Which classes is the best for UPSC - Online & Offline

Most UPSC aspirants have been dependent on coaching for their preparation needs and were accustomed to offline coaching. However, due to COVID-led restrictions, online coaching for UPSC garnered huge attention among the aspirants. Now, with the relaxations in restrictions and re-opening of classroom coaching, one of the frequently asked questions among UPSC aspirants is - Which classes are best for UPSC: Online or Offline?

In this article, we will delve deep into understanding the benefits of UPSC coaching and thereafter analyze the pros and cons of both online and offline coaching for UPSC preparation. Let’s get started!

Which classes is the best for UPSC - Online & Offline


Union Public Service Commission conducts the Civil Services Examination (CSE), also known as UPSC CSE or IAS Exam to select suitable candidates for administrative services under the Government of India. Being an exceptionally coveted exam, around 8 to 10 lakh aspirants appear for this exam to fulfil their dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Since it is an extremely competitive exam, students often require coaching to effectively prepare for the exam. While offline coaching has always been the consistent choice for most UPSC aspirants, in the last two years, with the introduction of online coaching, students can choice between online and offline coaching for UPSC preparation.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of coaching for UPSC preparation along with a comparative analysis between the online UPSC preparation and offline formats of coaching.

Benefits of UPSC Coaching

One of the most asked questions, especially from those who are just beginning with their preparation is - Should I take coaching for UPSC preparation? The short answer is yes! For the simple reason that UPSC in itself is a complicated and lengthy examination. UPSC coaching not only equips you with sufficient ammunition for your preparation but also offers great mentorship and support from mentors and peers that take your UPSC preparation to the next level.

Before analyzing which format would be suitable for UPSC preparation between online and offline, let’s first look at the benefits of UPSC coaching:

Systematic Syllabus Coverage

Since UPSC has an extensive syllabus, it is important that you are aware of the most important topics to be able to cover the syllabus strategically. If you’re a fresher in UPSC preparation, it is recommended that you enrol in UPSC coaching that can help you cover the syllabus exhaustively.

Mentorship & Guidance

UPSC is a long and exhausting journey, hence, you’ll need guidance and support from your mentors. UPSC coaching will have mentors who would have trained aspirants like you over the years and will be able to help you with the correct advice to enhance your UPSC preparation.

Peer Learning Opportunities

Having peers and like-minded aspirants make your preparation journey easier. Otherwise, it can become a lonely process. UPSC coaching offers great peer learning opportunities that not only help in Prelims and Mains but also in Interview.

Time Management

Time management is a key skill in UPSC preparation. UPSC coaching often provides the students with a pre-defined schedule and the classes are also held as per that. Hence, students are able to effectively manage their time and preparation while following this schedule.

UPSC Online Coaching-Pros & Cons

UPSC online coaching has indeed reformed and simplified UPSC preparation for aspirants and Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities who cannot afford to relocate to big cities. Let us look at some of the additional pros and cons of UPSC Online coaching.

Pros of UPSC Online Coaching:

  • Access to expert mentors from comfort of your home
  • Flexibility to attend classes
  • Cost-effective preparation
  • Recorded lectures that enhances revision

Cons of UPSC Online Coaching:

  • Minimal one-to-one interaction with mentors/teachers
  • Less effective peer learning
  • No real-time simulated experience for test series

UPSC Offline Coaching-Pros & Cons

Offline coaching has always been the most effective preparation solution for UPSC because of the nature of the UPSC exam. Let’s look at the pros and cons of UPSC offline coaching:

Pros of UPSC Offline Coaching

  • Direct access to UPSC mentors for enhanced preparation guidance
  • Mock tests are closer to UPSC pattern as it provides simulated experience
  • Effective peer group learning

Cons of UPSC Offline Coaching

  • Location-focussed: Students will have to relocate to the location of the coaching.
  • Less Flexible : If you miss a class, you’ll not be able to effectively revise what’s taught in the class.
  • More expensive than online counterpart: The course fees is in lacs for the offline coaching

Which is best for UPSC-Online Vs Offline

  • This is one debate which has strengthened even more after the covid-led restrictions. With the coming of new age online UPSC preparation coaching institutes like PW, which simulate the offline coaching experience, there is no doubt that online coaching for UPSC has become a worthy choice.
  • However, let’s look at some of the factors that can help you in deciding which coaching format is better for you - online or offline for UPSC preparation.

Cost Effectiveness

  • The fees for online UPSC coaching is way lesser than the offline ones. It is because, in online coaching, the infrastructure cost can be totally avoided. There is no compromise on the quality of the classes delivered in the online format. In fact, you get to prepare from the best mentors right from the comfort of your home.


  • Online coaching provides greater flexibility because the live classes are also available in the recorded format. Hence, even if you miss any class, you can revisit the lecture when you’re available. Or if you need to quickly revise any concept, you can just look at the study notes online and recollect the topic for which revision is required.

Interaction with Mentors

  • UPSC mentors play an extremely important role in the overall preparation journey of UPSC aspirants. They guide the student, motivate them to put their best foot forward and counsel them from time to time wherever required. Both online and offline UPSC coaching offers equally adept mentorship support from their mentors.

Peer Learning Opportunities

  • There is no doubt that offline coaching offers more effective peer learning than online coaching. When you go to the coaching and attend classes together, you make friends that stay with you throughout your UPSC preparation journey and afterwards too. Further, the discussions that you do with like-minded UPSC aspirants also allow you to have varied viewpoints on topics that may be asked in the exam or Interview round. Moreover, attending workshops and group discussions with the peer group also makes you confident for the Interview.
  • While online coaching does not have that strong peer learning, some of the best online coaching for UPSC such as PW encourages students to be in touch with each other via Telegram and WhatsApp groups.


Hence, it can be concluded that both formats of coaching have their share of advantages and disadvantages. It is ultimately the requirement at your end as a UPSC aspirant that will help you in deciding which format will work effectively for you.

At PW, we strive to offer the best online coaching for UPSC preparation with the help of our expert mentors who have years of experience in training and mentoring UPSC aspirants. You can explore our courses and test-series to enhance your UPSC preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Which are the best online UPSC classes for Prelims?

Ans. While there are many courses available for online UPSC preparation, PW offers the best online coaching for UPSC that will help you cover not just Prelims but also Mains.

Q.2. Is online coaching better than offline for UPSC?

Ans. It depends on your requirements as well as your current proficiency level. If you’re already aware of the syllabus or are preparing for UPSC alongside your college or job, then it only makes sense to prepare for UPSC through online coaching.

Q.3. Is online coaching for UPSC sufficient?

Ans. While there are many limitations of online UPSC preparation, the fact that it’s extremely convenient still makes it a boon for aspirants who have a time crunch. The ease of access of preparation modules makes it a worthy choice.

Q.4. Can UPSC be cleared with online coaching?

Ans. If you prepare strategically, you will definitely be able to clear the UPSC exam with the help of online UPSC preparation. PW offers the best online coaching for UPSC preparation that can be leveraged for effective preparation.

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