A Guide to SCRA Railway Exam - Mastering the Syllabus

Feb 28, 2023, 16:45 IST

SCRA or Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) is a national level entrance exam conducted every year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The exam demands students complete dedication and study plan that needs to be followed strictly as each year there are only around 10 vacancies. The SCRA exam was started in 1927.

Canidates who clear this competitive exam get a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering after successful completion of four years of rigrous training in Mechanical Enigneering at Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur. This BE degree is recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education.

If you are the one who is preparing for SCRA 2023 exam, then this article is beneficial for you. It is because you will find every minute detail on how to prepare the complete syllabus for the SCRA RRB exam in oder to get top rank through this article. So, read it till the end and get your name listed in the list of top ranker.

SCRA Exam Pattern 2023

UPSC SCRA 2023 exam will be conducted in two levels. The level 1 in SCRA exam pattern is a wriiten examination that includes 3 tests with each test carries 200 marks. The type of the questions asked in the level 1 exam is MCQs. Students will be awarded (+1) for each correct answer whereas there are no negative markings for the questions that are attempted wrong.

The following are the tests students need to clear in the level 1 along with their marking scheme.

Paper Subjects Duration Maximum Marks
Paper 1 General Ability Test (English, General Knowledge and Psychological Test) 2 hours 200
Paper 2 Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) 2 hours 200
Paper 3 Mathematics 2 hours 200

The level 2 is a personality test conducted for the students who qualify the level 1 (written examination).

SCRA 2023 Syllabus

The standard of the SCRA 2023 syllabus is CBSE Class 12th (or equivalent). Here, we have covered all the topics covered in each subject of the SCRA RRB syllabus.

Paper 1. General Ability

  • Psychological Test - The questions raised in this test are based on mechanical aptitude and basic intelligence.
  • English - The questions raised in this section aims to test the candidates command in English Language.
  • General Knowledge - The questions raised in this section aims to test the general awareness of the candidate. Some of the important topics from which questions can be raised in General Knowledge are the Evolution of Life, Man & Environment, Plants & Animals, Solar system and the earth, Money and Taxation Price, History, Politics & Society in India, Constitution of India and its features, major political idealogies, World organisation, Broad features of Indian social system, Social disorganisation in India, and more.

Paper 2. Physical Science


The topics from which questions are generally raised in Physics are:

  • Measurements of Time and Mass,
  • Newton’s Law of Motion
  • Moment of a Force
  • Newton’s Law of Gravitation
  • Principle of Archimedes
  • Wave Motion
  • Reflection and Refraction of Light
  • Electric Charge
  • Electric Field
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Coulomb’s Law
  • Chemical effects of Current
  • Magnetic effects of Current
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Cathode Rays
  • And more


In Chemistry, questions are asked from Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Let’s know the topics included in each.

Physical Chemistry

Following are the different topics included in the Physical Chemistry

  • Atomic structure
  • Chemical Bonding, electro-valent, co-valent, coordinate covalent bonds.
  • Energy changes in a chemical reaction.
  • Chemical Equilibria and rates of reactions.
  • Solutions - True solutions, colloidal solutions and suspensions.
  • Electro-Chemistr.
  • Oxidation
  • Natural and Artificial Radioactivity

Inorganic Chemistry

Following are the different topics included in the Inorganic Chemistry

  • Hydrogen
  • Group I Elements
  • Group II Elements
  • Group III Elements
  • Group IV Elements
  • Group V Elements
  • Group VI Elements
  • Group VII Elements
  • Group O. (Noble gases) Helium and its uses
  • Metallurgical Processes

Organic Chemistry

Following are the different topics included in the Inorganic Chemistry

  • Tetrahedral nature of carbon, Hybridisation and sigma pie bonds and their relative strength.
  • General methods of preparation, properties and reaction of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes, Petroleum and its refining..
  • Halogen derivatives
  • Hydroxy Compounds
  • Ethers
  • Aldehydes and ketones
  • Nitro compounds amines
  • Carboxylic acid.
  • Esters
  • Polymers
  • Nonstructural treatment of Carbohydrates, Fats and Lipids, amino acids and proteins - Vitamins and hormones.

Test 3. Mathematics

The questions in the Mathematics test will be raised from the following topics in the exam:

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytic Geometry (two dimensions):
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus and Differential equations
  • Vectors and its applications
  • Statistics and probability:

Personality Test Syllabus

In Personality test, each candidate will be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a record of candidates both academic and extramural.

The questions in this test will be asked on matters of general interest. Special attention will be paid to assess the candidates potential qualities of:

  • Leadership,
  • Initiative and intellectual curiosity,
  • Tact and other social qualities,
  • Mental and physical energy,
  • Power of practical application and,
  • Integrity of character.

Preparation Tips To Master SCRA Railway Syllabus For Each Subject

One of the primary tips to master SCRA on the first attempt is to get a clear idea about the SCRA syllabus. Again, the syllabus covers all the topics which you should study thoroughly to ace the exams. The detailed preparation tipc to master every topic of SCR Railway syllabus is as follows:

Tips to Qualify SCRA General Ability Test

The general ability test includes tests on general awareness, English, and psychological tests.

  • General awareness - This test checks the candidate’s general awareness and knowledge on current affairs. Again, the questions can revolve around the environment, history, society, politics, national and international events, etc. Therefore, reading daily newspapers and journals, watching the news, and consulting books on current affairs are some of the important tips to qualify the SCRA general ability test.
  • English - This part contains questions to test the command over English Language. Candidates should read more English books and solve question papers to improve vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.
  • Psychological test - psychological test includes questions that try to judge your basic intelligence and mental aptitude. The questions are based on logical reasoning and analytical abilities. For preparation, you should start reading self-development books and divert your thinking in a positive direction. Be a solution-oriented person for every problem.

Tips to Qualify SCRA Physical Science Test

As a matter of fact, regular study, practice, and revision are the main tips to qualify the SCRA physical science test. It includes two subjects: Physics and Chemistry.


The preparation for this subject requires study of topics as given in the syllabus along with solving sample question papers. Consulting good study materials on physics can help a lot to clear the concepts.


  • The preparation tips include remembering the formula and equations related to chemistry. Note making and consulting solved question papers develops the ability to handle different types of questions from physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry.
  • Revision of topics is extremely beneficial for candidates to make the preparation fruitful. During revision, you would first refer to the notes, and consequently, clear your doubts.
  • Moreover, you should take the help of reference study materials to get a better understanding of concepts. These revision tips for SCRA help you crack the SCRA exam successfully.

Tips to Qualify SCRA Mathematics Test

The tips to qualify SCRA mathematics test focus mainly on practicing with previous years’ question papers. Subsequently, it will give you a fair idea about the question pattern and also important topics that you need to put more focus on.

More practice will help clarify your concepts on various mathematical problems and improve your analytical ability and speed of computations.

Best Reference Books For SCRA Preparation

Books Category Topics Author
Solved Papers Self Study Guide for SCRA M.K. Aggarwal
Solved Papers Solved Papers F-2005 SCRA Arihant Books
UPSC SCRA Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination Dr. Janmejay Dr. Arman Shukla Abhishek Kuma
UPSC SCRA Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination R. Gupta
General Ability Objective General English R. S. Aggarwal
UPSC E.S. General Ability GKP
General Knowledge General Knowledge Digest 2016 Ukar's Publication

Ending Note

This article intends to provide some useful tips to master SCRA rrb 2023 exam to candidates and guide them follow suitable steps toward getting good results.

The article gives a thorough overview of the syllabus of SCRA 2023 and provides tips on how to prepare each and every topic covered in the syllabus that would help students to fetch good scores,

Apart from these tips, if you looking for online classes that help you resolve you doubt and make your SCRA rrb preparation more effective, then PhysicsWallah online classes in a one-stop solutionthat offer candidates with opportunities to make effective use of the classes, study materials, and other guidelines that would surely help them to score top ranks in the upcoming RRB exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are candidates allowed to use calculator during examination?

Ans. No, candidates are not allowed to use calculator to solve objective type questions in the exam.

Q2. When will the SCRA 2023 exams be conducted?

Ans. SCRA 2023 exam will tentateluvy be condcued in the month of July. The notifications fo the same may be released in the month of February 2023.

Q3. How can candidates check SCRA RRB results?

Ans. Candidates are suggested to follow the below steps to check SCRA RRB result:

  1. Step - Vist UPSC official Website (www.upsc.gov)
  2. Step - Click on the ‘UPSC SCRA 2023 Result’. A PDF will appear with the Roll Number of shortlisted candidates.
  3. Step - Download the UPSC SCRA RRB 2023 Result PDF.
  4. Step - Search your Roll Number in the given list carefully.

Candidates sre suggested to keep their SCRA RRB scorecard safely until the last date of the selection process.

Q4. What are most important SCRA preparation tips?

Ans. The most important SCRA preparation tips candidates need to follow are:

  • Strengthen your fundamental concepts for the topics covered in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of CBSE Class 12 syllabus.
  • Read newspapers, magazines and national journals on a regular basis to increase your General Knowledge
  • Practice and revise the basic rules of English grammar and vocabulary.
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