Best Powerful Strategies To Ace SBI Clerk 2022

Date of SBI Clerk Exam 2022: State Bank of India holds the SBI Clerk Exam yearly to select candidates for Junior Associates (Customer Support and Sales) positions in its various branches across the country. One of the most popular bank exams nowadays is SBI Clerk, and each year, a sizable number of applicants take the test.

This year, SBI has announced openings for 5486 Junior Associates posts. The tentative dates for the SBI Clerk 2022 preliminary examination are November 12, 19, and 20, 2022; SBI will release the official dates soon.

Best Powerful Strategy to ace SBI Clerk 2022

The same format and syllabus are used for both the preliminary and main exams. he difficulty level of the main exam would be greater. The preparatory examination for the SBI Clerk exam in 2022 will include tests of English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning Ability.


Given the competitive nature of the exam, all young people who have applied and this will be their first attempt should strategically arrange their preparation. SBI Clerk preparation advice for beginners is offered here. By using these suggestions, you can discover how to begin studying for this exam and thoroughly cover the full syllabus.

Candidate preparation for competitive exams like the SBI Clerk must be strategic. They must also put in a lot of effort and practice consistently. The candidate should identify his or her strong and weak points, strengthen the strong points, and use effective practice to improve the weak points as part of their overall preparation strategy.

Strategies to crack SBI Clerk exam

  • Plan your study time

Set aside an hour each day to read the newspaper. Expand your vocabulary and general knowledge.Set aside time to review and practice Quantitative Aptitude shortcuts. Be conceptually thorough. Observe your speed and accuracy. Give as many mock tests as possible to improve your score.

Making a study schedule enables you to keep track of your time usage and ensures that you are allotting adequate time outside of class to finish your homework, prepare for tests, and review and recall the material you are studying.

  • Examine the curriculum and exam format

The paper Patten goes as follows,

Sectional cutoffs are absent from SBI Clerk 2022. Each section has a designated time restriction. Every incorrect answer that the candidate marks results in a 1/4th mark deduction.In the main SBI Clerk exams, there is no descriptive test

  • Boost speed and accuracy

Only studying for the exam and taking it won't benefit you in any way unless you can answer all the questions quickly and accurately.

Speed is secondary to accuracy. It is unwise to believe that passing a test quickly will ensure accurate answers, as speed alone cannot do this. Accuracy is also necessary.

Your chances of failing are nearly nonexistent if your responses are correct. However, a lack of precision results in more negative marking because you will be more concerned about trying all the questions than with getting the answers right. While speed is necessary, precision is more crucial. The only and only way to increase your speed and accuracy is to practise.

  • Take practice exams

Practice exams enhance early learning and spacing out of learning, which is likely to boost retention because they motivate revision and studying. Some candidates' worry or anxiety around the exam procedure may have an impact on the accuracy and fairness of the exam. Test anxiety can be decreased by practising.

The possibility that target knowledge may be retrieved from long-term memory increased for all three groups as a result of the very successful learning method of practise testing. Learning to mentally arrange information helps students do better on tests and retain it.

  • Solving previous years' papers also helps

Candidates can learn more about the overall and sectional difficulty levels, the distribution of questions by topic, the sorts of questions, the weighted topics, and other information by using the SBI Clerk test analysis. The SBI Clerk prelims test was easy to moderate in difficulty overall. The main exam has a medium level of difficulty.

  • Learn how to quickly calculate using shortcuts

Learn calculation tricks and shortcuts for the subjects in which you are strong. Finding answers to questions quickly and accurately without conducting a lot of calculations on paper may often be made much easier by becoming familiar with rapid quants processes.

  • Prioritize Crucial Subjects

Candidates should start their preparation by learning those concepts and prioritizing important exam topics.

Students can better plan their time and determine which things are more important and urgent by developing their prioritisation abilities. Making the most efficient use of their time by understanding how to prioritise work, students can become more productive.

Determine your study priorities by outlining your learning strategies and taking into account the relative importance of each subject's impact and degree of difficulty.


There is no surefire way to ace the test. Only applicants who put in the necessary effort, practice, and perseverance will succeed in the exam. The highest scorers in the SBI Clerk exam think that a specialized approach to studying is required in order to pass the test. Give yourself a minimum of six months to study for the test. The SBI Clerk syllabus is extensive and necessitates a thorough knowledge of the subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I pass the SBI clerk test on my first try?

Ans.Teh best strategy to clear SBI CLerk test in first attempt is to solve a tonne of practise test questions. Sort the course material into high- and low-scoring topics, and place more emphasis on the former. Solving papers can help you become more rapid.

You have sectional time constraints during the exam. Make sure you have enough time before the test to take at least 15 practise exams. Each practise exam should be followed by a detailed performance analysis. The applicants will be able to recognise their strengths and weaknesses by analysing the mock exams.

Q2. Will a two-month preparation period be enough to pass the SBI clerk exam?

Ans.If applicants take the right approach and are earnest in their studies, two months should be enough time for them to pass the SBI Clerk test.

Q3. What are some tips for preparing for the SBI Clerk Exam?

Ans.Take your time reading the syllabus. Make a timetable that is reasonable. Regularly read. Recognize the ideas.

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