Mind Blowing Tips to Get AIR 1 in NEET 2023

One of the most competitive national-level admission exams, NEET, is around the corner, and candidates are studying nonstop to get ready for it. Every year, lakhs of students take this exam, some pass, while others put in even more work to get ready for exams the next year.

Over 15.97 lakh people registered for NEET 2023. Around 80% of candidates appeared for this exam. As you can understand from the data, competition is tougher than ever, and it is just getting worse every year. Hence, the goal for candidates should be to pass the exam with the highest possible score. "Aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling, aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor," is a proverb that accurately describes the situation.

Through this article, we have compiled and made available to you some of the best advice and ideas that NEET toppers over the years have used to their advantage.

Mind Blowing Tips to Get AIR 1 in NEET 2023

NEET Preparation Tips by Toppers

Here’re some some tips recommended by toppers for NEET Preparation that’ll help you ace your examination.

Most of us have read stories about wars or watched historical films; we can thus view competitive exams as a battlefield. What are the crucial factors that determine your success in the field? The logistics and a host of other considerations, in addition to having the correct mindset and understanding the strength of the opposition, determine the outcome.

Similarly, to this, one must be familiar with every aspect of the NEET exam, including the NEET syllabus, format, time allotment, marking method, topical weighting, and other metrics. One must also be aware of their weaknesses and work tirelessly to strengthen them. Also, check for online coaching for NEET 2023.

Keep in mind that all these suggestions come from winners. Having said that, one characteristic that stands out in these applicants is their persistent and unbreakable attitude of discipline. Regardless of the time range, one must carefully and conveniently draw up a strategy after having established goals and gathered all the necessary information. When creating a plan, be sure to consider the following:

Divide the time spent on each of the four subjects—physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology—equally.

Follow your plan and monitor your progress.

Most commonly, as they begin their preparation or are already far into it, students are stuck on the books and wonder, "Which book should I choose for NEET?" or "what book is the greatest for NEET?" NCERT is the solution, as suggested by top students. It is frequently ignored or underestimated. Candidates are encouraged to stick with NCERT rather than flitting between several sources.

As most questions on exams come from the NCERT syllabus for classes 11 and 12, this is the best resource for students. There is no substitute for this; master the NCERT syllabus and have a solid grasp of your topics since this will determine the direction of your preparation.

In addition, to ace exams, students must go through and complete online exercises, question papers from prior years, and online modules. Also, check for the best books for NEET 2023.

The smartest students know how much time to spend on each topic. Avoid overloading with points and use several sources to support your points. Know what might be asked and to what extent your concepts are clear. If you've looked at exam questions, you've probably observed that while the topic is always the same, the questions are constantly changing.

A similar book has been studied by most students, but what sets a topper apart from the others is the ability to apply newly learned concepts, which can only be acquired via persistent practice.

We often hear high performers say, "Build upon concepts and master them." This can only be achieved by investing time in studying, comprehending, and, if necessary, getting advice from professionals, elders, online sources, etc.

Candidates should try to answer at least 150 questions each day, aiming to take up new ones each time. Take on various topics, learn about them, make sure you understand them, and try to get as many answers as you can. You can do this by reading more information about the questions, looking over each one and the possible answers, and resolving questions using formulas to evaluate your skills.

This increases your mental clarity, sharpens your logical reasoning skills, and gives you more confidence when making decisions about solutions. Take as many practice tests, practice papers, and sample papers as you can. Additionally, make sure you practice exams in the best possible conditions. Also, check the online test series for NEET 2023.

Your go-to resource for NEET must be NCERT books for NEET. Avoid consulting many sources and being confused. A top student said that having studied a concept from various sources confused the exam room, making it difficult to respond. Stay away from this circumstance. Detailed information on the best set of books for NEET is available here,

Nalin Khandelwal from Rajasthan, the NEET 2019 Topper, advises learning these three things exclusively to succeed on the exam:

  1. Coaching notes for the NCERT Class 11 and 12 Syllabus (if you have undertaken any coaching)
  2. solving questions from past years (up to 20 previous years' questions)

Remember that the NEET is a timed-based test and that your score depends on how well you applied the knowledge you learned through mastering concepts. For this reason, you must understand your concepts. You can get help for this online, which is a better and more practical approach to getting your questions answered.

These online coaching facilities provide all the necessary instruction, saving students time from researching irrelevant information. Some also give you shortcuts, advice, and techniques that are helpful to NEETs. Also, check for the best online resources for NEET 2023.

As you progress through your courses, write facts, names, solutions, and tricks on plain coloured chart paper for each subject you are studying in your room. Make sure to keep revising and adding content to them daily. Ideally, you should go over them at the start of the day and again before going to bed. When the exam date arrives, you will have a massive guide in front of you. This will also make you feel more confident about the exam. Also, check the ideal timetable for NEET 2023.

To succeed on the exam, regularly use the topic-based study resources. Once you have finished the paper, add up your answers to get a score. Then, compare that score to the NEET cut-off score. Candidates should solve more papers that fit this pattern to see the development.

It is also advised that you keep a record of your errors and study your weak points so that you can strengthen them. You can check the Physics Wallah test series which is very relevant to the latest NEET exam pattern and also very affordable.

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Subject-wise, organize your time so that you can concentrate on the topics you believe need more of your attention. But just because you are brilliant at something does not mean you should ignore it or take it for granted. Set boundaries and complete topics within the allotted time.

Physics takes time, numerical calculations require understanding and memory during exam time, and recalling formulas in a matter of seconds demands practice. Given that Biology is a wide topic and Chemistry is the most time-consuming and highest-scoring subject, candidates should make plans for it before the exam.

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It is essential to take notes and candidates cannot underestimate its importance. To increase their learning, candidates highlight key topics, and key formulas, map out various concepts, create diagrams, employ mnemonic techniques, and much more. Also check, the best course for NEET 2023

While studying is an important part of daily life, a healthy balance of relaxation and rejuvenation is also essential. Going for a run or jog, doing some light exercises, or meditating can help you prepare your mind for study. Taking a long time to prepare for a large target is only effective if you give it your all!


Before the test, make sure you practice as many questions as possible. The only way to get a good understanding of how the questions in the exams are asked and how to manage your time during the exam is to practice. NEET toppers strongly advise solving the previous year's papers before taking the exam. You can do it if you believe in yourself. Maintain good health and get enough sleep, and you will be fine.

Hopefully, the information provided above has assisted you in preparing for NEET in the most efficient manner possible. If you want to be successful, it is always better to learn from the experts rather than start from scratch. You may find that something that worked for them also works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I clear NEET 2023 if I start now?

Ans. The concepts are the same, all that you have to do is take the proper approach and practice enough NEET-level problems. If you are persistent in your efforts, passing NEET is simple.

Q2. Which platform is best for NEET 2023?

Ans. Physicswallah may be the best online coaching organization to assist you to pass NEET 2023, especially for droppers.

Q3. Which year NEET was the hardest?

Ans. NEET 2018 Physics – The physics section was the toughest section comparatively both by aspirants and experts.

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