Fabulous Tips To Score Good Marks In TET Exam 2023

The Teachers' Eligibility Test or TET is one of the most important exams in India for the role of teachers in various government schools. TET is the minimum qualification that is needed if you want to become a government teacher. TET aims to improve the benchmark standard of education in schools and attempt to maintain teaching quality.

Fabulous Tips to Score Good Marks in TET Exam 2023


The exam is conducted by the state government to shortlist potential candidates for the post of teacher in government schools in respective states.

The TET exam consists of 2 papers.

Paper 1 includes subjects like Child Development, Language, and Pedagogy, and TOTAL 150 questions are asked, whereas Paper 2 includes subject areas like mathematics, and social science specifically, and 150 questions are asked from this section.

TET Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are allowed to sit in the exam only if they fulfill the following eligibility criteria -

  • Must be a citizen of India,
  • Should be of at least 18 years of age
  • Should have cleared 12th class or graduated from any recognized university in India with a minimum of 45% marks
  • Must have obtained a degree in education, BEd, or any similar course.

Upcoming TET 2023 Application Process

  • The application process for the TET exam is online, candidates can fill out the application form through the TET official website.
  • Candidates who are eligible for the exam and who have submitted all the documents will get their admit cards and are allowed to sit for the exam.

Tips To Score Good Marks In TET 2023

Every exam needs proper strategy and regular practice, with dedication and daily study one can crack this exam. These are some tips and tricks which are very beneficial for the preparation and should be followed by every student -

  1. Understand The Syllabus - First thing you need to do is go through the syllabus and try to understand what the exam is demanding from you. Explore the complete syllabus and try to create a mind map of what the exam is all about. It is said that candidates who have the syllabus in their minds are already ahead of most of the students. So, understanding the syllabus is the best strategy to start with the preparation.
  2. Preparing Notes- Making notes is one very crucial tip to secure good grades in exams. Self-notes are very important especially at the last moment, a few days before the exam. Making notes while listening to lectures makes us pay full attention and be involved in our studies. Notes are of great help at the end time for the revision and make it easy to revise such a vast syllabus in good time. It helps candidates remember important facts, dates, and theories.
  3. Make Pointers, Tables, and Flow Charts- Study smart, not hard. Candidates should use smart ways to study, i.e. by making flowcharts and key pointers. It helps in an easy and clear illustration of the concept and makes it easy to remember. Flowcharts allow the students to form links between different pointers and speed up the learning process.
  4. Practice Previous Question Papers- Practice, practice, and practice. Practice makes one a master, candidates who adopt a habit of writing down important things and practicing daily always have an edge in competitive exams. Every master was once a beginner, one should try answering previous years' questions, as it gives an idea of how the questions are framed. Through this, students get aware of the trend of questions.
  5. Take Breaks Between Study Hours- It is always good to sit for hours for studies, but it is also very crucial to take breaks between. Taking short breaks helps, it keeps you refreshed and more productive. You can even learn the content while sitting in sunlight in wintertime. Don't feel guilty about listening to your favorite songs during your study breaks.
  6. Keep Your Study Table Organized - The study desk should be organized and have enough space to keep all the textbooks. Make sure your study room is well-lit with proper lighting. As these environmental factors do affect the study. Pay attention to nearby objects and remove all potential distractions from your study room. Make sure your study space is clean and hygienic, as a cluttered desk may impact your study.
  7. Take Help From Reference Books - Apart from the regular textbooks, you can raise your preparation by taking help from books by other authors. It increases the knowledge base and expands the content required for exams. Thus, studying from 2 -3 books helps in a good level of preparation. It elaborates on a particular topic in much detail which thereby helps clear doubts and enables you to practice more problems given at the end of the chapter.


The above-mentioned tips should be followed while preparing for the upcoming TET exam 2023 to score good grades. Every exam requires correct strategy and a sheer level of dedication to clear it. Revision and daily practice help in clearing the TET exam, candidates should focus on their study while keeping in mind the tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the exam pattern of the TET exam?

Ans. Questions asked in the TET exam are multiple-choice based, each question carries 1 mark with 4 options, out of which only 1 answer is correct.

Q2. How many attempts are allowed in the Teachers Eligibility Test?

Ans. There is no limit on the number of attempts, so one can give as many times as they wish.

Q3. How many times TET is conducted in a year?

Ans. It depends on the number of vacancies, it can happen twice a year, once a year, or once in 2-3 years.

Q4. Can I give TET Exam after passing my 12th?

Ans. Yes, you can give TET exam after your 12th but you can only sit for paper 1. You should have at least a graduate degree to sit on paper 2 which is for the upper primary level.

Q5. What is the validity of the TET certificate?

Ans. The certificate is valid for a lifetime, and can be used anytime applying for teaching posts in government schools.

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