JEE Main Mock Test 2022

Evaluate your Preparation with JEE Level Mock Test before Your JEE Exam

JEE Mains is the most competitive exam which requires a lot of hard work, dedication and proper knowledge about the concept. This exam is taken by more than 10 lakh students every year. They put their efforts into getting into the most prestigious colleges in India.

This generation is very competitive, so it’s very important to give your best and prepare as much as you can Mock test is the best way to check your knowledge and your position.

The more you practice, the better you will know your test attitude, your speed, your accuracy, your performance under pressure, the order of the course that suits you best, and many other things like that. The more you know yourself, the better. You will see your strengths and weaknesses, both. You can then work on your weaknesses to improve your performance and get higher scores on the test. Doing fake tests helps you practice writing exams, so, it is always better to solve them during your JEE preparation phase, than to take JEE without first practicing to solve fake tests.

JEE Main Mock Test

What is a Mock Test?

  • Mock tests are basically a practice paper prepared based on the latest test pattern and syllabus for actual tests. This is an imitation of the actual tests that those who want to test their strengths can measure.
  • It is a test very similar to the actual test. The questions are in the same format and you need to resolve them at the same time. Resolving a mock exam gives you a complete overview of the final exam. It helps you to analyze yourself and see where you stand, how many points you can get.

Importance of taking Mock Test Regularly

Mock tests are very important as it tells the students about their performance. When you do mock tests, the more comfortable you are at writing tests as you practice doing the same with mock tests. Regular exercise tests keep your exercise routine up to date, which is why you're ready to do almost any exercise at any time.

Benefits for solving Mock Test regularly:

  1. Basic Concept - It clears your basic concept so that you can prepare easily for your exams. Foundation should be strong for giving any type of exam.
  2. Understanding the pattern - By attempting a Mock Test you’ll understand the pattern of the exam. It’ll help you to understand the questions which can be asked in the exam.
  3. Computer based exam - You’re not experienced with computer based exams, Mock test helps you with your speed and tricks which you should use during the exam.
  4. Time Management - Time Management is very important, there’s a point where you know the answer but you don't have time remaining with you.
  5. Learn from mistakes - After attempting the Mock Test, you’ll get to know about your mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and practice it because that’s what mock tests are for.

How to prepare for JEE Mains

  • No doubt, Mock Tests are very important for the JEE Mains Exam. If you want a good score in your JEE Mains Exam you should practice more and analyze your performance so that you can work on it. But the main question is ‘How to prepare for it?’ There are certain ways by which you can start your preparations.
  • You can check out How to prepare for the JEE Mains Examination and start your preparation today.

Reference Books for JEE Mains

Beside NCERT, there are several books which are necessary for the preparation of JEE Mains. As we already know that NCERT clears the basic concept in a simple language but you need other books as well which you need for the preparation for getting a better score. We all know that 80% of the syllabus comes from NCERT Books but what about the remaining syllabus. Here’s the list of the Reference Books which will help you with the preparation.

Step by Step Guide to Unlock JEE Main Mock Test

  • Click on student registration, which asks you to register for a free JEE Mock Test by providing your name, mobile number and email id.
  • After registering successfully for a free JEE advanced mock test, you will see this page on your screen: Click Here To Attempt A Free JEE Advanced Mock Test
  • Type in your user id and password and click "Submit" to begin the test.
  • The test will begin after a few seconds.

NTA JEE Mock Test

The JEE Mock Tests released by NTA are available for you on their official website National Testing Agency (NTA) where students can find the JEE Mock Test 2022. They can attempt the test online or they can download the paper and attempt the papers. Students can find below the step by step guide of how to practice for the NTA JEE Mains test.

Step by Step Guide to Practice NTA Mock Test

  • Step 1: Open the website:
  • Step 2: Select the JEE Main Exam and Paper from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 3: Click the login button to start Mock Check
  • Step 4: By clicking the login button, candidates will see instructions for taking the JEE Main test. Read all the instructions carefully and click the Process button.
  • Step 5: By clicking the 'Continue' button, the JEE Main test will begin.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How are mock tests important for JEE?

Ans. Mock tests are very important for JEE preparation as they prepare you for the examination. It shows you the pattern and acknowledges you with the types of questions you’ll be getting in the actual examination.

Q2. Can I take the NTA JEE Mains mock test at home?

Ans. Yes, you can take the NTA JEE Mains mock test at home. You can visit the official website and follow the instructions mentioned above.

Q3. Which is the best mock test for JEE?

Ans. You can take the NTA Mock Test for your reference but if you want a mock test beside the NTA Mock Test you can solve the Mock Test at our website as well.

Q4. Where can I get a free JEE Mains Mock Test?

Ans. There are several websites where you can get a free mock test and you can also get a free mock test on Physics Wallah.

Q5. Are NTA Mock Tests good for JEE?

Ans. Yes, NTA Mock Tests are really good for JEE. As they show you the pattern of the examination and the types of questions that’ll come in the exam.

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