Top Test Series & Mock Tests for RRB NTPC 2023

Apr 07, 2023, 16:45 IST

Calls for RRB NTPC 2023 will be announced in the coming months. Recruitment includes 35,208 vacancies in the Non-Technical Popularity Category (NTPC).

The RRB NTPC test series will help you achieve good grades to master the exam and prepare in the best possible way for the RRB NTPC. To get your degree and pass your exams with flying colors, Physics Wallah offers his RRB NTPC 2023 test series online.

RRB NTPC Premium Online Test Series

The RRB NTPC Premium Online Test Series contains 120 tests for applicants. This RRB NTPC test series will help the candidate to pass her RRB NTPC exam with flying colors. The contents of the RRB NTPC Premium Test Suite are detailed below.

  • 30 partial tests
  • CBT-I (5 GA, 5 quant, 5 inference)
  • CBT-II (5 GA, 5 Quant, 5 Inference)
  • 30 predecessors (25 CBT-I and 5 CBT-II)
  • 20 topic-related tests (10 quant and 10 reasoning)
  • eBooks (General Consciousness and General Science)
  • Weekly current affairs

Key Features of (Stage 1-2) Free RRB ntpc mock test Mock Tests

Great starting point

Before you start preparing for the NTPC RRB (Level 1) exam, we recommend starting with the RRB NTPC (Level 1) practice exam. It will help you understand the exam pattern and syllabus correctly. You can also assess your current level of readiness and use this as a basis to plan your readiness strategy accordingly.

Improve speed and accuracy

Speed ​​allows you to complete exams on time, but accuracy allows you to try the maximum number of problems in a limited amount of time. The NTPC RRB (Level 1) practice test can help you in this regard.

Revision source

Exam preparation without sufficient repetition is pointless. Take the RRB NTPC Practice Test (Level 1). This will give you the best chance to revise the RRB NTPC syllabus. Go to RRB mock test link to take the test.

Benefits of attempting RRB NTPC (Stage 1) Mock Test Series

Based on the latest test patterns and syllabus

Physics wallah (Level 1) RRB NTPC Mock Test is based on the latest RRB NTPC question patterns, so you can correctly understand the question patterns, question trends, and grade distribution.

In addition, the RRB NTPC (Level 1) mock test allows him to study the syllabus in one go. This will enable you to highlight the most important topics/sections assessed on the exam. After this exercise, you can tailor your preparation strategy to your needs.

Build the right strategy

The RRB NTPC Free Trial Test (Level 1) provides a real exam's real-time experience and environment. This will help you develop the right strategies to conduct effectively on exam day. In addition, plenty of practice with RRB NTPC's free practice test (Level 1) will help reduce nerves during the exam.

Work on your strengths and weaknesses

To assess your readiness for the RRB NTPC (Level 1) exam, you must take the RRB NTPC (Level 1) practice exam. Based on performance, strengths and weaknesses can be identified. Plus, it makes it easier to understand what topics to focus on.

How to attempt the NTPC RRB (Stage 1) Mock Test?

  • Visit the official Physics Wallah website.
  • register yourself
  • Click the Free Practice Tests tab.
  • Afterward, select "RRB NTPC Stage 1" from the "Railways" menu.
  • The RRB NTPC Stage 1 practice test appears on your screen.
  • Click Take Test to start the practice test.

RRB NTPC Selection Process

RRB NTPC Exam Selection Process

The RRB NTPC selection procedure includes

  • Computer-Based Test - I
  • Computer-Based Test - II
  • Skill Test
  • Document Verification
  • Medical Examination

Computer-Based Test - I

  • The RRB NTPC computer-based test includes 30 questions from the Math section of the RRB NTPC exam, with 30 and 40 for general intelligence and reasoning and general perception, respectively.
  • The CBT I of the RRB NTPC exam is given 100 points; each question is scored 1 point, and 1/3 of the point is deducted for incorrect answers.
  • Candidates are given 90 minutes to complete all questions on the RRB NTPC exam, with an additional 30 minutes allotted to candidates with benchmark failures.

Computer-Based Test - II

  • Candidates to qualify for the second level of computer-based exams must have 20 times the number of seats available in each RRB NTPC exam slot.
  • 120 questions from 3 sections of his RRB NTPC exam for CBT II
  • The RRB NTPC Level II exam is administered on a 120-point basis.
  • Each question on the RRB NTPC exam is given a negative score of 1/3 for each incorrect answer.
  • You will have 90 minutes to solve all questions on the Railway NTPC exam.

RRB NTPC Skill Test

  • Aptitude tests in the rail NTPC selection process are different for all positions.
  • There are two types of proficiency tests. they are
    • Computer-Based Aptitude Test
    • Typing Skill Test
  • A computer-based proficiency test will be administered to approved Level II candidates applying for the positions of Transportation Assistant and Station Master.
  • Typing tests are given to accountant typists, clerk typists, junior timekeepers, junior typists, and senior timekeepers.
  • Pre-selection for computer-based proficiency and typing tests is based on vacancies, with candidates shortlisted at 8x vacancies.

Computer-Based Aptitude Test

  • Candidates must score 42 on the test battery to qualify for the exam. This applies to all groups equally.
  • No negative scores for wrong answers
  • The final merit list for the RRB NTPC document review is made by weighting Computer-Based Aptitude at 30% and Computer-Based Test – II at 70%.

RRB NTPC Typing Skill Test

  • The written exam will be qualifying.
  • Candidate in English has to type 30 words per minute, whereas, in English, he has 25 words per minute.

Document Verification

Candidates who have passed a computerized proficiency test and a typing proficiency test equal to the number of RRB NTPC positions available will be called for a paper review.

Medical Examination

After reviewing the RRB NTPC exam documents, candidates will be given a medical examination to make an appointment.

Understand each stage of her RRB NTPC 2022 selection process to pass the exam.

Section Wise TipsTo Crack the RRB NTPC Exam on the First Attempt?


  • Start preparing with evaluation topics such as averages, percentages, and simplifications.
  • The questions in this section of the RRB NTPC exam involve calculations, so check the correct answers.
  • Use simple tricks and formulas to solve your questions and save time as you prepare.
  • Create an RRB NTPC test suite to practice different problems.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Practice different types of questions for each thinking concept
  • Clarify basic concepts about the topic of discussion
  • Get the question right before proceeding to the answer, don't rush to answer
  • Coding, decoding, series, and non-verbal themes are essential among all

General Awareness

  • Keep up to date with the latest developments and current events by watching the news and reading newspapers
  • Try Physics Wallah's Latest Rail Exam Quiz
  • note and fix current affairs
  • Allow enough time to cover all static concepts in the General Awareness section

Why Choose Physics Wallah For (Stage 1) RRB NTPC Mock Test Series?

  • First, Physics Wallah offers free RRB NTPC (Level 1) practice tests. You don't have to pay a cent to try these practice tests. All you have to do is register on our website.
  • The NTPC RRB (Level 1) practice exam was developed by an expert teacher based on the latest exam template after analyzing his NTPC RRB (Level 1) questionnaire from the previous year.
  • For a clear picture of your performance, you'll receive a comprehensive performance analysis, scorecards, and detailed explanations for better understanding. The' Retry' option is a unique feature provided by the Physics Wallah (Stage 1) RRB NTPC Mock Test. This means you can try the RRB NTPC Free Trial as often as possible to improve your performance.
  • If you encounter a problem during the NTPC RRB (Level 1) practice test, you can report the problem using the Report a Problem option. Your request will be answered as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many languages ​​are available in the free RRB NTPC (Tier 1) practice test suites?

Ans. Practice tests for RRB NTPC (Level 1) are available in English and Hindi. However, if you choose Hindi as your preferred language, the English portion must be taken in English only.

Q2. Can I try the RRB NTPC (Level 1) free practice test again?

Ans. That's right. You can try the RRB NTPC Free Mock Test (Level 1) as often. There is no limit to the number of physics waller attempts.

Q3. Are all RRB NTPC (Stage 1) mock tests compliant with modern test patterns?

Ans. Yes, all RRB NTPC (Stage1) practice tests are developed considering the latest RRB NTPC (Stage1) exam patterns.

Q4. Can I get an analysis report for an attempted RRB NTPC (Level 1) practice test?

Ans. Yes, submit the RRB NTPC (Level 1) practice test, and you will receive a detailed performance analysis. You can carefully review the analysis report and adjust your preparation for the RRB NTPC (Level 1) exam accordingly.

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