage. The vast NEET syllabus may discourage aspirants because of its size. However, with only a small portion not covered by the board syllabus, most of the NEET syllabus is in line with the NCERT syllabus.

It is wise to prepare for the topics that are available in both the NCERT and NEET curricula first rather than the areas that are not. Candidates should give time to cover those areas.

Follow the following guidelines while you read the syllabus:

  • Use a green marker to highlight your strong qualities and a red marker to highlight your weaknesses as you examine the common themes in all three disciplines. You can then divide the curriculum into two pieces to determine how close you are to achieving your desired score.
  • Make a list of topics in order of importance, starting with biology, then chemistry, and finishing with physics. This will allow you to cover more material in less time.

Make a daily study schedule

Students should make a "daily study plan" chart, so that they can manage their time for each topic. You should spend more time working on your areas of weakness.

The NEET curriculum is extensive, covering biology, chemistry, and physics. To Pass the NEET 2023 Exam on The First Try - A well-organized schedule is essential for monitoring your work and making sure you achieve your deadlines. The following advice keeps in your mind while creating a study schedule:

  • Spend more time on the subjects that you find difficult.
  • Plan out your study time for the following week or set daily objectives for the subjects you'll be studying.
  • Establish reasonable goals. Do not set goals that call for additional time if you can only study for five hours.
  • Give yourself a break so you may relax, rest, and connect with nature.

A goal-oriented study plan is necessary to stay focused and motivated during the lengthy process of finishing the curriculum and mastering the disciplines. Make a weekly objective and a monthly strategy for each subject. The planner ought to have a daily aim in addition to a weekly one.

Keeping track of your regular study routine will enable you to complete more work. The schedule must be properly maintained because it helps you work consistently without getting tired. The aspirants must be sincere and disciplined to use this method.

Also, check for online courses for NEET 2023.

Perfectionism is achieved with practice

Students should include practice tests in their study habits in addition to studying for the course syllabus. Solving problems from previous years' exams and practice test questions is a great way to measure your knowledge and enhance it.

One can have a deeper understanding of the many kinds of questions that can be asked by solving question papers from past years' exams. To become comfortable with the platform and complete the question paper, students must practice for at least an hour in a timed environment.

Candidates must complete OMR answer sheets for the NEET exam because it is an offline exam. Due to incorrect bubble marking on the OMR sheet, candidates regularly lose points while knowing the correct response. You must accurately fill in the blanks and respond to the questions quickly to receive the highest possible score in the NEET 2023 Exam. Students will be able to adjust to stressful conditions similar to tests using this technique.

It is difficult to highlight the value of practice questions as part of your NEET 2023 Exam preparation. To pass the NEET exam with coaching is a requirement. The following tips should be in mind:

  • Try to practice as many questions as you can for each of the three subjects. This will help you understand the various questions kinds that each topic offers as well as how far you are from achieving your desired score.
  • An imprecise approach to practice is unproductive. To answer a specific number of questions in a specific amount of time, schedule timed sessions. You will be able to meet your deadlines as a result.
  • Additionally, keep track of all the questions that were attempted wrongly in a test log. As a result, you can attempt to correct your weaknesses and become more conscious of them.
  • As many practice exams as you can. The test does not have to be in its entirety. Chapter-by-chapter exams are available and have a time limit.

Mock tests and revision

  • The most crucial NEET preparation advice is to revise because it helps you remember previously studied material. The test's objective is to determine how much of your subject knowledge you can recall. The best possible retention of the knowledge learned can only be ensured by frequent revision. By crafting a thorough summary in their own words, students can gauge how well they comprehend the material.
  • Formulas and equations must be memorized in fields like physics and chemistry; for this, one could create a formula copy that must be corrected every day until it is ingrained in the memory. Students must not only master the formulas but also understand how to apply them.
  • If you do not revise, all of your preparation and study will be for nought. It will not only help you keep the information if you go back to previously studied chapters, but it will also help you find fresh information that was previously missed.
  • Therefore, the regular revision will help you finish all the topics on time. Start practising properly before NEET 2023. Plan and include revision time in your timetable. Create a revising routine from the beginning of your NEET preparation. Also, check for the best test series for NEET 2023.

Keep all distractions at bay

  • Even though NEET preparation can be challenging if you want to achieve it might not be advisable to let it rule your life. It lessens productivity and concentration, both of which are necessary for NEET preparation. There are many potential causes for this, including stress, inadequate sleep, or restlessness.
  • These little diversions could get in the way of your achievement. Instead of obsessing over why this is happening to you, concentrate on how to stop it by making a strategy and giving it all your attention. Avoid all outside distractions and withdraw into your shell. Put out the effort necessary to finish all your everyday tasks.


I hope this article on How to prepare for NEET 2023 without coaching helps you in your NEET 2023 preparations. You can also check for NEET online classes if you want to join a coaching class for your preparation. Many institutes are offering online NEET classes at a very affordable price. Physics wallah is one of those institutes where you can find experienced teachers for your guidance in your NEET preparations. Physics wallah offers both online as well as offline classes for NEET at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many hours should I study for NEET 2023?

Ans. After board examinations, one needs to dedicate at least 12 to 15 hours every day to studying for the NEET exam. The points listed above can help you organize your NEET study schedule. You will spend the final two hours of the day studying after the break.

Q2. Can I crack NEET without coaching?

Ans. Candidates studying for NEET without coaching must engage in self-analysis, and the easiest way to do this is through attending online mock exams. By participating in online mock exams, candidates can model real-world exam conditions, which benefits their preparation.

Q3. Will NEET 2023 be difficult?

Ans. The difficulty level of NEET is unpredictable because it changes every year. Medical students who want to become doctors often believe the NEET exam is getting harder each year. NEET 2023 may be more difficult or simpler than NEET 2022 and earlier years. It's not a good idea to think about these topics while studying for the NEET as an aspirant.

Q4. Which platform is best for NEET 2023?

Ans. Physics wallah is one of the best platforms for you to pass NEET 2023, especially if you're a dropper.

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