Top 10 Success Stories: How These Candidates Aced The RRB Exam

Mar 16, 2023, 16:45 IST

Learning from others' experiences is a great way to start your preparation journey with respect to the RRB examinations. Knowledge about the vacancies, paper patterns and syllabus is very important for the aspirants. However, To know more about these, visit the official RRB website.

Railways is divided into 21 territorial zones. These days aspirants desire a hassle-free and safe job. RRB vacancies offer a wide range of benefits to such job seekers. Here are some of the RRB exam preparation tips by the toppers themselves to help candidates shine and reach their goals. clearly, using these tips by the toppers will help you to ace your preparation.

Top 10 Success stories of Toppers

Here are some of the most important tips by the toppers of different RRB exam, to help you prepare for the battle in the examination hall. You can refer the points suggested by the toppers. Most importantly, Chalk out your very own strategy and timetable to qualify the RRB examination.

Shilpi Raj- RRB PO Exam Topper -

She got graduated and started preparing for this exam in May 2019. She qualified for all the prelims that year but none of the mains exam was cleared. She appeared again for all the banking exams in 2020 and could not qualify prelims. She was disheartened. Finally, in 2021, she identified her weaknesses and strengths and worked really hard on it and after a lot of failures could clear the RRB PO exam 2021 and made to the final list.

Learnings from her experience -

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Complete the grammar section of English and read 2 articles at least a day.
  3. Solve daily quizzes.
  4. Clear the mathematical concepts first and then solve questions. Practice mock tests.
  5. Watch daily Current affairs from Youtube.

Sushil - RRB PO Exam -

He started preparing for this examination in 2020. He could not qualify for IBPS PO 2020 and SBI PO 2020 but qualified for both RRB PO 2021 and SBI JA 2021. His journey was interesting and will help you even to know what works while preparing for RRB exams.

Learnings from his experience -

  1. Practice mocks sectional.
  2. Multiple revisions is the key.
  3. Preparation through YouTube is also possible.
  4. Consistency is the key.

Priyanka Chauhan - RRB PO Exam -

She started preparing in 2018. In 2018, she joined offline coaching. In 2019, she gave her second attempt of the bank po exams, but only pre was qualified not mains because she didn't focus much on the quant section and GA section. In 2020, she started online coaching for the same. But in 2020, all pre-exams qualified but missed the final cutoff by 0.25 in sbi clerk and sectional cutoff in IBPS PO. She did not lose hope and worked on her weak points. Eventually, in 2021 she qualified sbi clerk, RRB PO and is also giving other POmains.

Learnings from her experience-

  1. Do basics of Maths first
  2. Regularly solve the puzzles
  3. Watch current affairs videos daily and practice MCQ of CA from 4-5 previous months. Dedicate Sunday for the revision of current affairs.

Sandeep Kumar - RRB Clerk -

Sandeep Kumar was determined and decided to prepare for Banking and Railway exams. He started his prepartion for the bank exam in 2020. Eventually, He qualified for RRB OA, HPSCB, IDBI AM exams and other exams like IBPS PO.

Learnings from his experience -

  1. Read editorials regularly
  2. Cover basics first and then practice Quiz daily.
  3. you can prepare Computer awareness using Youtube and telegram pdfs.

Pooja Sharma - RRB Clerk -

‘Kabhi Giveup Mat kariye” is the only advice she gives to the aspirants preparing for RRB examination. She was 22 and qualified exams two times in a row. She suggested working on the strengths will help you in qualifying the exam.

Finally, the learning from her experience -

  1. Read newspapers daily. It helps in enhancing your comprehension skills.
  2. Mugging up English grammar rules doesn't help. It is suggested to you to practice mocks.
  3. Most importantly, Work on your weaknesses.

Vaibhav Meena - RRB clerk 2020 -

Vaibhav Meena stated that he was not well versed in Mathematics. He suggested to the candidates that if you are weak at one subject then make the other subject your strong base. He faced hurdles in mathematics and he didn’t clear the sectional cut-off of IBPS PO of quantitative aptitude. Now after working hard in the Quant section today, he qualified for most of the banking exams.

Eventually, the Learnings from his experience-

  1. Prepare quant and reasoning sections
  2. Read the Hindu newspaper daily.
  3. Don’t anticipate the results. Just work hard for it.

Bhukya Veeranna - RRB Clerk MP grameen bank-

He has summed up his entire success journey in two words which is Hard Work. His weak point was English. After multiple failures, he qualified for the exam finally and is working at MP Grameen Bank. Learnings from his experience -

  1. Do smart plus hard work. In addition, Practice mocks.
  2. Wake up early and maintain an early morning schedule.
  3. Definitely, Newspapers help a lot.

Vikas Gupta - RRB PO -

His journey was one which can be compared to a rollercoaster ride. He qualified for all prelims examinations from different PO exams in 2019 but the mains examinations were a setback. Ultimately, he studied hard and now working as a clerk in PNB. Learnings from his experience-

  1. Practice for 5-6 hours daily.
  2. Practice more and more mocks.
  3. To prepare for General awareness he referred to youtube videos.

Rohit Kumar - RRB Officer Scale I -

His preparation strategy was to clear his basics of all subjects that is Maths, Reasoning, and English. After that, he started giving mocks and he said that with the help of mock exams only he was able to achieve this success.

Learnings from his experience -

  1. Analysis of mocks is very important. Only knowing what subjects to focus on will help you clear this exam.
  2. Reading newspaper is important for current affairs. Moreover, Reading editorials will help you to command on vocabulary.
  3. Definitely, Patience and consistency is the key in these exams.

Madhu Chandra R- RRB PO -

Madhu chandra started preparing for banking exams in Aug 2020, he cleared basics and learnt different approaches first for 3 months, then after analysing he practised extensively using his strengths and mock tests. Although he failed to clear mains in first attempt by 2 marks. But later by his persistent behaviour, he Qualified for RRB PO and Clerk in 2021.

Lastly the Learnings from his experience -

  1. You should read the current affairs and newspaper daily.
  2. Practice mocks extensively.
  3. Eventually, Regular hard work is the key.

Consequently, by Referring to the strategies of toppers, draw a strategy map for yourself. You should start preparing for the RRB exam comprehensively so that you prepare all the sections well. Also, regular visits to the official website are a must while preparing. It will help you to get to know any abrupt changes in the syllabus, dates or paper pattern beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the RRB exam Age limit eligibility conditions?

Ans. Minimum age required to appear for any of the RRB exams is 18 years but the upper age limit for different RRB exams is different for different posts. RRB NTPC Age Limit is up to 30 years, the RRB ALP age limit is up to 28 years and RRB JE upper Age limit differs as per the posts. Also, the relaxations in age are provided to differently-abled population.

Q2. Where can candidates find information on various RRB exams?

Ans. All the information regarding the RRB exam is available on the RRB official website. Also, the candidates should apply using the official website only.

Q3. Which language is used in the RRB exam?

Ans. Apart from English and Hindi the RRB Exam recruitment is conducted in 13 languages. Additional 13 languages are Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Konkani, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and Urdu.

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