10 Mistakes You Might Make While Preparing For NTPC paper

Feb 17, 2023, 16:45 IST

RRB NTPC is considered to be one of the challenging examinations as conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board. Candidates who want to work for the government and earn excellent wages with other bonuses and privileges have a fantastic opportunity through the NTPC RRB examination.

The number of applicants for the Railway NTPC exam is staggering each year. You must be confident and well-prepared if you want to ace the test and receive high marks. Visit the RRB NTPC website to view the whole RRB NTPC exam schedule. The candidates need to ensure that they do not make any mistakes in order to prepare for the NTPC exam effectively.

Candidates may make mistakes for a variety of reasons, including poor planning, a lack of drive, a lack of mentor assistance, etc. So, here are the worst blunders candidates make when getting ready for the NTPC exam.

  1. Not following the syllabus

The most crucial component of every exam is preparing according to the syllabus. Being thorough with the syllabus is vital since it serves as a roadmap for the preparation process. Although the NTPC syllabus is extensive, it does not cover all topics. Due to the syllabus, there are limits to your preparation. Therefore, following the curriculum greatly aids in time savings and exam preparation.

  1. Not developing a preparatory plan

Candidates frequently begin their exam preparation in a hurry, working without a strategy and in a disorganized way. This wastes time, confounds them, and lessens efficacy. In order to prepare effectively, it is crucial to comprehend the syllabus, segment and further segment the subject, plan a study programme that covers all the topics, and adhere to the timetable.

  1. Not understanding the basics

Most applicants frequently skip past the fundamentals and jump right into the harder sections or questions. This is known as skipping the topics or sections. Sometimes applicants will even omit courses from the curriculum, particularly mathematics, and only answer questions about the subjects they are proficient in. Candidates should be aware that conceptual clarity is crucial because it makes solving challenging problems much easier when the fundamentals are solid.

  1. Having too much study material

The proverb "too many cooks spoil the soup" is applicable here in reference to having too many study materials for one subject. The preparation will be hampered if one topic or section is prepared from too many different sources. The NTPC test has a broad syllabus, but it does not imply you need to read a tonne of books and preparation materials. It will choose one or two of the best sources for each subject and thoroughly prepare them.

  1. Not Giving Mock Tests

The NTPC exam is extremely tough, and applicants must achieve the minimum cut off marks. This exam includes negative marking in accordance with the pattern. Therefore, mastering the ability of avoiding negative marking by shrewd prediction, quick thinking, and accuracy is crucial. For all of these, consistent practice is required which can be done easily through mock exams. It will enable you to gauge your level of preparedness and adjust your future strategy accordingly.

  1. Ignoring General Awareness Section Preparation

Candidates frequently neglect the preparation for the current affairs/general awareness section. They either put off their preparation, don't prepare it well, or get the incorrect sources to cover them. Candidates should be aware that the most time- and effort-efficient segment of the NTPC exam is general knowledge.

  1. Avoiding routine revision

Candidates sometimes finish one topic and move on to the next without reviewing or making sure the concepts are still retained. Some candidates wait until the night before the exam to start revising at all. There is a good probability that you may forget what you studied in the beginning because the syllabus is so extensive. Making brief notes and reviewing them frequently is the best way to ensure that you remember everything.

  1. Losing Confidence

Candidates lose hope and fall into pressures of all kinds during the protracted preparation period for any competitive exam. Candidates need to be upbeat at this point. They should be self-reliant and have a clear understanding of their objectives.

  1. Too much analysis of Mock tests

Sometimes candidates take their mock test report too seriously and begin condemning themselves before focusing on their errors. This ultimately deters students from performing better on forthcoming practice exams. Therefore, we advise against over analyzing your mock test; instead, simply go over the questions you got wrong, fix them, and move on. It's also a good idea to read through the answers to the questions you marked properly, as doing so frequently introduces us to fresh ideas and concepts.

  1. Completely Relying on Short Tricks

It has been observed that candidates rely solely on quick fixes to answer questions, and while they make an effort to recall each quick fix, when the question is changed, they become perplexed and are unable to attempt the question. It is important to not rely just on quick techniques because fundamental ideas can help you perform well. Shortcuts may help you save time now, but they'll cost you later. Therefore, concentrate more on the ideas than on quick tricks.


To outperform other candidates in RRB NTPC, avoid these typical blunders. Your success in the Railway NTPC test depends on how well you prepare, how confident you feel, and how you approach the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the important NTPC RRB preparation tips?

Ans. You can effectively prepare for the exam by following certain key preparation advice, such as understanding the exam's syllabus and format, conducting adequate review, and taking timely mock exams.

Q2. What are the quantitative aptitude scoring topics for the RRB NTPC Exam?

Ans. In the quantitative aptitude section, the scoring topics are Simplification, Percentage, Average, and Number Series.

Q3. What are the high-scoring topics in the RRB NTPC exam's logical reasoning section?

Ans. Series, non-verbal reasoning, and coding-decoding are the reasoning topics that are most scoring.

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