NEET Cut-off 2023: Decoding the Previous Year Trends to Plan Your Preparation Strategy

May 22, 2023, 16:45 IST

The NTA publishes the NEET cutoff scores for each category following the announcement of the results. The NTA NEET Cut off is the minimum percentage that applicants must achieve to be considered for admission.

Since the paper was easier than the previous year, according to coaching institutes' analysis of the NEET cutoff 2023, the NEET cutoff 2023 is likely to rise the general category for AIQ government MBBS seats to around 610.

The admission cut-off and qualifying cut-off are two variations of the NEET Cut Off for medical entrance exams. The NEET cut-off is the last rank at which an applicant would be admitted, whereas the NEET qualifying score is the minimum score a candidate must acquire to pass the exam.

Candidates may find the official NEET Cut off 2023 official cut-off score and the factors affecting the cut-off scores in this post. Along with that, you will get a preparation strategy to plan for the upcoming NEET exam.

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Expected NEET Cutoff 2023 Category Wise

Experts predict that this year's general category cut-off will be between 710 and 124. The expected range, however, is 132-98 for applicants who identify as OBC, SC, or ST.

Aspirants should be advised that the data below, which is on the basis of an examination of past years' trends and question paper data, provides information regarding the projected NEET cut off for 2023.

This is not the genuine NTA NEET 2023 exam qualifying score. Along with the results, the NEET cut-off 2023 will release.

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Category NEET cut off 2023 NEET Cut off marks
General 50th percentile 710-124
SC/ST/OBC 40th percentile 132-98
General-PwD 45th percentile Update soon
SC/ST/OBC-PwD 40th percentile Update soon

Which State has the NEET cut off at its Lowest Level?

The NEET cut off fluctuates every year depending on several variables. As a result, the state with the lowest NEET Cut off may change every year. It is crucial to remember that NEET admission to medical colleges is the candidates' All India Rank (AIR), which is AIQ or state-based counselling.

The Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, has the lowest cutoff according to a review of the NEET AIQ cutoff for government medical colleges from the previous year; the college's NEET UG closing rank for that year was 7932.

Factors Affecting NEET Cut off 2023

The various factors that affect the NEET Cut off scores are here.

  • The number of applicants who took the NEET exam.
  • The exam's level of difficulty.
  • The total number of seats offered at the participating colleges.

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What's the point of the NEET Cut off in 2023?

The following UG medical seats will evaluate admission based on the NEET cut off 2023:

  • 15% of seats are for Indians.
  • State Quota seats: 85%
  • Central and deemed universities
  • AFMS and ESIC
  • Private educational institutions
  • AIIMS organisations
  • JIPMER schools

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NEET Cut off 2023 for General Category

As per the latest update, the NEET cut-off 2023 percentile for the general category to qualify for the entrance exam is 50th. Last year the corresponding NEET cut off scores for the general category were 715-117. Check the year-wise NEET cut off for the general category from the table below.

Year NEET Cut off Scores
2022 715-117
2021 720-138
2020 720-147
2019 701-134

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NEET Cut off for OBC Category in 2023

For OBC candidates to be eligible for the entrance exam, the NTA NEET cut-off 2023 percentile is the 40th. For the OBC category, the comparable NEET previous year cut-off was 116–93. See the table below for the OBC category's year-by-year NEET cut off 2023.

Year NEET Cut off Scores
2022 116-93
2021 137-108
2020 146-113
2019 133-107

NEET Cut off 2023: SC/ST Category

For students in the SC/ST category, the qualifying percentile for NEET 2023 is also the 40th. The NEET cut off marks for the SC/ST category last year were 116-93. Check the table below for the year-by-year NEET Cut off for the SC/ST category in 2023.

Year NEET Cut off Scores
2022 116-93
2021 137-108
2020 146-113
2019 133-107

Previous Year Analysis of the 2023 NEET Qualifying Scores and Marks

To be eligible to take the NEET test, candidates must achieve the pass percentile and NEET cut off 2023 marks, as set forth by NTA. For instance, the 50th percentile NEET 2023 cutoff for the General category indicates that applicants from that category must score at or above the level of 50% of all applicants who will sit for the NEET 2023 exam. The NEET cut off and scores from the preceding year are here, by category.

NEET MBBS/BDS Cut off 2022

Category NEET cut off percentile NEET Cut off 2022 scores
Unreserved 50th percentile 715-117
SC/ST/OBC 40th percentile 116-93
Unreserved-PH 45th percentile 116-93
SC/ST/OBC-PH 40th percentile 104-93

2021, 2020, and 2019 NEET MBBS/BDS Cutoff Dates - Previous Year Patterns

Category NEET cut off percentile NEET Cut off 2021 scores NEET Cut off 2020 scores NEET cut off 2019 scores
Unreserved 50th percentile 720-138 720-147 701-134
SC/ST/OBC 40th percentile 137-108 146-113 133-107
Unreserved-PH 45th percentile 137-122 146-129 133-120
SC/ST/OBC-PH 40th percentile 121-108 128-113 119-107

NEET 2022 Expected Marks Vs Ranks

NEET marks NEET ranks
720 - 715 1 - 19
710 - 700 23 - 202
698 - 690 204 - 512
688 - 680 522 - 971
679 - 670 992 - 1701
669 - 660 1702 - 2751
659 - 650 2759 - 4163
649 - 640 4170 - 6061
639 - 630 6065 - 8522
629 - 620 8535 - 11463
619 - 610 11464 - 15057
609 - 600 15070 - 19136

Tie-breaking Procedure for the NEET Cut off in 2023

When there is a tie for first place among two or more candidates, the NEET Cut off qualifying scores to determine the winner. To break a tie in the NEET results, the following steps are in order of preference. The previous approach of using age to break a tie has this year, according to the most recent NEET latest news for 2023.

  • Biology scores: Candidates with Biology (Botany and Zoology) scores or percentiles preference on the NEET merit list.
  • Higher scores in Chemistry: If a tie persists, the applicant with the higher scores or percentile in Chemistry into consideration.
  • If there is still a tie, students who attempted fewer correct and incorrect answers have a higher ranking.
  • 2023 NEET Cut off for Admission: Aspirants must check the final NEET rank on which they get admission.

State Quota (85%) vs. All India Quota (15%) for NEET Cut off Marks

Admission to seats under the 15% All India and 85% State Quotas based on the NEET Cut off 2023. The admission to roughly 12000 MBBS and BDS seats in India's medical and dental institutes determines the All India Rank list based on the NEET Cut off score. The relevant admission authority will create a merit list based on the NEET Cut off-score for 85% of state quota seats.

The 23 AIIMS and 2 JIPMER institutions will participate in NEET counselling and won't hold any separate entrance tests.

NEET Cut off 2023: Admission and Qualification

Particulars NEET qualifying marks 2023 NEET Admission Cutoff
Published By National Testing Agency (NTA) State conducting authorities, the Medical Counselling Committee
How to check? Candidates can log onto the NEET 2023 result portal and get the NEET qualifying cutoff scores for 2023. On the official website of the state authorities, you may view the starting and ending rank and scores.
Purpose of Cutoff Aspirants utilise the NEET qualifying cutoff to determine their eligibility for the medical entrance exam. The admission cut-off is the last rank at which a student gets admission into a medical college.
Institute Specific No Yes
Category Specific, Yes Yes
Used for Admissions No Yes

NEET Cut off 2023: FAQs

Q1. What is the cutoff score of NEET?

Ans. For NEET 2022, the general category cutoff score was 50%, PH candidates needed a score of 45%, and candidates from the reserved category needed a score of 40%. After the NEET 2023 exam is on May 7, 2023, the NTA will announce the NEET Cut off 2023.

Q2. Is 600 a good score in NEET?

Ans. 600 scores indicate candidates that have a high chance of admission to top government medical schools. A GPA of 590 or higher will get you into the state's top colleges through the state quota. You can beat the State quota with a score of 480 or above.

Q3. In 2023, will the NEET Cut off decrease?

Ans. Given that the paper was easier than last year's, the NEET predicted cutoff for 2023 is likely to rise to approximately 610 for government MBBS seats for the General category for AIQ, according to Resonance's study of expected cutoff values.

Q4. Is the NEET 2023 exam difficult or simple?

Ans. The NEET 2023 exam analysis determined that the exam's difficulty level was moderate. NEET 2023 Biology was moderate while Physics was simple. In comparison to other disciplines, chemistry was challenging in NEET 2023.

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