How can I crack UPSC with Physics Wallah?

Do you have a dream to become an IAS or IPS officer? If yes, then it is important to crack the UPSC Exam. It is one of the toughest exams conducted by UPSC through the Government of India. Every year, lakhs of students try their luck in this exam, but few of them qualify for it. This is because you have to clear 3 phases which are challenging to crack.

You need the best study material, coaching along with proper guidance. And Physics Wallah helps you in it. Below, you can check how Physics Wallah helps students to crack UPSC Exam.

How can I crack UPSC with Physics Wallah

What is UPSC Exam?

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. It is a popular civil service exam among graduates. Through this, the commission recruits candidates for various posts in the government sector.

UPSC has 3 main objectives to achieve:

  • To provide employment opportunities to deserving young Indians.
  • To serve at the service of society.
  • To promote the welfare of weaker sections of Indian society.

UPSC conducts this examination to select the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force officers, etc. So, if you love to serve in various departments, you should prepare for the exam. To help the aspirants, we have provided you the UPSC Online Coaching and study material.

Why Should You Choose Physics Wallah for UPSC?

In this growing world, every candidate wants to study online. It gives you more convenience in comparison to offline coaching.

Physics Wallah is a preferable choice for UPSC candidates as they provide many benefits, such as -

  • Complete study plans in advance will provide you with an overview of the course.
  • Along with the UPSC Study Material, live courses and recorded lectures are available.
  • The course covers the whole syllabus.
  • Access to UPSC Classes for full preparation.
  • Doubt Sessions.
  • Provide a preparation guide in an organized manner.
  • High-quality video lectures.
  • During the live session, you will get all answers to your questions.
  • Solved past years' question papers assist you in assessing the exam's difficulty level.

How is Physics Wallah Better Than Others?

UPSC Live Class is created by our experienced faculty. They will guide you in passing the exam with good marks.

Below, you can see how our UPSC Online Live Classes vary from other regular classes.

S.No. PW Live Class Regular Live Class
1 Complete Exam Schedule. Provides only 2 months schedule.
2 Live video lectures with study material. Only available video lectures.
3 Lectures are available in both languages, Hindi and English. Generally available in one language only.
4 Organised lectures on a standard pattern. Lectures vary from teacher to teacher.
5 Good quality video which consumes less internet. Buffering issues in videos
6 Doubt solving during the live session. Less preference to doubt solving session.

How to Prepare for UPSC with Physics Wallah?

To prepare UPSC Exam, you should follow the below-mentioned methods. It will provide you proper guidance and help you to crack the exam.

  • Get Aware About All the Exam Updates

To get the best score at UPSC, make sure you are updated with the latest news. If there are any changes in the exam dates, paper pattern, or question type, then you will be ready for them. It will help you to stay ahead of others and perform better. But, if you are aware of the updates, you may save your precious time while preparing for the exam

We provide exam dates related to UPSC that will impact the upcoming exams here.

UPSC 2023 Exam Dates
Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination 15th January 2023
Engineering Services (Preliminary) Examination 19th February 2023
CBI (DSP) LDCE 11th March 2023
CISF AC(EXE) LDCE 12th March 2023
N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (I) 16th April 2023
C.D.S. Examination (I) 16th April 2023
Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 28th May 2023

You can subscribe PW YouTube Channel and check the UPSC Exam Notifications to know all the news. So stay tuned with us and be ready for the exam.

  • Follow Study Plan to Cover the Complete Syllabus

The UPSC Exam syllabus checks candidates' ability for difficult situations, how they understand/ handle the situation and provide the right solution. Also, it helps students to prepare for any condition and take a decision.

The officials release the UPSC Syllabus every year. It covers all the topics that can be asked in the exam. Covering the topic ensures that there is no room for mistakes. But, it is difficult to cover the complete syllabus without proper planning.

So to help you, we have created a proper study plan. It covers the syllabus, practice test, revision, doubt sessions, etc. You can get UPSC Study Plan from here and start your exam preparation.

  • Join Our Online Coaching

As you know, the UPSC Exam is challenging to crack. Many students appear in the exam, but some of them who study with experienced faculties can crack it.

We provide UPSC Exam Online Coaching. You can join our classes and start studying with experts. Our faculties will assist you in each & every moment of your preparation.

  1. After joining our classes, you will get our UPSC Study Material, previous papers, practice sets, etc.
  2. We will also provide recorded lectures so that you can study anywhere & anytime. And, if you need help with any such topic, you can watch our lectures repeatedly.
  3. You can ask your doubts directly from the experts. They will provide you a better solution for that.
  4. In online classes, we cover each topic of the syllabus in depth. It will help you to understand the topic and prepare best for the exam.
  5. Try Not To Miss Any Lectures

Once you join us, you will get a complete schedule of all the classes with timings. You should try not to miss any lectures. It will help you to cover the syllabus on time.

Although, we provide you recorded lectures that you can access anytime. But, if you study in the live session, it will be more helpful for you. You can directly interact with faculties.

  • Solve your Doubts During Live Sessions

It is necessary to clear all your basic concepts. There are many topics in one unit, and some candidates need to learn how to handle them. So they just read about them without knowing what they mean or how to use them.

If you're going to study UPSC 2023, you need to be clear your basic concepts. It will help you to understand similar topics in a better way. You can ask your queries from faculties in doubt session. If you find difficulty in any topic during your preparation, you should note down your doubts and ask during the doubt solving session.

  • Solve Previous Years' Question Papers

Solving previous years' papers will help you to get higher grades in an exam.

  1. Previous papers help students to know how to solve problems quickly and make decisions.
  2. It also allows you to review new information, thus building your knowledge and skills.
  3. It will provide you a better idea about the exam difficulty level.
  4. You can boost your speed and accuracy for the exam.
  5. By solving these papers, you can analyze your preparation level.
  6. It will help you to know your weaker sections.

During classes, we will provide solutions of previous papers. You can download UPSC Question Papers of the last 10 years from the given link.

  • Take Our Online Test Series

Taking Mock tests are an excellent strategy to prepare for exams. They provide immediate feedback on how well you have done so far and allow you to study where necessary. You can practice for your exam by taking our online test series. Physics Wallah offers inexpensive UPSC Mock tests online. These papers are designed to focus on the main exam paper. They will guide you in your UPSC Exam Preparation. You will understand how actual exam paper is.

How to Enroll for UPSC Live Classes?

If you want to enroll in the UPSC Online Classes, you can give a missed call at 07019243492. Our counsellors will guide you to join us.


We assist you in preparing for the test. With us, you can enhance your learning experience at home. During the online session, you will study with our professional faculty. They will teach you all subjects and answer your questions. So, if you're planning to take the upcoming UPSC Exam, don't miss the chance to prepare for it in an appropriate way. Now is the time to reserve your place for Physics Wallah UPSC Live Classes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it easy to crack UPSC?

Ans. No, UPSC Exam is one of the toughest exams in India. To crack this exam, you need proper guidance and a study plan. Also, you must have well planned toppers suggested strategy to improve your marks in the exam.

Q2. How can I crack UPSC at home?

Ans. To crack the UPSC Exam at home, you should follow the below tips –

  • Know the pattern & syllabus
  • Follow the study plan
  • Solve previous papers
  • Take mock test series
  • Complete your exam syllabus
  • Revise the topics regularly
  • Clear your basic doubts

Q3. Which subject is best for IAS?

Ans. To become an IAS, a student should select arts & humanities in 12th class. Although many engineers recently got a post of IAS. But, the syllabus of arts subject is similar to IAS Syllabus. So, it will be helpful for you if you choose arts in graduation or 12th.

Q4. Is height necessary for UPSC?

Ans. No, any physical criteria is not required to apply for UPSC Exam. After clearing the exam, you must clear the medical examination only.

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