Preparation Guide to Ace The CUET Examination

In India, CUET Exam is mandatory for all central universities. The full-form CUET is Central Universities Entrance Test. CUET (Central University Entrance Test) is conducted by the National Testing Agency for providing admission to students in the UG courses offered by central and state universities. As per the notification, around 90 central and state universities participated in the exam. It is advisable to stick to the CUET preparation strategy to cover the exam pattern

You can find all the necessary CUET Exam preparation advice on this page, along with tips and tricks for passing the CUET Exam 2022

Preparation Guide to Ace The CUET Examination

CUET Exam Pattern

  • The CUET exam is going to be conducted in the online mode.
  • The candidates will be required to attempt the test in the way the university has decided to opt for.
  • One can choose only three languages from the section IA and IB.
  • From section II, they are allowed to choose at least six subjects as per their academic records.
  • Whereas, the subjects in the General test are compulsory for all the students.
  • As per the marking scheme, 5 marks shall be assigned for each correct answer. Whereas, one mark will be deducted for the wrong answer.
  • The candidates are advised to stick to the CUET preparation books as suggested by experts.



Maximum Questions

Compulsory Questions

Total Duration

Section IA 13 Languages 50 40 45 minutes
Section IB 19 Languages
Section II 27 Domain-specific Subjects 50 40 45 minutes
Section III General Test 75 60 60 minutes

Preparation Guide CUET Exam

  • CUET is one of the premium exams that have to be taken up by those who are willing to get admission into the undergraduate courses offered by central and state universities.
  • Candidates who want to succeed in the exam should understand the appropriate CUET Exam strategy and then follow this strategy.

Analyze the Syllabus Properly

Understanding the complete syllabus is essential while preparing for the CUET Exam Strategy. It contains the main subject. It also includes a variety of subjects in both English and Hindi such as pedagogy, general knowledge, reasoning, and numerical test abilities. Candidates are advised to concentrate on subjects and topics that have more weightage and which are very important by understanding the syllabus

Strategy to divide the syllabus

  • Create a list of subjects.
  • Depending on your experience and weight, divide them into strong and weak sections.
  • After finishing any section, make a note, and then review them at the end of the day.
  • Include the challenging and puzzling topic in your daily schedule, and be sure to review it regularly so you can recall it on exam day.

Prepare a Timetable

A target must be set to achieve the goals. Having the right solution is useless if students don't use it when it's needed. The same goes for making a timetable; students must wisely manage the time at hand. Making atimetable allows the development of effective time management skills, which are crucial for both preparation and exam taking.

Develop the Right Strategy

  • When you have a firm understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus, the next step in CUET Exam Preparation is to develop an exam strategy that includes your strengths and weaknesses.
  • To get good results, you have to improve your weaker subjects and also practice your stronger subject to become a master. This will help you to prepare better and increase your chances of passing the exam. This strategy is very important while studying for exams like the CUET Exam that have negative markings.

Execute the Plan

The CUET Exam cannot be passed by just making a study plan. The candidate must follow his or her study plan. Determination, dedication, and hard effort are needed to strictly follow the plan.

Practice on Sample Papers

Students must practice as many sample papers as they can after completing the syllabus. It will explain the most frequently questioned topics and familiarize students with the format of the test. Students can set an alarm to periodically check their writing speed, accuracy, and other abilities and work on improving them.

Practice and Solve Previous Year Questions

Previous-year exam papers are a lifesaver for students preparing for a particular exam. When candidates solve them they get aware of the exam's difficulty level and hence can adjust their exam preparation accordingly. You'll gain confidence and achieve a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses by answering questions asked from previous years.

Revision is Key to Success

Revision is crucial to succeeding in the CUET Exam Preparation. Before the exam, candidates must thoroughly review each topic at least three to four times. While preparing for any exam students are generally under stress. So, by studying a subject repeatedly, candidates' confidence is increased and stress levels can be reduced.

Avoid Distractions

To complete any study schedule, it is essential to remove yourself from any kind of distractions. Candidates' screen time as well as social time must be restricted. As a result, they can focus on their studies well and will clear the exam with a good percentage.

Stay Relaxed

  • If a student sees a question they don't understand, they shouldn't panic. It is best to proceed. Exam preparation must be approached with a positive mindset.
  • Candidates must remain calm and composed. They must not be under pressure. It is best to avoid overthinking with negative thoughts. All this will result in losing the preparation time for the CUET Exam

It’s Never Too Late To Start

  • Your brain is incredible, and there are countless things it can do. Students should not panic when they feel that the remaining time is not sufficient for preparation.
  • All they require are the proper study materials. Online lectures for coaching can be useful if students feel they do not have enough time or resources to study successfully.


CUET is a National Entrance Exam for undergraduate, graduate, and research program admission. There are important preparation tips that students should follow for becoming toppers in the CUET exam.

  • Keep in mind to divide your study time into small 2- to 3-hour chunks depending on the level of difficulty.
  • Make your basics strong as having clear concepts and a proper understanding of any concept can lead to solving complex problems.
  • Don't undervalue NCERT. It will serve as the foundation for your CUET 2022 preparation, so don't overlook or skip it.
  • Examine the test questions and practice from previous years. Additionally, you should analyze your errors and practice them.
  • Self-study is crucial. Evaluate your performance and learning.
  • Regularly check your knowledge, quickness, accuracy, and time management abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What should I study for the CUET entrance exam?

Ans. Understanding the complete syllabus is essential while preparing for the CUET Exam Strategy. CUET exam contains the main subject knowledge. It also includes a variety of subjects in both English and Hindi such as pedagogy, general knowledge, reasoning, and numerical test abilities.

Q2. How can I score good marks in CUET?

Ans. The only way to perform well on the CUET exam is to practice. Practice makes the man perfect. In your study plan, distribute the subjects you must learn each day. Set a time limit for studying each concept. Examine the test questions and practice exams from previous years.

Q3. Can I prepare for CUET without coaching?

Ans. Using sample papers, practice questions, and study materials from the previous year, candidates can easily prepare for the various exam topics. Candidates can pass the CUET if they use the proper preparation and strategy. Self-study is crucial. Whether it is essential to take coaching or not depends on the students. They can prepare themselves with consistency.

Q4. How do I check my CUET syllabus?

Ans. NTA provides the CUET Syllabus on its official website. Here you can download a PDF of the recently updated CUET 2022 subject syllabus Visit the page to view the CUET syllabus by subject. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has published the CUET Syllabus 2022 on the official portal for all disciplines.

Q5. Is CUET easy or hard?

Ans. The Central Universities Entrance Test generally has an easy-moderate difficulty level. So candidates should have a basic understanding and knowledge of subjects like English, reasoning, and general awareness. If your subjects are strong, you can be able to pass the exam with top marks.

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