How to prepare for RRB NTPC general awareness

Nov 24, 2022, 16:45 IST

The RRB NTPC exams are approaching soon. So here is the best practise to prepare for your general awareness exam for RRB NPTC. RRB NTPC Exam is a yearly test for selecting various positions in the railway sector. The exam is held in an online mode with multiple-choice questions type from several areas.

The RRB NTPC test is divided into two phases CBT 1 and CBT 2. RRB NTPC opens a total of 35208 vacancies in positions such as Station Master, Ticket Clerk, Goods Guard, Junior Clerk, Train Clerk, Jr Accountant, Typist, and others.

How to prepare for RRB NTPC general awareness

You must complete the online test series to pass the Railway NTPC 2023 exam.

However, to crack the railway NTPC 2023, you need to be prepared properly. Here is a complete details on how to prepare for RRB NTPC general awareness test. Check out the article for more details.

One can suely prepare for RRB NTPC general awareness by following the 4 methods-

  1. Know the syllabus
  2. Get a brief update for topics of general awareness
  3. Know the best books of general awareness and catch a hold of it
  4. Grasp the tips from the PW specialist and go for it

Syllabus of general awareness

The NTPC aspirants can get a higher score in the General Awareness area. The difficulty level of the questions in this section is moderate compared to other sections. However, for which the candidates must keep up with daily news and current events to ace the General Awareness section.

The General Awareness component of the RRB NTPC test has the most weightage. The 1st part of this section is 40 marks in the first stage of CBT. Similarly, the 2nd section will consist of 50 marks in the second stage of CBT. As a result, applicants must prepare thoroughly to do well in this General Awareness (GA).

  • Art and Culture of India,
  • Current Events of National and International Importance (Current Affairs),
  • Games and Sports,
  • Indian Literature, Monuments and Places of India,
  • General Science and Life Science (up to 10th CBSE),
  • History of India and Freedom Struggle,
  • Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India and the World,
  • Indian Polity and Governance- constitution and political system,
  • General Scientific and Technological Developments, including the Space and Nuclear Program of India,
  • UN and Other important World Organizations,
  • Environmental Issues Concerning India and World at Large,
  • Basics of Computers and Computer Applications, Common Abbreviations,
  • Transport Systems in India,
  • Indian Economy,
  • Famous Personalities of India and the World,
  • Flagship Government Programs,
  • Flora and Fauna of India,

Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of India, Current GK, etc.

Importance topic of general awareness

Here are list to topics for general awareness in brief-

  • Culture

This section covers various styles of dance and song, festivals, the culture of different states, languages and ethics. If a state has lately been in the news, it increases relevance.

  • Latest Developments and Current Affairs of the World

This section will include information about nuclear power plants, electricity plants, space programme advances, and technology developed by various institutes such as IITs and DRDO.

  • Latest Developments and Current Affairs of India

This part would include Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History, as well as fundamental constitutional frameworks, essays, and world history. Examine the NCERT or an essential reference book.

  • Geography-India and the World

India's Physical Geography is concerned with the country's physical characteristics. Social geography is concerned with human communities, whereas economic geography is concerned with the geographical variation of human economic activities.

  • Indian and World Economy

This part would include the world economy as well as the Indian Economy, GDP, liberalization, privatization and globalization, human per capita., Examine the NCERT, an essential reference book, and a class 10-12 ecocnomic book.

  • Sports

This might feature both static information and current events. Important tournaments, winners, and so on which have occurred recently or in the past may be relevant to test.

  • Politics and Governance

This topic discloses students to the fundamental principles and critical aspects of politics and government from a historical and institutional standpoint.

  • Science and Technology

For this section, one must refer NCERT science book for classes 6 to class 10 of all three subdivisions of science branches- physics, biology and chemistry. A thorough reading of this science section and notes summary will work best.

  • Books and Authors

You can gradually research this section or visit PW's official page for better reference.

  • People and Places

Famous people who have made headlines and others who have made significant contributions to a particular subject will be studied.

  • Flora and fauna

This section provides knowledge about parks, ecological reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries, which can be static or current affairs based.

Best books to refer to in RRN NTPC general awareness

  1. General Knowledge Manual by Pearson
  2. General Knowledge by Prabhat Prakashan
  3. General Knowledge by Arihant
  4. General Knowledge by Lucent
  5. S Chand Advanced Objective General Knowledge by RS Aggarwal

General Studies by Disha

Tips to prepare for general awareness RRB NTPC

  1. Practise daily quizzes and general knowledge-based QNA

We frequently engage in video games in our spare time, but we overlook that they do not change anything around us or even within us. We must discontinue the practice if we aren't benefiting anything from it. There are several substitutes available to help an aspirant quit this behaviour. Instead, try practising quiz questions and competing with individuals who share your interests to make it an entertaining hobby. Make a challenging task topic and attempt to have a debate about it.

  1. Know your syllabus

Candidates must be well-versed in general knowledge themes such as history, geography, economics, and basic science. They can increase their understanding of these topics by reading books and publications and visiting internet resources.

  1. Go for the previous year's paper

Papers from Previous Years for NTPC Preparation, every candidate should first look over the documents to get a sense of the level and types of questions that will be asked in the test.

Analyzing past years' papers can help you prepare for the NTPC exam and get the desired results. You will also have an advantage if you receive the identical question in your examination.

  1. Attempt for as many mock tests as you can

Without self-evaluation, no preparation is complete. Mock exams ensure your practice, and your result analysis enables you to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Try completing sectional GK exams and full-length mocks to analyze your performance. With each practice session, try to increase your score and time spent on the General Awareness part. Regular mock tests can improve your speed and daily score, which will help you reach a target.

  1. Revise, revise and revise

The primary keys to succeeding in this part are consistency and practice. If you study the GA portion regularly, you can ace it and optimize your exam result. Create a daily calendar or time chart in which you allocate at least 1 hour each day to the GA portion.

  1. Read newnespaper

Reading the newspaper regularly is the best way to stay updated on current events. You can consult many newspapers or weekly magazines or download Twitter or other applications related to news and current affairs on your phone; regularly keeping an eye on the recent updates is best.

Prepare daily Current Affairs, which will provide you with a summary of the day's essential news. You can assist daily exams here to ensure an adequate strategy for General awareness.

  1. Youtube surfing

While many students choose to take coaching programmes, others cannot afford them. Furthermore, some students choose self-study over attending institutes. These students can use freely available web resources and recorded videos to their advantage.

YouTube is the most excellent place to find such video content. Many YouTube channels provide free resources to NTPC candidates to help them prepare. These channels feature reputable professors and tutors who freely share their expertise on Youtube.

Physics Wallah is the best and trending youtube channel for RRB NTPC preparation for general awareness.

  1. Managing notes

Go for making self-notes of whatever you read and learn. You can study static GK notes and create your own notes for all of the necessary facts. The benefit of making self-notes is that you recall information fast, and because the static component will not change, you may also refer to these notes in the future.


  • RRB NTPC General Awareness is one of the essential areas for the candidates appearing for the RRB NTPC Exam. The aspirants of RRB NTPC can score well in this section only if they are aware of current affairs and the happenings worldwide. Hence, the candidates need to prepare for this section well in advance.
  • To conclude, there are a few pointers that you must take to prepare for the RRB NTPC General Awareness test.
  • First, reading newspapers and books should brush up on your general knowledge.
  • Second, you should take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam's format and difficulty level.
  • Candidates should focus on current affairs and static topics such as history and geography and read as much as possible.
  • Finally, you should make a study plan and stick to it. By following these steps, you will be well on. While there is no perfect way to prepare for the exam, following these steps will improve your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the best practise to crack NTPC general awareness?


  • Try to learn everything enthusiastically and focus on your goal.
  • Read questions with curiosity rather than rushing.
  • Make it routine to read at least 200 to 400 questions daily.
  • Try to get the highest possible grade while attempting your mock test.
  • Your goal should be to receive something other than 50/50 marks. Aim for 40-45 points, and you'll be OK.
  • Prepare to be best in the general knowledge area.
  • The question weightage should be more on between static subjects and historical events.
  • Read the book to clarify your idea.
  • Try to review what you've learnt on the same day.

Q2. Is RRB NTPC general awareness difficult to pass?

Ans. If candidates deliberately want to prepare and crack RRB NTPC, they can crack it in one go if they follow all the tricks and tips.

Q3. How many hours of preparation is best for preparation for RRB NTPC general awareness exam?

Ans. 2-3 Hours of preparation is enough to crack RRB NTPC in one attempt.

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