How to Score 80+ in RRB Group D Examination

Jun 19, 2023, 16:45 IST

Preparing for the Railway Group D exams requires consistent hard work and smartness in approaching the exam. While it may appear challenging, getting ready for Group D exams is not particularly hard. Candidates can easily achieve high marks in this section by spending at least five to six hours a day studying for it.

Here are a few of the features of the Railway Group D exams

  • A computer-based test, a physical efficiency test, document verification, and a medical exam all factor into the RRB Group D selection process.
  • Qualifying for positions often requires passing a physical performance exam.
  • Candidates for RRB Group D must go through each stage of the recruitment procedure.
  • The RRB Group D examinations cover mathematics, general science, intelligence, and general knowledge.
  • Under the negative marking scheme, you'll lose a third of a point for every wrong answer you submit.
  • Each accurate response will be worth one mark.

How to Score 80+ in RRB Group D Examination

How to prepare for the RRB Group D mathematics section

As applicants prepare for the Railway Group D syllabus, they should bear in mind the following to prepare for the mathematics section:

  • After learning the material included in the RRB Group D mathematics syllabus, differentiate between your weak and strong areas.
  • Establish a manageable short-term objective and then work toward it.
  • Create a study plan to help you master the fundamentals while boosting your performance in troublesome areas.
  • Make regular use of free mock exams and sample questions from prior years available online.

How to prepare for the RRB Group D general intelligence section

This portion can be easily aced with the help of tried-and-tested study strategies.

The pointers below can help you ace the general intelligence and reasoning section of the railway exam syllabus:

  • The ability to reason and use logic can always be developed with practice.
  • Once a candidate has a solid grasp of the material, they should identify areas in which they are strong and weak.
  • The weaker parts will require special attention, so it's important to construct a study plan around them.
  • Regular practice with mock exams is essential for familiarising oneself with the format of a test in general intelligence and reasoning.
  • Prepare for the RRB Group D test by solving sample questions from previous years.

How to prepare for the RRB Group D general knowledge section

If you want to do well on a general knowledge test, you need always be aware of what's happening in the world. You can increase your general knowledge and awareness by reading newspapers daily and testing your knowledge with quizzes focused on current events. Remember to:

  • Learn the material.
  • Solve RRB practice papers regularly.
  • Keep up with current news.

How to prepare for the RRB Group D science section

Candidates solving the general science section of the RRB Group D exams should review their science notes from high school and college. Most questions in the RRB Group D exams will be drawn from the same material covered in 10th and 12th-grade school curricula, so brushing up on the material with the help of NCERT books is a good idea. For more help getting ready for the general science section, consider these tips:

  • Candidates can better assess their strengths and weaknesses by thoroughly studying the RRB Group D syllabus for the general science section.
  • Taking advantage of the various free mock tests available online is a great way to prepare for the RRB Group D exams and get a feel for the test's format.
  • Studying NCERT notes for introductory-level physics, chemistry and biology will be enough to prepare for the general science section.

General study advice for the RRB Group D exam

Here are a few broad hints for candidates taking the Railway Group D exams

  • Learn the exam structure and contents
  • Before beginning their studies, candidates should familiarise themselves with the exam's format and content. Learn the broad framework of the exams by familiarising yourself with the exam pattern.
  • The syllabus informs students of the material they must study to succeed in the test. With this approach, participants can better prepare for the test.  

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Get everything on the curriculum out of the way

  • All of the material in the course outline needs to be covered, and students shouldn't forget to review the basics.
  • Just think theoretically and conceptually for now. Examine the list of topics and review the most often mentioned ones.

Put together a study schedule

  • A well-organized study schedule is essential to ace the Railway RRB Group D exams.
  • Create a prioritized list of subjects and divide your revision time between them in proportion to how well you know the material.
  • Pay attention only to material you already know and understand while revising.


Keep in mind that your main goal is to pass the computer-based test of the RRB Group D exam. You will learn from your shortcomings every time you go through a railway Group D book or take a practice exam. The more you study for the RRB Group D 2023 exam, the less likely you will make a mistake on the test day. Visit Physicswallah to get help yourself with a vast variety of mock tests and curricula for your exam preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How important are practice tests while preparing for the RRB Group D exams?

Ans. Each practice test failure is an opportunity for improvement. It is crucial to see the process or reasoning behind the right answer so that candidates can learn from their mistakes.

Q2. How do I get 80+ marks in RRB Group D exams?

Ans. Practice is key to doing well in the Railway RRB Group D exams. Candidates should spend as much time as possible studying sample questions, past papers, and practice examinations. This will help you feel more at ease with the material and overcome any last-minute nerves.

Q3. How do I clear the science section of the RRB Group D exams?

Ans. Candidates can easily pass the RRB Group D exams with a firm grasp of foundational ideas and a well-thought-out approach to preparation.

Q4. How do I improve my reasoning skills for RRB Group D exams?

Ans. Puzzles and mind-bending games are great ways to hone your reasoning skills for the RRB Group D exams.

Q5. Which section of the RRB Group D exams can I score the most?

Ans. The general intelligence and reasoning section of the RRB Group D exams may appear to be difficult. Still, it is one of the few topics in which students can earn the maximum possible score.

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