Learn To Code: 20 Myths You Need To Know

Sep 23, 2022, 16:45 IST

Nowadays, coding has become a must-have skill for everyone. Being a younger generation or the older, the more you know about coding, the better it becomes. There’re numerous myths about coding, which you guys should know. Unfortunately, the myths are spread by people who don’t know much about programming. To worsen the situation, myths like “I’m too old for coding” and “I’m not smart enough for coding” have stopped many people from getting down the coding path. This post will briefly explain the myths about coding that you need to know.

20 Myths About Coding

  1. Mathematical skills determine your coding skills- There’s a big misconception that you need to be good at maths to learn coding, which is so untrue. It is about writing codes and not mathematical theorems. In coding, you only need the fundamental algebra part of mathematics you learned in school. Other than that, not many mathematical terms are needed in the coding.
  2. Too late to learn to code- It’s never too late to learn. We all know that. Then why do you think about coding like that? You can always learn and understand code. It just needs time and practice to learn to program. Many students don’t have any knowledge or experience in coding, but with time they master the field of web development.
  3. Coding is dull- Some might say that coding is tedious. You can’t be more wrong about it. On your pc or mobile phone, whenever you see a video game or a website, it is designed by a programmer. The one who doesn’t know about coding might say that people know how fascinating coding can be. It always needs a solution to a problem.
  4. You need the very best tools to write codes- It might not be necessary for you to use the best tools for coding. You need to know where to find the solution and the right tools for your need. Using the right tools can save your time, but in the end, you will write the code. So rather than focusing on the devices, try to understand the programming.
  5. You need to be a genius- Anyone willing to learn can do anything, whether coding or anything else. If you wish to become a professional coder in weeks or months, you can’t be more wrong about it. In reality, you need more time and practice to master the skills. Once you understand the way, you can quickly master the skills.
  6. School-going children are too young for coding- Many parents think that children are too young for coding, but they don’t know that the students' brains work faster than any other one. Studies show that students under 18 can excel at a skill or learn a new language more quickly than most other time phases in their life.
  7. Coding will take away the study time of the children- This is another concern for parents that coding will take away the study time of the children and increase their screen time. We understand the problem of the parents, but what they don’t understand is that the coding will help their kids to think logically rather than memorize any concepts. Every parent wants a bright future for their child, and coding will also open several career opportunities for the child.
  8. Coding is not for the old generation- We believe that coding language is frequently changing, but the old generation has what the new generation doesn’t have, which is experience. The older generation is wiser, and they know what they’re doing. And if you know how to write and read, you can learn to code. There’s no age limit to learn anything.
  9. Coding is only for nerds- It is just a stereotypical statement. Some coders are nerds, but not all of them. The coders I know are not nerdy or loners at all. They have a life, hang out with friends just like us, and do various activities. Every person has a personality and a way of living. You can’t compare or judge based on movies and series. They like to exaggerate things.
  10. Coders have no social skills- People often think programmers are loners with poor social skills. The statement is incorrect. Just because coders sit at the corner and do the programming that does not define their social or decision-making abilities. While working on a program, they tend to make many decisions that determine their decision-making abilities. Regarding social skills, the manager with higher authority deals with the people and manages all the activities within and outside the team.
  11. One language is better than another- Developers like to claim that one language is better, but every language has a different role and work. There’s no better or worse; some might be easier to use. It’s all about the role you’re playing or the language you’re using in your work. If you choose what language to learn, first decide which field you want to go into.
  12. It only takes a month to learn to code- It is a hypothetical statement and nothing more. You cannot learn coding or any other thing in a month. Excel is a skill that takes time; you need good knowledge and experience, which only happens with practice. You’ve already heard the phrase “Patience is the key to success.” That’s what you’ve to do, be patient and keep working hard.
  13. You need to have a college degree- You need not have any college degree to become a coder. You can also become a self-made developer by learning online. You can do it by viewing the tutorials online, joining online courses, online communities, or building your projects. There’re various ways to learn and excel in a skill, and you just need to find a way.
  14. Coding is not creative- Who says that coding is not creative? Finding the solution to the problem can be fun and full of creativity. You get a chance to show your creativity while making a video game or a website. Coding is not anything but fun and creative. Many non-coders will overlook the opportunity for creativity in coding but ask the coder about it. They’ll define it as an art.
  15. Young coders think they’re the masters- A young generation often feels they know everything. They're hotshots just because they’re from a new era and have the knowledge, but that can’t be entirely true. The people with experience are no less than them. Anyone can learn to code. It’s just a matter of time. But older people have knowledge and experience, which benefits them.
  16. The software crisis- The software crisis is a myth. The term was introduced in 1968 says to the software crisis, which means software with less efficiency and a high budget. But that’s not true, and they’re just some bugs that are improving with the time being—no need to worry about it. With technological advancement, everything will be fine in no time.
  17. All coders work around the clock- Not all coders work around the clock. You can say that about startups, and they do work around the clock in the beginning. If you’re working on a stable website, you need not work that much. Research suggests that long working hours and sleep deprivation cannot increase productivity. It only makes the person more stressed out.
  18. The faster coder is the best- I’ve heard many people saying that a good coder must write the program faster. But it’s not about the speed but about the candidate's problem-solving ability. You need to work efficiently, not just complete it for time's sake.
  19. Women cannot write code-It is not true that women can’t write code. Ada Lovelace, the first programmer in the world, was also a woman. Those who say that women cannot write code don’t know anything. Even if you look into courses and colleges, you’ll find that the women in the programming are almost the same as the men.
  20. It is mandatory to learn all the syntax before coding- In today’s era, you can find anything on the internet. There’re various tools and libraries where you can find all the syntax and use them accordingly. It’s about the basics that you need to keep in mind. So, learning all the syntax to get into programming is not mandatory.


There’re many more myths about programming which are incorrect. You must first analyze the programming process before reaching any conclusion. They’re just a misunderstanding of a coder or non-coder. You need not worry about that if you want to start coding. You can easily do it without facing any problems. Just keep one thing in mind, i.e., focus and patience. With the will and desire, you’ll achieve your goal in no time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. What are the three facts about coding?

Ans. The three facts from thousands of points are: there are more than 7000 programming languages that are used around the world, the most hated coding languages are Peri, Delphi, and VBA, and more than 60% of coding jobs have nothing to do with technology.

Q2. What is the danger of coding?

Ans. Everything has a positive or negative side; the disadvantage of coding is that anyone can misuse the code to do anything.

Q3. Who invented coding?

Ans. According to the study, Ada Lovelace first introduced coding. She’s the first person to introduce the code to the world, making her the first woman to do that.

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